MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 6




All parked their vehicle and settled themselves’Maan checked all the documents which is necessary for him to work from US and next day early morning went to meet Meera and seeing that she is alright, left from there to US


Handa House

Geet was sitting near the window’she saw postman dropping letter which came near her leg. Seeing her name in the letter, she hurriedly opened the letter’it was the letter from Rahul’..he has written so many things in the letter about their future life, his dream, he wanted to share with his future wife

“When a cool breeze flows on a hot summer day, I know it’s you.
When the rain turns into a vibrant rainbow, I know it’s you.
When the sky turns colors of lavender and pink, I know it’s you.
When shimmering snow falls silently, turning gloomy days into a beautiful scene,
I know it’s you.
When the clouds form shapes of flowers, hearts, and smiles, I know it’s you.
When the stars shine bright and when the moon is full, I know it’s you.
When I gaze into the sky and feel the warmth in my heart know it’s you.”

Geet was crying while reading this, she is not able to digest how her life got ruined, according to her she was the very happiest person in the world, her life was surrounded with her father and Meera, dunno where she has gone wrong in judging people, how can someone be so jerk to ruin someone’s life, then she saw’there was another poem

Tu jaane na ki kaun hai tu,
phoolo ke Gulistan ka sartaj hai tu,
honge gulshan me gul hazaar,
in gulo ka gulaab hai tu,

Tu na jane ki kaun hai tu,
sangeet jaisi awaz ka sur-taal hai tu,
Hoti hai jab amaawas ki raat to,
Ugte huye suraj ka ahsaas hai tu,

Tu na jane kaun hai tu
udasi bhare chero ki mushkan hai tu
hote hai jb gam k badal asman me
th baadlo k beech se nikalta hua chand hai tu’..

Tu Jaane na ki kaun hai tu,
Oss ki boondo jaisi taajgi ka ehsaas hai tu,
aati hai jab mere hoto pe udasi ki aahat,
hasta hu fir bhi,us hasi ka raaz hai tu,

Tu jaane na ki kaun hai tu,
Dhadkate dilo ki baichani ka naam he tu,
Tanhai me jab band hoti hai palke meri,
bahte huye ashko ka sailaab hai tu,

Tu na jaane ki kaun hai tu
mahakati hui garm saanso ka guman hai tu,
Tadpta raha pane ki chahat me jisko umar bhar,
Wo reshmi khwaabo ka gunahgaar hai tu,

Tu na jaane kaun hai tu,
Dil ko jo sakoon he,wo awaj hai tu,
yu to suni hai sangeet bahut maine,
sargam se bhi khanakati,koyal ki awaz hai tu,

Tu Jane na ki kaun hai tu,
Me na jaanu ki kaun hai tu,
Me tujhme,tu Mujhme samaay is tarah,
k me jism,tu jaan,par itna b na jane tu,

Tu na jaane kaun hai tu,
chandni raat ke jazbaad hai tu,
Hai dhero rang is jahana me magar,
Hatho me lagi Mehndi ka rang hai tu
Tu jane na kaun hai tu,
khwabo me jo aaye,wo tajmahal hai tu,
Likhe to rait pe lakho haseen naam maine,
mera dil jo dhadkaye,wahi naam hai tu,

Tu na jaane kaun hai tu,
savere ki pahli kiran ka naam hai tu,
chah-chahati hai jab chidiya ujale me,
us madhur awaz ka ahsaas hai tu,”

Geet put the letter down and cried continuously when she saw the letter, she saw almost of the letter was filled by her tears’..unable to control her emotions her tore the letter into several pieces and throw it out’When Mohinder came back from work he saw Geet sitting near the window’he just went to kitchen to prepare tea for both of them, In kitchen he saw the food that he kept for her in the morning for breakfast and lunch was still lying there. Without wasting time he kept calling Geet”Geet edar havo’here Geet who was in deep thinking did not knew when her dad has come back from work’Mohinder came near Geet and caressed her hair and said

Mohinder: got tears seeing her condition and said Geet’tu aise rahegi to kaise chalega beta.. naa kuch kha rahi hoo’tumara chehare per ho hasi gayab ho chuki hai’.tum aise udasi rahegi tho mera kya hoga Geet? Mein tho Zinda hoon sirf tere liye’par tum tho mare bhare mein soch bhi nahi rahi hoon’kal se dekh rahi hoon mein tum naa khana kha rahi hoo, naa teek se soh bhi rahi ho..tume kuch hoga tho mein jeetheji marjavunga Geet and cried taking Geet in his embrace

Seeing her father crying Geet felt very bad and she was ashamed of herself. Later she said

Geet: Papa pls mujhe maaf kejiye’.apki Geet crying and hugging her dad said “papa apki beti ko maaf ki jiye mein bahut badi galti ki hai papa mujhe maaf kejiye”‘par papa agar mein kahu ki usme apki beti ka koi galti nahi hai..kya aap manlenge

And here Mohinder has already guessed what might have happened’he scolded the destiny which stole his daughter’s happiness

Mohinder: Geet mujhe tum par pura vishwas hai’.tu tho meri pari hoo’tum kush galat kam kari nahi sakti…jo bhi ho hum iss samaj kho nahi manthe ‘let this society do whatever they want ‘tum tho hassti raho beta..mein tumari chehere pai iss udasi nahi dekh sakta hoon

Geet: par papa”.mein he kaise bhul sakti hoon’ek ladki ho k’..she was not able to control her tears’.

Mohinder just left Geet in the room and went outside wiping off tears which was flowing in his eyes seeing Geet condition’after sometime Geet calmed herself and when to hall where her dad was sitting staring roof.

Geet: papa said Geet softly

Mohinder: Kya hua beta?

Geet: Papa pls don’t feel bad’one girl is meant for one boy only ‘ so please inform Rahul and his family to look for other proposal and let him get married. Mera jeevan mein tho “Shadi”  shabd ke liye meaning nahi hai..aaahh papa phir kabhi meri shadi ke bare mein sochega math’Bhagwan kuch karte hai to acche ke liye karte hai’aapki budapan mein apko dekhne ke liye koi nahi hai naa isliye bhagwan nee mujhe hamesha keliye apki pass chodh diya hai’taki mein aapki sahara ban saku…aap fikar math kijiye papa…

Before Geet completing her words Mohinder went out without listening to her’in his lifetime he never feared for anything, he bravely stood in front of the problems but today for the first time he is feeling ashamed of himself for not protecting his daughter from this cruel world, He got deeply hurt with Geet’s words’ he had brought so many jewels dress and gifts for Geet before marriage itself. He had dreamt about her marriage, but destiny played cruel game in innocent Geet’s life and they just left like broken bones’.Mohinder not able to control his tears

Mohiner (cryingly): Bhagwan aise kya gunag ki mein, aap meri beti ko itni bada saza dedi, meri phool jaise bacchi hai ho, wo meri liye ek maa, beti, dost ki tarah thi, Meri garh ka ronak thi ho, wo hamesha kisi na kisi ka madad karti, wo jaan bhujkar kisiko takleef nahi deti, he remembered about how he took care of Geet when she was child’later when Geet grown up, like a mother she used to take care of him, when he slept in illness, she never complained anything about him, for her he was the hero, she was always telling him that he was the best papa in the world,  both were there for each other in every point of time whenever they need each other company. Mohinder used to share about his friends, problems with Geet sometime Geet used to suggest Mohinder and sometime Mohinder used to suggest her’Geet is very fond of architecture and books like Parineetha, Swami-SharadChandra, Mukti-Bandhan- Harikishan Mehta, Athiti-Rabindranath’Books were Geets favorite time pass. She likes literature books, she used to do anything work, so Meera and Mohinder always used to blackmail Geet to get their work done’small smile crept in his lips remembering happy moments with is daughter’he controlled himself and went home’when he entered his house, there was the song playing in radio at neighbors’ place’

“Ajeeb dastan hai ye
Kahan shuru kahan khatam
Yeh manzilein hain kaunsi
Na woh samajh sake na hum”

Listening to this song he controlled himself and went inside’there was so many things running in his mind’he was so much worried thinking about what he should say to Rahul and his parents, he was the one who agreed for the marriage first and now what he will tell them, what reason he will give to them to break this marriage’how will he talk to them’..

AIIMS Hospital

Meera slowly opened her eyes and was feeling very thirsty’she looked around and saw Dev sitting near her bed .holding her hand and sleeping, a small smile crept in her face,  she did not want to disturb him, so she slowly woke up to get water that kept in the table next to her’but the bottle fell down from her hand and Dev woke up suddenly due to the sound and said

Dev:worriedly asked her, Meera tum Teek ho naa, to which she nodded her head and then he asked what she wanted

Meera: I need water Dev

Dev gave her water and after drinking told her to sleep, but sleep was too far away from Meera so she said to Dev

Meera: subha se soh rahi hoon Dev, aab mujhe need nahi aa rahi hai’ek kaam kejeye’aap jakar thoda aaram kejiye

Dev: nahi Meera, I can wait with you, even I am not feeling sleep (me got confused , dev did not take enough rest and saying he is fine), what we do now, or do one thing you can share your opinions with me, pick any topic we will discuss on it

Meera: Meera kept her head down and said Dev mein janti hoon ki aap mujhse pyaar karte hai, dekhiye mein bilkul tik hoon, aap pareshan mat hohiye

Dev looked at her surprisingly to which Meera said I heard you sharing your feeling with me thinking that I am sleepy

Dev: tho aap natak rahi thi jab meine apna feeling share kar raha tha

Meera: haan, aur kya karti, 3 saal se aap he nahi bol paye ki aap mujhse pyaar karte hai tho mein kya karu

Dev: tho ab answer dijeye naa Meera

Meera: Phele aap mujhe tek say bath kejiye’he kya laga rakha hai’aap, dejiye and all’.now talk to me properly and propose me nicely after all I am the sister of the great MAAN SINGH KHURANA then I will answer you’said Meera sternly at Dev

Dev came near Meera and kissed her forehead, and then said “Meera I will propose you once you alright, but now please take rest tume pata hai naa , I can’t see you suffering, aur itna kya bath hui tum ek din se itne tez bukar tha”then Meera remembered about Geet, and she was worried, looking at Dev and said “Dev kya aap mera ek kaam karte hai, can I use your phone for sometime”‘

Dev smiled sheepishly at her and said “chaloo tho tum mobile ke sath sath mujhe be use kar sakte hoo, akhir hum tumara pyaar hai”‘.

Meera blushed furiously for his words and shly turned other side’Dev came near her and kissed her both cheeks and said

Dev: tik aab keliye mera phone use karo’.baad mein tum mujhe use karsati hoo and kept phone in her lap and went out to bring tea for them

Meera was trying Geet number but the phone was switched off, she got worried and tears were flowing from her eyes. when Dev came inside he saw Meera crying and asked

Dev: kya bath hai Meera, tum kyun roh rahi hoo’tume pata hai naa ki tumara tabihat teek nahi hai, pls don’t stress yourself, and took Meera to his embrace’Meera hugged Dev tightly and said

Meera: Geet mera phone nahi uta rahi hai’uska phone bhand aa raha hai’I tried so many times then also no response from her, I am feeling that she is in some danger, I want to meet her Dev, please kuch kejiye naa’

Dev: don’t you have other alternative number call her on that number

To which Meera nodded, and then she immediately called Mohinder number, Mohinder picked the call

Meera: cryingly without giving chance to Mohinder to say hello, she started questioning him “Uncle Geet kaisi hai’wo mera phone kyun pick nahi kar rahi hai’wo tik hai naa’uncle aap chup kyun hai’pls kuch boliye naa..Mujhe usse dekhne ka maan kar raha hai…Mein bimar hoon phir bhi wo mujhe dekne tak nahi ayee…mujhe bahut gabrahat hoo rahi hai uncle please mera Geet teek hai naa”

Mohinder did not know want to say to Meera, and here Meera was crying continuously, seeing her condition Dev took the phone from her and asked Mohinder

Dev: Uncle mein Meera ki dost or doctor bhi hoon, uska tabiyat aab tak teek nahi hue hai..wo Geet ko yaad kar rahi hai’can you pls send Geet here or she can call on the same number so that they both can talk to other

Mohinder: with lot difficulty said that “beta, Geet yaha nahi hai..uska beeji ka tabiyat teek nahi hai naa isliye wo Bhaghpur gayee hai beta, aur unke pass phone nahi hai ,  Geet edar 1-2 maine tak nahi ha sakti hai’Meera ko kaho ki Geet bilkul teek hai aur Geet ka phone mera pass hai, mein ek kaam karti hoon ,if I go there I will give phone to Geet and also I will infrom her to talk to Meera”’.Meera ko apni shehat ka kayal rakne ke liye kaho beta’chalo ab mein phone rakta hoon toda kaam haya hai”

Dev said ok and kept phone and informed same thing to Meera’later Dev thought its better Meera sleeps now or else her temperature will raise up so better give her seductive and make her sleep’he filled syringe and gave injection to Meera

               Days passed slowly, in this more than one and half month, due to tensions Mohinder lost his weight, he was looking much older, he tried lot to face the situation but unable to face it’.Even Beeji wrote 4 ‘ 5 letter regarding Geet’s marriage’And in this all of the sudden Kunal (Rahul father) came to Handa House’Mohinder was shocked to see him’later he just smiled and called Kunal inside the house and said

Kunal: Ji ho kya hai naa’.hume apko bhut bar call kiya hai aur chitti bhi lika hai, par apne  hame jawab nahi diya hai..isliye Rahul aur Kumud hai hame bataya ki hum ek baar jake apse milna chahiye.aur hame bhi hai teek raha; isliye hum yaha hai

Mohinder was in shock and dunno what to answer Kunal’he was out of words thinking what to tell him, he had become like a small boy lost in jungle’later thought if I do not answer him now then they will think bad about us and said

Mohinder: wo kya hai naa..mera ek friend pandith hai..usne Geet ka horoscope dekkar kaha ki iss saal uske shadi nahi karna chahiye’graha bhi teek nahi hai’mujhe uski bath pur pura yakeen hai isliye hume samaj mein nahi haya hey apko hum apko hai kaise bataye ki shadi ek saal badh karenegey’tho pata nahi apko chitti mein kya likay isliye hum chup the”.Mohinder told lie dunno what to confront him

Kunal: koi bath nahi hai Mohinder jii; wo kya hai naa Geet hamara Rahul ko bahut pasand hai; wo ek saal nahi agley 2-3 saal tak intezar karne ke liye tayar hai’itne vishwas hai mera beta Rahul par’itne choti bath ke liye aap itne pareshan kar rahe hai”.aab aap chinta math kejiye’

Listening to Kunal Mohinder had tears in his thinking about Geet’s fate and (st): Bhagwan kyun aap meri gudiya ko itne bada saza dedi; he log bahut acche hai’inki ghar ki lakhsmi bane ka adhikar meri beti ko chuki hai’..etna kule sochne wale ka ghar mein bahu banne ka soubagyee mera Geet ka naseeb mein kyun nahi likha apne baghwan’

Kunal called Geet out to give her the fruit and flower basket what he brought for her’ seeing Geet he was shocked’no smile at her face’she has lost her weight, he remember the first day he saw her, there was lot of difference in her’her eyes has lost that charm’and thought what has happened to father and daughter both have lost their weight’it looks like both were suffering ‘.cannot keep his curiosity inside him and he surprisingly questioned Mohinder

Kunal: Mohinder jii aap aur Geet teek hai naa’lagta hai ki aap bade musibhut mein hai’agar aap shadi ka karcha soch kar chinta hai tho hame bataye , hum usko dekh lenge..wo kya hai naa hame Geet ki lava kuch aur chees ka jarurat nahi hai’pls aap bhura mat maniye hamare bhaton kaa

Mohinder was already feeling bad about his daughter fate and listening to Kunal again he was short of words and then said

Mohindar: kuch nahi Mohan jee Geet ko 2 weeks hai flue  hai, isliye wo thoda weight reduce kiya hai

Here Geet was uncomfortable to come in front of Kunal’expect her has there was no other female in the house, she only should take care of kitchen, without any other option she went in to prepare chai for Kunal’after seeing Kunal she remembered her talk with Rahul, his smile, his simplicity, his talk, only it was playing in her mind’later Kunal was relief listening to Mohinder and left from Handa house along with Mohinder’.

Mohinder dropped Mohan to bus stand


Geet pregnant

Mohinder and Geet leaving Hoshiarpur

Meera and Dev visit to Hoshiarpur



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