MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 7




Here Geet was uncomfortable to come in front of Kunal’ expect her has there was no other female in the house, she only should take care of kitchen, without any other option she went in to prepare chai for Kunal’ after seeing Kunal she remembered her talk with Rahul, his smile, his simplicity, his talk, only it was playing in her mind’ later Kunal was relief listening to Mohinder and left from Handa house along with Mohinder’. Mohinder dropped Mohan to bus stand


Geet was not able to concentrate on anything….she wanted to divert her mind then also she did not get any peace…as days passed there was lot of changes in Geet’s health…she was not able to eat anything…one day she fainted when Mohinder went to his work…she was feeling like vomiting, being educated girl she guessed why she was feeling like that …she knows about her health condition…she was now worried, she dunno how to face society, and how to inform her father…To confirm the news Geet called Ramesh,(Ramesh , neighbor ,the small boy who helps Geet when were she need things, it might be grocery, or anything from medical, so many times he brought her pads from medical store, if he help her Geet will prepare gobi paratha for him and give choclates for him)  who was playing near her house, and informed that she need something from Medical, can her get, Ramesh nodded his head, Geet wrote prega news kit in the chit and gave to Ramesh and informed him to not to show to others…its secret (Ramesh knows if Geet say secret then he will hide it from others and inform shop keeper to wrap it nicely and give it to him) …Ramesh said yes and took money from Geet and went to medical shop, Shop keeper saw that and asked for whom it is

Ramesh said, “bhaiya wo aunty ke liye hamare ghar ke pass rehati hai, wo kya hai naa uncle ghar mein nahi hai esliye aunty hame lane ko kaha hai,” to divert his mind he asked to the shop keep “hai kya hai bhaiya,”

Shop keeper did not know what to answer to this guy to he gave him immediately and took money from him; Ramesh knows if he asks him like that then he will send him immediately, this is the trick he always use when he go to that shop. Ramesh gave the parcel to Geet, she asked

Geet: Ramesh, did anyone see this

Ramesh: Nahi didi, only shop keeper asked for whom it is ?

Geet was shocked and asked “aur tumne kya kaha”

Ramesh: Didi aap toh mujhe jante hai naa, I told it is to my neighbor aunty, and narrated all that happened in the store

Geet smiled at him and immediately gave him paratas and has she did not have chocolates she gave money to him to buy it and said thanks to him

After Ramesh left Geet place, she immediately opened parcel and saw how to use it, when she got the results in few minutes she was shocked, yes she was pregnant, she put her hand on the stomach, she was feeling good thinking that one life is growing in her womb, suddenly she left irritating remembering the incidents, she was angry on herself. She dunno that she should be happy was the news or she should be sad. She was just staring at the read mark that appeared in the kit. Evening when Mohinder came home, he brought fruits for Geet….her health was important for him, he forcefully gave juice to her but after sometime Geet vomited everything…Mohinder worriedly asked Geet

Mohinder: Geet sab kuch teek hai naa…you are looking more pale…kuch hai toh batav beta

Geet (st) papa how a girl can say this to her dad, I am missing ma papa, pata nahi…..mein kaise

Mohinder kept on thinking about their fate…Geet after knowing that she is pregnant , she did not came out of her room, she was afraid of meeting people, all household work fell on Mohinder, neighbors started to talk about Geet, they have attended her engagement, but there is no news of marriage…later they started talking that  Geet  engagement has broken, and also here Geet was not coming outside her house …When Mohinder came to Geet room and saw her  hand on her stomach, her emotions were changing on her face each and every second, sometime is is happy, sometime sad, sometime angry…it was not difficult to Mohinder to guess that his daughter is pregnant, he saw her face, it was pale, without sleep, peace, food and in that she is pregnant, here she was looking like patient more later he thought

Mohinder: If Geet would have got married and then if I got this news I would have been the happiest person in the world…I would have treated her well.. they cant keep this baby nor abort it , the baby which is burden for them…thinking that geet is losing interest in this life….then after some time again he thought I can’t ignore that it is Geet’s baby, us bacche ka kya kasoor hai, how can I think it is burden, babaji mujhe shama kejilye…I should look after them very well. If her mother is alive she would have not left Geet like this…..thinking that he had tears in his eyes…finally he came to one decision and went to Geet’s room

Mohinder:Geet, mujhe tumse kuch bath karni hai…Geet looked at her dad and Mohinder continued “Geet, I have decided, we will sell this house and go to other place, Tu mujhe kuch bolti nahi phir bhi mujhe tumara bare mein pata hai beta…iss halat me, hum iss samaj ka samne nahi kar sakte hai, isse bethar hum iss place chodke jaye…we go to the place where we dunno anyone…

Geet (ST): Geet was feeling proud of her father, in this time also he thought about her future, he was patiently behaving with her…..if her would have been neglected her little, she would have committed suicide …thanked god for giving Mohinder like father for her.

Mohinder saw his daughter sitting simply with head down,and then thought “Poor girl what she will say to me” its better to leave this place soon…thank god I have already resigned my job…tomorrow is my settlement day…then he called some of his friends who is trustworthy and told them that he is going out of country and sending this things to his sister’s place. He does not want anyone to know about their where abouts…later he packed all the things with the help of his friends send it to their new destination.

Next day Mohinder went to office and finished all the exit formalities and took settlement thanking everyone and left to home…When he came home Geet was ready, later they handled keys to the new owner of their house and left the place

 Here in Delhi, Meera finally decided to meet Geet by any cost, she do not want to wait for anyone, she came to Dev’s rented flat to convince him so that he can take Meera to Hoshiarpur. She was fed of her family who did not allow her to meet Geet from one and half month and When Dev also did not agree first finally she blackmailed Dev that if he does not allow her to go to Hoshairpur then she will not talk to me anymore…Dev tried lot to convice Meera finally Meera made cute face and said

Meera: Dev dekiye, I told you that you should propose me properly then I will decide whether to love you or not, but now I take my words back, I don’t want you to propose me…I will do it for you bass pls ek kaam kejiye mujhe Geet ki pass lekar chaliye….i will do whatever you sya pls ……..pls pls pls

Dev: Ok Meera mein tumhe Hoshairpur lekar javunga, uske phele jaise tum kahi, propose me first

Meera: shockingly…Dev you want me to propose you

Dev: Smilingly…yes sweetheart you should propose me for marraige

Meera: you are so mean Dev

Dev: Kyun naa hoo? You knew that I was in love with you from three years, aur mujhe palak tak nahi diye tumne, kitni bhar tumse bath karne ka koshish ki, par tum tho hamesha mujhse bagh thi rahe thi thi, tho badla lena ka haqh hai mera,

Meera: without any other chance she kneeled down  in front of Dev, immediately and said Dev “I LOVE YOU…I WANT TO MARRY YOU”…I promise you that I will not presurise you for anything, please ek bhar..sirf ek bhar muhje Hosiarpur jane dejiye, mujhe Geet se milna hai, pls Dev Mujhe jane dejiye said Meera crying

Dev: held Meera shoulder and said “arre pagli mein to bass majak kar raha tha, mujhe bhi Geet se milna hai, tum muhje khe nai se phele mein uncle aunty se bath kar chuka hoon, baas gadi ka wait kar raha tha Meera…Jab tum Geet ko apna behan manti hoo tho mein bhi usko apne behan manti hoon…wo kya hai naa, mein to anaath hoo, jab Geet meri behan banegi tho mujhe anaath hone ka haysaas nahi hoga

Meera had tears listening to Dev, later Dev got call saying that car is waiting for them down, both locked door and went down. Meera and Dev started to Hoshairpur. Then Dev said to Meera

” Meera please mujhe Geet ke baare mein batav naa, let me know also know about your bonding with Geet”, Meera just smiled to Dev and said

Dev, Geet ek sadharan ladki hai, bubby, talks a lot only with her closed one that to especially her Mohinder uncle and me, achi gati bhi hai, full on masti, loves rain, always tries to help other, always smiling face, sparkling eyes…her hazel eyes say lot of things for you,  confident, if you want enjoy your life you should learn from Geet, she has only small dreams, she like moonlight, she always used to say me

 “Meera whenever you missed someone, who is very closed to your heart and want to talk to them naa then see the Moon for few minutes you will see the reflection of the person in Moon, then you can share your feeling with will reach them”……

Meera was in deep thought thinking about her relation with Geet, then Dev interrupted her and said

“Meera aur batav naa sunne mein acha lagta hai, how you know Geet “,

Meera smiled at Dev and remembering meeting Geet and said

Flashback Starts

First I met her in hospital at Hoshairpurl, there was the accident and I went to meet Avinash uncle our family doctor at hospital to invite him for family dinner, and Geet came there to get medicines for her dad. At the same time, there was boy who met in accident and they needed A+ blood, in the blood bank they do not had blood so the boy parents were crying and requesting people who were in the hospital to donate blood for their boy, Geet who was taking medicine listen to their talks and came to them

Geet: Aunty mera blood group A+ hai, kya mien apki madad klar sakti hoon

The boy’s parents where so much happy, Geet directly went to doctor

Geet: Doctor I name is Geet, blood group is A+, and you can use my blood to the boy’s operation

Doctor smiled at her and took her blood for samples and asked the parents to arrange one more person to donate blood asap…Geet saw Meera who was standing near corridor, went near her and said

Meera, hai mein hoon Geet, I am your classmate, hope you remember you have lost your ID card, I got it and gave it to your friend Naina and informed her to give it to you, at that time I saw yours blood group is also A+, please donate blood to him naa, I you want I will compensate you on other college works like assignments or anything

Doctor Avinash came to them and said koi use nahi Meera say poch nai say

Geet: why doctor

Doctor: I am her family doctor, she hate injection, he always take tablets, so I don’t think she will donate blood to him

Geet looked at Meera who was shocked, listening that she has to donate blood for boy, Geet came near to her and said

Geet: its ok Meera, I will ask someone else

Seeing Geet sad face Meera felt bad and said to doctor that she will donate blood

Geet was very much happy listening to Meera she hugged Meera and both went inside to donate blood,

Meera: Geet you should hold my hands and stay with me till I give blood

Geet agreed to that and later they both gave blood and came outside. Boys parents thanks both of us then I told Geet that I will drop her she agreed to that and told

Geet: bass 5 min wait karna Meera I will take my dad’s medicine and come

Meera nodded at her and later Meera dropped Geet at her house

Flashback Ends

After that day Dev I met Geet in my college, we used to share smile whenever we see each other. As Geet said she helped me doing assignments and also helped me in studies, whenever I needed her she as there for me standing next to me. Then we introduced each other to families, both families were happy with our friendship…like this Geet became my best friend…Here Dev and Meera both reached  Hoshiarpur and Dev stopped car in front of Handa house. Meera went in and saw that door was locked then she asked neighbor about it but they said they did not inform anything to us, but sold this house to someone and went permanently from here Dev came to Meera who was crying bitterly, Dev try to convince her and said

Dev: Geet might be in Bagahpur, her dad was telling that Beeji was unwell so they might have gone their

To which neighbor said, nahi sab, wo log ghar bej kar chale gale. Hum puche the unse, tho bhiasa ne sirf hai kaha ki wo hog pardes jarahe hai…Meera came near car and said

Dev, I told you right, Geet is in some problem, I know something might have happened or else they both will not leave this place, uncle was very fond of this place and house, when he got transferred he said he is ready to leave job but he will not leave this place, he can feel Rano aunty in every corner of the house…aise kya hoga un donon kho Dev, mujhe batakar bhi nahi gaye, kya mein itni buri hoon “

Later Dev consoled Meera and they drove back to Delhi…

Mohinder and Geet reached Pune, both came out of railway station and took headed towards taxi stand. Seeing Geet tired, Mohinder told Geet to wait in the entrance so that he will bring taxi; Mohinder met his friend Pankaj and took his new house key, and spoke to taxi driver and then drove to their new house at Kalyaninagar. Mohinder has already arranged house with help of his school friend Pankaj Singh who stays in Indapur at Pune. Pankaj and his wife Pammi with the help workers arranged house cleaned it. So Mohinder was no need to worry about cleaning now, he only should arrange suitcase and other things which he brought along with them.

Taxi stopped in front of new house, Geet just looked at their new house, it was small compare to their Hoshiarpur house, but it was good, she liked it very much…

Geet New house

Mohinder after paying for taxi, kept laugage inside, and said

Mohinder: Geet  ya ghar tumara nana ne Rano ko shadi mein gift kiya, Rano ke rahi thi ki hey ghar aisa he rahe aur hum iss ghar jab chale tab use kar sakte hai, so last month I told to the people who were here to leave the house so that we can come here, expect your mother and me no one knows about this house, par chota hai tum adjust karlogi naa beta

Geet had tears listening to her father and said

Geet: papa mujhe he ghar bahut pasand hai…I liked it very much,

Then Mohinder took Geet inside and showed house to her

Mohinder: Geet hai tumara Bedroom hai


Mohinder Bedroom



Living Room




Then told Geet to sit in living room he will come soon, Geet sat in sofa and thought “This house is small, but it is very beautiful, near her house there were four house similarly like this, and it is the last house, And she was relief because there was no piercing eyes when she got down from taxi, has it was afternoon all doors were closed” Geet was feeling tired so she closed her eyes sitting in sofa itself

Mohinder: Geet…ek minute, tum badh mein soh lena…

Geet opened eyes listening to her father, Mohinder kept one small box in her hand, Geet opened the box and she was surprised to see “Mangalsutra” in that. Mohinder seeing her shocked face and said

Mohinder: Geet aaj se tum ek shadi shuda aurat hoo, job hi tumhe tumara pati ke bhare mein pucha to unse kaho ki wo higher studies ke liye videsh ja chukka hai, ee samaj juta hai, hum iss jute samaj ko jute se hi samna karna hai…” Geet cried listing to her dad, then Mohinder continued “Geet tu aab patese hai, iss halat mein rona shehat ke liye acha nahi hai, ek kaam karte hai, hum aaj shaam testing ke liye nursing home jate hai, pass he Jehangir Hospital hai

Geet hugged her dad and cried heart fully, she dunno how to thank her father, then Mohinder said

Mohinder: Geet I don’t want you to feel bad, so I just thought ………he was short of words

He took Geet inside her room and made her sit on the bed keeping cushions back, later she put Mangalsutra on her neck and saw kumkum also in the other packet, she put kumkum in the partition of her head and slept


Geet meeting doctor

Meera and Dev searching for Geet

Meera informing Maan about Geet missing





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