MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 4



Part 4


Meanwhile Rahul entered her room and saw Geet talking looking up. He just smiled himself and said

Rahul: Kya mein andar aa sakta hoon


Geet left her mouth went dry listening to his voice…….later she said “Come in”…Geet was too nervous to talk to Rahul, she kept her head down staring at floor…Rahul saw Geet admiring her beauty and amazingly, being educated ,she looked like a student standing in front of teacher… her innocent face said that she was hell nervous in front of him. To lighten the moment he said Geet to sit down. He wanted to talk so many things with her, but seeing her beauty he kept on admiring her. Later he sensed if he keeps quiet others will think badly about him including Geet. It’s better to talk to Geet and clear everything and then he said


Rahul: Geet I like you very much, but I won’t like to get married to you before get knowing your opinion on me…it will ruin both our lives. See I am not rich and I can’t give luxury life for you, but I promise you that I will look after you very well. I am not misjudging you Geet, I am only son for my parents they will leave with us, and they can’t stay away from us. I know some girls prefer to stay separate with their husband in the early stage of their marriage. But my parents do not have any one close to them other then me. I just wanted to inform you this early because I don’t like to hurt you and nor I can see tears in your eyes because of me…please do let me know you about your opinion now itself.


After listening to Rahul, Geet spell bound to his nature, she like him and his family, she dunno how she is going to answer Rahul. Seeing her silent again Rahul spoke to her

Rahul: Geet please tell something, I have struggled lot in life to get into this level, I don’t want to hurt you, if you do not like also tell me no problem, I will think that I am not so lucky to get married to you…he said sadly looking at Geet thinking that she did not like him


Geet: wanted to tell Rahul “Expect your love I do not need any thing, I will love your parents as much I love my parents”… but her throat went dry and she started sweating later she only said OK to him.


 Rahul was so much happy listening to Geet and said to her “Geet I am so lucky to have you has my life partner….. I want to spend my life with with you and eagerly waiting for the when and angel like to step into my life as my wife” …Rahul went out and informed everyone that both Rahul and Geet agree for this marriage.

There is no sign of Geet, she sat silently at her room and thinking about her conversation with Rahul…Mohinder called Geet 3-4 times then also Geet did not respond, later when Mohinder came to see Geet and saw her sitting near window and lost some where. He came near her and kept his and on her head and said


Mohinder: Geet kya Rahul tume itne pasand haya kit um apni papa ko bhul lagi, itni jaldi…wo log aab Hosiarpur chodke jaa chuke honge Geet…abhi see itne lagav lagavogi tho kaise chalega Geet


Geet sharm se pani pani hogayeeBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing…….she became ashamed about herself for behaving like that in front of her Dad. Mohinder understood her internal turmoil and said


Mohinder: it would have been good if Meera was with you now ….wo tume satathi rehe thi thi…wo nahi hai tho bore ho raha hai.


Geet: Jab thak uska bade papa ka beta US nahi jata tab tak wo idar nahi ayegi papa..mein usse bad mein phone karungi…pata nahi Beeji kitchen mein kya kar rahi hai mein dekhar ati hoon…


Mohinder just smiled at her daughter and thought ladkiya shadi ke bad paraye honge…jab tak shadi nahi hui tab tak maa baap per prem karengey shadi ki bad unka sab kuch unke pati honge………….(ST) Jab mera shadi Rano se hui wo 15 saal kit hi, phir bhi usko ghar ka kaam acchi tarah se atha tha, she was very clever and took care of his every need. Kitne bar meine Rano ko force kiya maayke jaane ko, par unse kuch bahana banakar ruk jathi thi, wo mujhe aur iss ghar ko itnaa chathi thi ki, wo hame chodke nahi jana chathi thi, Agar usko kahi jana hai tho wo mera sath jathi thi aur mera sathi hee wapas athithi….uske ristedhar usse kitne gussa huye thee



Khurana Farm House


When Maan Nita and Meera reached Khurana Estates it was around 2pm…. They sighed relief after their long journey


Khurana Estates-House


The property is set in 120 acres of beautiful rolling countryside. Surrounded by vines, it makes you thirsty just to look at them. The alarmed pool, which is 10m x 5m & 1.4m constant depth with Roman steps, is south facing set in the meadow in front and below the house, giving peace, tranquility and the best of the sun. There are extensive walks or just sit by the large pond in the quarry area and see nature at it best.


Living Room


Ground floor welcoming living room, off separate entry room, has comfortable overstuffed furniture. For those relaxing moments, the comfortable lounge has TV, DVD player, CD/radio player. Books, movies, CDs and free WIFI to your computer are available. A large open fireplace is the main feature of the room, but you will not need that! The whole of the downstairs has tiled floors. The property has five double-sized bedrooms


Maan’s Bedroom


Master bedroom has a king bed and ensuite bathroom with shower. Enjoy views of surrounding mountains while in lying in bed. Twin-bedded .Quality towels and bed linens. Beds with excellent mattresses, and absolute quiet at night, make for sound sleeping


Guest Room-1-Meera


Guest Room 2-Nita



Second and third bedroom has its own bathroom with tub and shower, and Bay and mountain views




Separate dining room, with antique dining table, Modern kitchen has dishwasher, stovetop, double oven and refrigerator/freezer. Adjoining kitchen is laundry room with washer, dryer and W/C. Finally, the sun-filled conservatory affords panoramic water & mountain views–ideal for morning coffee, evening teas, and cocktails


Farm House




Ramu Kaka welcomed all three of them to farm house, they settled themselves with cushion sofa.


Ramu Kaka: Beta aap log fresh hoke ayeye khana tyyar hai, khana kake aaram kejile… so which all three responded “OK KAKA”… later every one had their lunch and again settled in living room…Nita was completely worn out from the travel she was feeling so tired…she said: I will sleep for some more time, seeing her tiredness Meera and Maan said ok. Then Meera and Maan spoke for sometime. Here Megha (Meera’s friend) came to meet her and gave beautiful smile to Maan


Megha: Meera mein tumara intezar kar rahi thi…said eying at Maan…Maan just gave killer smile to Megha…seeing this Meera said


Meera: Megha chal hum ek round hoka hate hai……bhai ayenge hamare sath…knowing that Maan wont come now has he had video conference


Maan: nahi Meera tum jao..mujhe kaam hai…..said to them and told Ramu Kaka to keep his things in his room ….waise tumare samne kuch nahi kar pavunga …murmured to himself


‘Ssh Chutki jo tune kaati hai
Chori Se kaati hai, yahaan-wahaan
Roothi hoon main tujh se roothi hoon
Mujhe mana le na O jaan-e-jaan

Chhedenge hum tujhko
Ladki tu hai badi bumbat
Ooh la la ooh la la
Ooh la la ooh la la
Tu Hai Meri Fantasy ee …

Choona na choona na
Choona na choona na
Ab main jawaan ho gayi

arey arey arey…
Ooh la la ooh la la
Ooh la la ooh la la
Tu Hai Meri Fantasy ee ee…

Choona na choona na
Choona na choona na
Ab main jawaan ho gayi”

Meera and Megha left from their and went out…Here Maan informed Ramu kaka to arrange for his video conference in his room. Ramu kaka kept all the necessary things in his and informed Maan accordingly. Maan was busy in discussion with his clients suddenly song played


every one looked each other face smiling…Maan was angry and looked at every one in serious, he was looking whose phone was that; later he saw Meera’s phone ringing displaying “Geet” name…..he kept the phone under pillow …Geet was so much angry on Meera for not attending her call and she kept and calling again and again, Maan tried to switch off mobile but it asked for password, he was highly embarrassed in front of client. little she know that cell phone is with Maan… Geet kept on trying has she was missing Meera very much, and no one was at home, she wanted to talk so many thing with Meera. He cursed Ramu Kaka for keeping Meera’s phone in his room, he cant call Ramu kaka because Ramu kaka went out to bring some groceries, even he can get up and go in middle of the meeting, Maan finished his conference hurriedly…neither he can take the call nor he can disconnect it…he scolded Meera in mind hundred times for not taking her phone with her. Here Meera spoke to Megha and said bye to her and came inside. Maan was very angry and busted on Meera saying


Maan: Kisney diya hai hey phone tume, tume kuch akal hey ki nahi, jab bahar jaa rahi thi apni phone kyun nahi lekar gayee, tumhe pata hai tumara nalayak friend ne kitni bhar phone kiya hai. Aur tum password rakhi apne phone par, mujhe client ka same kitne embarrassed hui tume pata hai, aur tumara ring tone choona choona naa ab mein jawan hogayee . koi aisa ring tone rakhta hai kya…


Meera did not understand head and tail what he was talking she went to kitchen and bought black coffee for him. After sometime Maan cool down and said what all happened when he was busy discussing with clients.


Meera: Maan Bhai You only gifted me that phone when you went for Business trip to Scotland last year


 Meera was not able to control her laugh…she laughed holding stomach….hearing her laugh Nita came out and asked what happened and Meera explained everything to Nita. Even Nita was not able to control her laugh. Seeing both Maan just smiled and now he was thinking about the caller


Maan (ST): Kitna accha mouka tha bath karne kaa…chey his Meera ne phone mein password rakh diya…aur mujhe gusse me sochne ka mouka thak nahi mila… Maan you would asked Meera password….no no if I ask Meera she will get angry on me…leave it Maan badme soch lengey…he just closed his eyes and started dreaming about Geet.

His dream was disturbed again with Geet’s call, listening to “oo la la oo la la ” all three of them look at each other and smiled loudly and Meera went to her room talking to Geet. Here Geet informing Meera about her conversation with Rahul and family.


 Meera: Geet did you took Rahul’s number Geet simply nodded her head to that and Meera said if you nod your head I will not able to see Geet talk to me


Geet: tume kaise pata Meera …………….to which Meera just smiled and also let her know how did her call disturbed Maan’s conference. Geet was embarrassed and said bye to Meera immediately


Handa House


Beeji came out and saw Mohinder in deep thought. Beeji shook Mohinder shoulder and said


Beeji:Bhaiya ladka accha hai, Geet ko bhi pasand hai…dono ka kundali bhi mila hai, un logon ko bhi pasand hai… kyun naa ek acchi muhurat nikalkar engagement kardiya jayee


Mohinder: Mujhe bhi aisi laga hai…Pandith ne bataya hai ki aaj ka din chodke 15 din tak acchi muhurat nahi hai…Maine phele socha ki unko hey bath bata ddo phir socha Ranbhir bhi nahi hai aaj…Hum kyun jaldi kare…meri ek hee baeti kai, hum sub risthey dhar ko bhula kar grand mein engagement kare…


Ranbhir: Geet Uncle


Beeji:Ho bhi such hai…engagement ke liye tima hai naa bhaiya.. kuch din Geet to mera sath lekar jarahi hoon…shadi ki bad wo humara sath nahi reh payegi…engagement date fix ho the hee uska lekar avungi


Mohinder:did not want Geet to go along with his sister so her said…wo teek hai……..mein ek kaam karungi mein aur Geet kuch dino ke baad ek sath ajayege…


Knowing her brother cant stay away from his daughter, Beeji kept quiet…later she said Mein aaj nikalthi hoon bhaiya…thoda kaam hai and she left to her place Bhaghpur.



  • Maan leaving to US
  • Geet crying and hugging her dad said “papa apki beti ne maaf ki jiye mein bahut badi galti kiye mujhe maaf kejiye”
  • Meera serious



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