MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 8




He took Geet inside her room and made her sit on the bed keeping cushions back, later she put Mangalsutra on her neck and saw kumkum also in the other packet, she put kumkum in the partition of her head and slept

Here Meera and Dev reached Khurana Mansion, the drive was silent, Meera went directly to her room and locked herself, and everyone was shocked to Meera’s behavior. Then Dev said to Khurana’s what has happened in Hoshiarpur. Mohan went to Meera’s room and said “Meera, pls darwaza kolo, hum Geet kho dundlenge,” everyone tried to call her but no response from Meera. Here Meera did not talk to anyone, she did not opened door also, then Kumud said“its better to give sometime to Meera,”

Later Niharika said to Mohan

Niharika: Bhaiysa, pls call Maan and inform him, he will convince Meera

Everyone agreed to that and called Maan and informed him what has happened. First Maan was shocked, and then said he will talk to her…then Maan called Meera, seeing his name flashed on the mobile Meera received the call immediately and started to cry….Maan was irritated with Meera’s cry and said

Maan: Meeraaa, chup bilkul chup…said sternly

Meera kept hand on her mouth to suppress her cry, here Maan was getting irritated because Meera is not talking to him and she is only sobbing

Maan: Meera, agar tum chup nahi hiu toh mein tumara shadi Dev se hone nahi dunga, aur tum apne bhai to acche tarah se janti hoo

Meera was shocked with Maan words she sobbingly asked

Meera: bhai aapko kaise pata chala hamare bare mein

Maan: Meera tum meri behan hoo, tum he kaise bhul gayee ki mein MAAN SINGH KHURANA hoon, I knew it when Dev told us to take to AIIMS hospital, assuring about best treatment and I saw you both on the day I traveled from Delhi to US

Meera was clam listening to Maan and then again she remembered Geet, and crying said

Meera: Bhai apko Geet pata hai naa, meri best friend, I introduced you at our Hoshiarpur house

Maan(murmured) : Usse kaise bhool sakti hoon Meera, wo Bhool ne ki figure nahi hai

Meera angrily: Bhai hai aap kya key rahe hoo mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aa rahi hai…as she did not understand what Maan said

Maan: Haan Meera mujhe yaad haya…kya hua usko

Meera: pata nahi bhai, Geet aur uncle dono Hoshiarpur chodke chale gaye

Maan: might be they went to their relative house

Meera: Might be bhai, par risthedar ghar jane ke liye, ghar bejkar nahi jate hai naa

Maan shockingly: WHATTT

Meera: yes bhai Geet ne aaj tak mujhse kuch bhi nahi chupaya, dekho naa, edar mein bemar thi, phir bhi wo mujhe dekhne ke liye nahi aye, meine kitni baar try ki par usne mera phone nahi utaya, hey phelei bhaar huwa hai bhai, mein Geet ko 5 saal se janti hoon, abhi tak Geet ne aisa nahi kiya, meine aur Dev ne gaye the Hoshairpur, but we were shocked has uncle sold the house and went somewhere, which is shocking

Maan: shocking kyun Meera,

Meera: Uncle will not leave that house and one day also, for him Rano aunty is still in that house, he used to say us that he can feel Rano breathe every where

Maan: Meera…listen to me, if she felt you, then why are you so worried

Meera: aapka matlab kaya hai bhai

Maan: Dekho Meera, it is her bad luck that she lost a friend like you, and when she does not care for you why you do…leave it and concentrate on your life,

Meera sadly said ok

Maan said see everyone sad at home thinking about you, so please now go out and talk to them properly. Meera went out and talk to everyone, but her inner feeling no one was able to understand, Dev sensed Meera is still disturbed and said

Dev: Meera chal, hum hospital jate hai, tumara check up abhi baki hai(Dev wanted to divert Meera’s attention)

Meera: said ok

Dev and Meera in the car, drive was silent, Dev parked car side and took Meera hand and kissed it, Meera looked at Dev’s eyes, and then Dev said

Dev: Meera, lets we both search Geet, do you have her details and snaps so that we can reach her

Meera hit her head, and said

Meera: recently hamara ghar ka painting ho raha tha, thinking that I will misplace it so I gave to Geet to keep it with her, now see I don’t have her single snap, even I can’t ask with my other friends then they will start rumoring about Geet which I don’t like

Dev: then how can we find her Meera, tumara mobile par bhi uska snap nahi hai…

Meera : cryingly said when we went to Khurana Estates to take snaps of scenery I deleted all the snaps which was with me thinking that I have the other copy with Geet

Dev got angry listening to her and finally asked “what about mail” Meera face lighten up listen to this and then Dev gave his laptop to her, Meera signed into her account and started search for photo, then she kept quiet

Meera controlled her tears and said “Dev, we will no t search Geet, I know where ever she is she will be fine, there is some serious thing that has happened in her life, till I meet her I will not come to know about it, Whatever might be the reason I know my Geet is strong she will overcome whatever problem she is facing..chalo hum ghar chalte hai…

Dev left proud of Meera and said “Geet, is lucky to have a friend like you Meera, in today’s world no one will care of the other person, people are selfish, see here you are thinking about Geet, when you should take care of your health,”

Meera gave faint smile to Dev and said “Dev, Geet nahi mein lucky hoon, Geet mein apne dost pake, she is gem Dev, till now I did not feel this protectiveness for anyone, including my family and you also, Geet knew that I am in love with you, she understands me very Dev, agar dost ho tho Geet jaisa, she will do anything for the sake of friendship, agar aaj Geet mujhse dur hai tho, iska matlab Geet don’t want to share her problem with me “

Meera: caressed her photo and said “Geet tumare zindagi mein jo kuch bhi hua wo, mein tumara sath dungi, mera Geet galat nahi nahi hai, hey sach hai ki mien janta nahi hoon ki tumara sath kya hua hai, phir bhi mein hai khaungi ki, hum abhi ek dusre ke sath nahi hai phir bhi mera mann hamesha tumara sath rahega Geet, Geet mera Geet ka kayal rakna, kuch hone math dena usko, mein babaji se hey duwa karungi ki hum jaldi miljaye tumhe job hi decision liye wo tik hi hoga Geet “

Dev seeing Meera silent,

Dev: Meera kya mein apni behen ko dekh sakta hoon,

Meera: nahi Dev, jab Geet muhje nahi milti tab tak mein uska tasveer apko nahi dikha ungi, aur uske bare mein, kisi se bath karna nahi chati, she kept hand on Geet photo and said “Geet hai mera shapath hai, jab tak tum mujhe nahi melegi, tab tak mein kisi se tumare bare mein nahi bath karugi, mera mann mien bahut sare sawal hai, jab tak uskeliye muhje javab nahi mil jata mien tumara intezaar karungi, bye Geet”


Dosti naam hai sukh-dukh ke afsaane ka.

 Yeh raaz hai sada muskuraane ka.

 Yeh pal do pal ki rishtedaari nahi.

 Yeh to farz hai umr bhar nibhaane ka.

 Zindagi mein aakar kabhi na vaapas jaane ka.

 Najaane kyu ek ajeeb si dor mein bandh jaane ka.

 Ismein hoti nahi hain shartein.

 Yeh to naam hai khud ek shart mein bandh jaane ka.

 Yeh to farz hai umr bhar nibhaane ka.

 Dosti dard nahi rone rulane ka.

 Yeh to armaan hai ek khushi ke ashiyaane ka.

 Ise kaanta na samajhna koi.

 Yeh to phool hai Zindagi ki raahon ko mehkaane ka.

 Yeh to farz hai umr bhar nibhaane ka.

Dosti naam hai doston mein khushiya bikher jane ka.

Ankhon ke ansuon ko noor me badal jane ka.

Yeh to apni hi taqdeer mein likhi hoti hai.

Dheere-dheere khud afsaana ban jati hai zamaane ka.

Yeh to farz hai umr bhar nibhaane ka.

Dosti naam hai kuch khokar bhi sab kuch paane ka.

Khud rokar bhi apne dost ko hasane ka.

Ismein pyaar bhi hai aur taqraar bhi.

Dosti toh naam hai us taqraar mein bhi apne yaar ko manaane ka.

Yeh to farz hai umr bhar nibhaane ka.

Yeh to farz hai umr bhar nibhaane ka…


“Yaadon Ka Yeh Karwan Hamesha Rahega.,
Dur Hote Hue Bhi Pyaar Wohi Rahega.
Maaf Karna Mil Nahi Pate Aapse,
Magar Yakeen Rakhna In Aankhon Me Intezaar Wohi Rahega..”

Kalyaninagar- Pune

Mohinder came to Geet room, saw are sleeping, he went near the bed spot and caressed her hair lovingly, Geet slowly opened her eyes

Mohinder: Geet jaldi se tayar wo jao Geet, hame Jehangir Hospital jana hai, I have already taken appointment to you Dr Shipa kirloskar

Geet got ready and they both left to the nursing Jehangir Hospital. Dr Shilpa took Geet inside after checkup she called Mohinder Inside and said

Dr. Shilpa: Kya Geet, you look like educated girl, can’t you take care of your health properly

Mohinder: Kya hua hai doctor meri beti ko

Dr Shilpa: apki beti weak hai, you should look after her properly or else she can’t have normal delivery…and to Geet, aap stress math lejiye, hemoglobin low bhi hai, now should eat lot of fruits and vegetables. Don’t worry sab kuch teek hoga and wrote 4-5 tonics, big list of tablets

Mohinder took Geet to home and made her lie down on the bed and said

Mohinder: Geet, mein medicines leke ata hoon beta apna kayal rakna

Mohinder went to market and brought all the medicines doctor prescribed for Geet, and also fruits and vegetables…he took care of each and everything, did not allowed Geet to get down from the bed, he only used to give tonics, tablets, milk and food to her, daily he prepared different types of food for Geet, but Geet did not looked happy, there was no improvement in her health also, when they went for checkup second time, doctor Shilpa got angry on both of them

Dr Shilpa looking at Geet “agar apko baccha nahi chahiye toh abortion kar sakte hai, par hai laparwayee mein bardash nahi kar pa ungi…when you came last time itself I have warned you to take care of your health, aapko kya lagta hai mein majak kar raha hoon, apki pati kaha hai, wo kyun nahi aye paki sath”…said angrily

Geet bent her head down not knowing how to answer doctor, Mohinder saw doctors face and said her to wait outside and turning to doctor

Mohinder: Meri damad videsh mein hai doctor,….mein Geet ka kayal rakungi, wo higher studies ke liye bahar ja chukka hai, abhi nahi aa panyengey, Geet is maa bhi iss duniya mein nahi hai, pls mujhe bataye ki mein kya kya karoon Geet ke liye, I will do it”

Doctor felt bad, looking at Mohinder and said

Dr Shilpa: pls aap mujhe galat math samjega, apki beti ka tabhiyaat teek nahi hai, iss halat mein wo aise la parvayee ki toh, uski jaan ki ja sakti hai….isliye mein bol rahi hoon

Mohinder shocked to listen to the doctor and then he assured doctor that from now he will look after her very well…Later took Geet to home made her to sit in the bed…he settled himself in the floor and hold Geet’s hand said

Mohinder: iss umar mein, mein hamara taqdeer se ladh raha hoon Geet, jo kuch bhi hua hai tumara sath usme naa mera galti hai naa tumara, par uska saja tum mujhe aur iss nanni si jaan ko kyun de rahi hoo Geet…abhi tak jo kuch bhi hua hai uska samna himmant se uska samna kar raha hoon, par tum ne apne papa ko chodke jane kaa fisla keya hai naa…isliye tum apna kayal nahi rakh rahi hoo,tumare siva mera koun hai Geet, mein anaath ho ja unga….Mohinder folded his hands in front of Geet and said “Mein tumara samne hath jodta hoon Geet, pls iss bude baap par reham karke jeene ka mann banalo Geet

Geet was ashamed of herself, listening to her father words, and then (ST): mein kabse itna selfish ho gayi hoon, mera zindagi toh barbad hoga hai, par mein aab pap keliye jeena hai, aur is bacche ko bhi…aagar mujhe kuch ho gaya toh, papa akele kaise unka kayal rakh payenge …aabab bethe huwe kal ko sochne ka faida nahi hai and said to Mohinder “papa, pls mujhe shama kar dejiye, mein aab se sab kuch bhula kar Jeene ka prayas karungi”

Mohinder went out of the room, has he does not want to see his daughter crying. He was standing in front of gate, kash Meera hamara sath hoti, wo Geet ko sambhal sakti ti…par mein usko kaise bulau…when you was thinking a girl nearly his daughter age came to him and asked

Girl: Uncle aap yaha abhi abhi shift hue naa

Mohinder: haa beta

Girl: apka ghar bahut sundar hai

Mohinder: Thank you beta

Girl: apka ghar mein koun koun rahe the hai

Mohinder: looked at girl and said, mein aur meri beti Geet…aur apka naam kya hai beta

Girl: Mera naam Naintara hai

Mohinder: accha naam hai beta

Naintara: thank you uncle, wo mera pati hai…showed to a man who was coming towards them

Man: Naina tum kya kar rahi wo edar

Naintara: uncle inse miliye, hey hai mera pati Sameer Chopra

(Neighbor of Geet)

Sameer: Namaste uncle, hum apka baju ki ghar mein rehe the hai, aur bura math maniye, hai mera pati bahut bath karti hai

Naintara looked angrily at Sameer and said” mein bahut bhat karti hoon”

Sameer laughed at his innocent wife and said, “Naina, mujhe thoda kaam hai bahar, usko katam karke ata hoon”

Naintara: Sameer, mein uncle ki ghar mein rahungi…akeli bore ho jaungi

Sameer smiled at his wife and towards Mohinder “apko koi parishani nahi hai naa uncle”

Mohinder: nahi beta, mujhe bahar jana tha, meri beti akeli hai ghar mein,

Sameer: ek kaam ki jiye uncle, apko jo chahiye mujhe bata dijiye, mein loute waqt lekar avunga, agar aapa jaldi naa ho to

Mohinder: teek hai beta koi bhat nahi..hey lijiye paise, meri beti petse hai uskeliye acche fruit chahiye

Dev said “teek hai uncle , mein lekar aunga, jab taq meri pagli biwi ka dhyan rakhiye”

Mohinder nodded his head smilingly and here Naintara glared at him. After Sameer went, Naintara and Mohinder came inside the house, Mohinder saw Geet preparing tea in the kitchen, Mohinder went inside kitched and grabbed the vessel which Geet was holding and said

“Mein tumhe kitni bhaar kaha Geet, kuch kaam math karo fir bhi tum meri bhat nahi sun rahi hoo, what you already decided to go against my word, jab taq tum puri tarah teek nahi hoti wo tab taq you are not allowed to work”…Geet just bend her head and nodded her head, Naintara saw father and daughter amuzingly…

Naintara: uncle, bechari Geet, kyun usko dhant rahe wo aap, she is just preparing tea

Mohinder: nahi Naina beta, iss Geet kha dimag kuch teek nahi hai, abhi doctor ke paas gaye the, you know how much she scolded me for not taking care of her…and told what doctor said to Geet

Nanitara: Geet uncle teek key rahe hai, aap iss samay apne tabhiyat par dhyan rakhna chahiye…Geet made a cute face and pouted her lips just nodding her head…seeing her Naintara felt bad and then said “Uncle aab se Geet ka zimedari meri hai, I will look after her eating habits, dekiye agli baar hum doctor ka pass jahenge naa doctor ko shock lagega”…said smilingly

As Naintara said she took care of Geet, from food to medicine…Geet health improved day by day, there were no complaints from doctor shilpa, Naintara went with Geet for checkup also. Naintara used to take Geet for walking; she showed how to knit sweaters for the baby…told her to do when she is feeling bored…Geet adjusted herself to the new environment, her life was going smoothly, she was happy, Mohinder thanked Naina  for this because he knows Geet over come from that dreadful past because of Naina, days and month passed quickly…Mohinder appointed servant, to help Geet, he wanted to celebrate grandly for her ghod bharai , but Geet denied saying that she can’t face people..Then Naintara convinced her that they celebrated with few people, has elder blessing is must for baby…then Geet agreed to that….Mohinder prepared all things necessary for Geet with the help of Naintara ….the day came soon

Mohinder saw his daughter tired face and thought, it’s better to take Geet to hospital, and told “Geet can I bring taxi “…but here it’s Geet’s first delivery, she was very afraid, she had not seen any delivery so far, she has heard that if girl survive in delivery then it will be her second life , suddenly she thought if I die while giving birth to the baby, then papa will be alone in this world…if my baby survives then…papa ko aur mushkil ho jahega…she got angry on her baby….par he mamta melted her angry and thought “kisi ka galti ka saza mein meri bacche ko kaise de sakti hoon, hai mera ansh hai, my blood, mein meri bacche se nafrat nahi kar sakti”

Mohinder saw Geet, who did not answer for him and then again asked “Geet, mein taxe lekar ati hoon, ghar mein tumare lava koi aurat nahi hai…hum hoshair rhena chahiy “…said and went out to bring taxi.

Naintara saw Mohinder going out of the house in urgency, she knew that the delivery date is near, so she closed her house door and came to see Geet, When she came in saw Geet who was holding her stomach tight, to reduce the pain, and screaming little… Naintara came near Geet and hold her tightly

“Geet used to not come out of her house, but Naintara used to come daily and talk to her, Geet did not like Naintara coming her house, but she had soft corner on her because she never questioned Geet about her personal life, she always used to talk about movies, drama, music and other things. It took a lot of month to trust Naintara, but still she did not disclose about her life with her, she used to talk to her…”

“It’s already 5 years now Naintara and Sameer got married, they went to checkup, doctor said that the reports are normal, no problem with them, but till not she was not able to conceive, Naintara use to always say Geet that she is lucky, so many times Geet convinced her”.  One day when they were talking about the baby again, Geet, to just divert her mood,

she said “Naina don’t worry, mein tume apna baccha deti hoon, anyhow you wanted the baby…” but Naintara said immediately “for friendship sake you will give your baby for me, but what about baby’s father, will he agree to give his child to me…if he comes to know about your thinking then he will fly from foreign country to India”

Although Naintara said it casually, there was big fight going on in Geet’s mind

Geet(ST) “Mein kitne din, inn sab se hay bhat chupa sakti hoon iss samaj aur iss log se, kal mera bacche apne dad ki bare mein pucha toh mein kya kavungi unse…kya is samasya sey mein bahar aa pavungi,”…while she was thinking her pain increased and her try to press her stomach tightly, but Naina stopped her and said

“Geet, pls bare for some time, uncle has gone out to bring taxi, I do one thing I will prepare coffee for you in the meantime, I heard it’s good”……..without waiting for Geet answer Naina ran to kitchen and prepared coffer for her. Mohinder came with taxi, when Naina brought coffee for her from kitchen…she forcefully gave coffee to Geet , and went along with Mohinder and Geet to the hospital while giving a letter to Sameer informing him to come to hospital asap



Geet in delivery pain

Maan enjoying his in US

Mohan knowing about Meera and Dev relation

Geet giving birth to ???????????????????(help me whether you want boy or girl baby)

Note: pls click on like and comment for me. no joothas pls i know you are waiting for the culprit of Geet, in another 3-4 updates will will come to know who and how…pls bare until that time WinkWinkWinkWink


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