MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 5



Mohinder: did not want Geet to go along with his sister so her said…wo teek hai……..mein ek kaam karungi mein aur Geet kuch dino ke baad ek sath ajayege…

 Knowing her brother cant stay away from his daughter, Beeji kept quiet…later she said Mein aaj nikalthi hoon bhaiya…thoda kaam hai and she left to her place Bhaghpur.

Khurana Estates:

Meera(ST): Kyun Mujhe itne bechainee ho rahi hai…….kyun mujhe lag raha hai ki Geet is in some danger, why I feel like I need to see Geet immediately….and talk to her…Meera called Geet

Seeing Meera’s call, she smiled lightly and responded to Meera’s call and said

Geet: “kyun Madam abb yaad agayee apki saheli, tumara ho dusht danav bhai nahi hai kya apki pass, chal batha Meera kya bath hai…kyun chup ho Meera sub kuch tik hai naa…as Meera did not respond Geet guessed something has happened……..she again said Meera ….Hello Meera…are you there?? Meera please I beg you talk to me…Geet was crying thinking that something happened to Meera………Meera bhagwan ke liye mujhse  bhath karo plsss “

Meera: Geeettt cried loudly and said “Geet tum tik hona”

Geet: Haan Meera mein Teek hoon….tum kaise hoo?

Meera: mein tik hoon Geet…did not wanted to scare Geet…controlling her tears and said “idar signal teek nahi hai mein badh mein phone karunga …”

Geet: said Ok and kept phone

After taking to Geet also she did not feel well……

Meera (ST): Geet tik hai phir bhi mujhe itne becheni kyun baghawan, aise lag raha hai jaise mera dil ki kareeb logon ka zindagi mein kuch hoga…Meera was not able to control herself, she was sweating badly, her body was shivering, her body wad burning…she was feeling has if something bad going to happen, without wasting she ran to Maan

Meera(crying): hugged Maan tightly and said “Bhai mujhe kuch ho raha hai…pls bhai kuch kijeye naa, aisa lag raha hai ke kuch bura hone wala hai” and fainted in this arms

Maan got worried and rushed to hospital…taking Meera in his arm, doctor tested Meera and said

Doctor: Kuch nahi hai Mr Khurana…fever hai…lagta hai kisi bath ko mann lagakar baiti hai.., mein enne bukar utarne ke liye injection diya hai let her sleep

Maan: said Ok doctor

Maan got worried seeing Meera’s condition, so he called  Mohan Khurana and Kumud Khurana and also Arjun and Annie to come to Chandigarh asap Mohan and Kumud  Khurana  (parents of Meera) started to Hoshairpur  along with Seema and Pratap Oberoi (parents of Nita), Arjun and Annie  started from Gurgoan to Hoshiarpur.As Nita was also not feeling well, Meera’s fever did not reduced  from 3-4 days and seeing Meera’s condition Nita and her parents wants to leave  the place

Arjun and Anwesha- Meera’s di and Jiju


Maan met Arjun and both talked about Meera condition…Annie came and sat beside Arjun and said Maan Bhai don’t worry now fever is reduced…they sighed in relief…later in the afternoon again Meera got high temparature and she was only uttering Geet name…Later Kumud said to Mohan

Kumud: Suniye …ji please talk to Mohinder once to bring Geet here…Hope Meera feels fine if she see Geet

Mohan: ok Kumud mein ek kaam karithi hoon I will leave along with Prathap… I will drop them in Hoshiarpur , finish my works and bring our family Doctor along with Geet

Kumud: said ok..

Maan had a flight to US next day, so he wanted to go to Delhi…seeing Meera’s condition he thought of postponing his trip.Later Mohan left to Hoshairpur along with Oberai’s and first went to meet Mohinder at Handa House

Mohan: Namaste Mohinder Jii

Mohinder: arree Mohan Jii aap….Namaste…Namaste…andhar ayiyee

Mohan: Sorry Mohinder jii mera pass itne time nahi hai…wo Kya hai naa Meera ko bhukar hai, aur wo neend mein sirf Geet ka naam le rahi hai…agar aapki izasat wo tho kya hum Geet ko hamare sath Chandighar leja sakte hai…hum aab doctor ke pass ja rahe rahi… mera driver mujhe doctor ke pass chodkar edar hake Geet ko pick karega…agar apko tik lage tho

Mohinder: Ismme pouchne wali bhat kya hai Mohan jii…Aap doctor ki pass jahiye…mein Geet ko tayyar rehene keliye khetha hoon

Mohan: Ok

When Geet came to know about Meera illeness she got ready immediately…when the car stopped in front of Handa House, Mohinder saw only driver was their…Later driver came out of the car and gave letter to Mohinder

Mohan(Letter): Sorry Mohinder Jee wo kya hai naa, hamara family doctor nahi hai tho hum unke friend ko lekar ja rahe hai…kyunki iss doctor ko hamara Chandighar  ka farm house pata nahi..aap nichint hokar ..Please send Geet along with the driver …he is our prominent worker…you can trust him.

Mohinder saw the driver once and then just nodded his head , he informed Geet that car has come to pick her…Geet along with the driver started their journey to Chandighar…

Khurana Estates:


Dev Singhania- Doctor

Mohan reached farm house along with Dev Singhania, Dev saw Meera and shocked to see her pale face…he was feeling like someone pricking his heart…….he went and sat near Meera and told everyone to go outside…Here in the room Dev was crying very badly and later he calmed himself and remembered it is his duty to cure Meera and started examine her …after thorough checking Dev came outside and said it is better to shift Meera to Delhi has he is going to Delhi tonight…it will be better if they admit Meera in the A.I.I.M.S hospital where he is working and also assured them nothing will happen to Meera he will take care of her….Everyone agreed for that . Dev along with Meera and her parents took Meera to Delhi. Later Maan said to Arjun

Maan: Arjun ek kaam karthe hai, mein aur nakul will come in Jeep, you along with Annie go in one car.

Arjun agreed for that ,Maan and Nakul in jeep and Annie and Arjun in car and they left to Delhi, …everyone forgot about Geet who is all the way coming to meet Meera

Here Geet got late to reach farm house on time has the car in which she was coming got punctured. Both driver and Geet were unaware of Meera

Handa House:

Car stopped her from of Handa House, Geet came out of the car, Mohinder saw Geet, and she was not able to stand properly, her dress wrinkled, hair not properly combed, her face looked pale, she was completely  struggling to come inside her house, …Mohinder got worried looking at his daughter

Mohinder (ST)   : Yesterday Geet went to see her friend Meera who was suffering from fever…kya Meera ko kuch hogaya… and ran to his daughter and hold her tightly … and said..Geet andhar Chalo kafi taki hui lag rahi hoo…chaal andhar and supported Geet and brought her inside house.

Mohinder locked the door and went near Geet who was crying badly hugging her knees……Mohinder hugged her and brushed her hair to clam herself and then asked her

Mohinder: kya bath hai beta, tum kyun ro rahi hoo…apne papa ko nahi batayegi…chalo hee batau Meera kaisse hai

Geet saw Mohinder’s face pleadingly

Mohinder: kyun roh rahi hoo beta…batau naa Meera ka tabihat kaise hai

Geet crying just nodded her head stating to Mohinder that Meera was fine

Mohinder(ST) and saw Geet face once again… her eyes were red, looks like she was crying from yesterday, but why is she crying …what happened to her, she looks too tired…….suddenly with trembling hands hugged Geet tightly, he was feeling that the big storm is waiting for him…He trust his daughter very much, he knows that she will not do anything that effect their culture…he trust about his upbringing …He know Geet is innocent, and guessed something happened to her…’s better to give some time to her…Whatever might be happened, I should support her..iss samay mein immat nahi harr sakta hoon..He calmed himself first and then said to Geet

Mohinder: Geet….Whatever might be happened………..and stopped in the middle dunno how to continue and later said “Geet… hay sab takhdir ka khel hai beta………our fate will play games according to its will…we can’t do anything  beta….sometime hum jaise badhnaseeb  log usska shikar banthe hai…Geet Jab tak mein zinda hoon, mein tumhe kuch hone nahi dunga, Mujhe meri beti per pura barosa hai, meri beti koi galat kaam nahi karegi……kuchi bhi hoo, I will face bravely this society, you don’t worry

Geet hugged her father and sobbingly said to her dad

Geet:  Papa sirf apke bare mein soch kar mein zinda aye hoon idar……..Mein apne apko katam karne keliye jaa rahi thi…end waqt par babaji ne mujhe aapka yaad dilayee…issliye mein edar aye papa apke pass.. and kept her head on her dad’s chest sobbing

Mohinder guessed what might have been happened and want to ask her about that and later seeing her face he kept quiet , and also he do not want to hurt her further questioning her. Then held Geet and supported her to go to her room.. Geet went into her room and sat near the window, and looked outside her view caught the attention of butterfly which was sucking honey from rose plant and flew to other flower. She thought same thing happened in her life also….nothing can change her fate now…she should leave in this world. He remember about the incident and thought “jo kuch ussne kiya, usske ankhe mein sharm nahi thi…kaisa insan hai” she strugged off her shoulder and kept staring outside


 A.I.I.M.S hospital

Dev (ST): Meera tum mere liye teek hona padegaa…mein tumhe kona nahi chathi hoon,tumhe kuch hone nahi dunga, tumara inkar ka dhar se mein tume aaj tak propose nahi kar paya…please Meera come back to me, mien tumara bina adura hoon

After lot of struggle from Dev, Meera’s temperature reduced…everyone sighed in relief. Later Mohan said

Mohan: Maan tum jao Maan, aab Meera tik hai,aur tumhe kal US bhi jana hai…tumara flight shuba hai naa

Maan: teek hai chachu…agar kuch hai tho mujhe call kijeye

Mohan: teek hai beta

Meanwhile Dev came near to them and said..

Dev: Ek kaam kijeye uncle, mein edar hoon, aap sub log jahiye…agar apka jarurat ho tho mein call karunga

Then everyone agreed for that and left to Khurana Mansion

Khurana Mansion

All parked their vehicle and settled themselves…Maan checked all the documents which is necessary for him to work from US and next day early morning went to meet Meera and seeing that she is alright, left from there to US



  • Geet crying and hugging her dad said “papa apki beti ne maaf ki jiye mein bahut badi galti kiye mujhe maaf kejiye”
  • Meera feeling for Dev
  • Meera trying to reach Geet




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