MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 18



Geet kissed Pari’s cheeks and went to kitchen to bring milk for her. Geet came to room, and took all the items from shopping bag that kept on the bed. She liked all the dresses and was happy for Pari to having mamu like Dev (little she know that Maan purchase for Pari and not Dev) Then she saw wedding invitation which was lying on bed, when she opened it she was shocked because it was Maan’s wedding card, which was torn into pieces, tears rolled from Geet’s eyes she dunno why, Then she took it joined them, put gum and kept near window to dry.


Geet: Papa bhaiya nee kya kaha apko??

Mohinder: kuch nahi beta, he told me to come tomorrow also has he will get all the reports, then they will decide what to do next….and he also said if there is any problem then he will take me to Narayana Netralaya @ Bangalore, one of his friend is working there and he is eye specialist …while Mohinder was saying this he was not happy, he was thinking about his daughter, he feared if anything happens to him who will take care of his two jaan’s (Geet and Pari)

Geet: If it is necessary then we will go soon papa, and I don’t want to delay it. Let’s wait for reports tomorrow

Mohinder took wedding card which Geet kept for drying and asked “hey kiska lagna patrika hai Geet, aur tum yaha kyun rahi koo”

Geet: Pata nahi papa, Pari ke hath mein tha…

Geet took invitation from Mohinder and again kept near window to dry. Even though Geet do not have any feeling for Maan, but she had pain in her heart by seeing invitation. She was aware of Nita’s name; Meera had introduced Nita to Geet when she went to Meera’s house, Pari had separated both bride and groom’s name. She looked at the marriage date it was in a month’s time. Mohinder looked questioningly at Geet, has she was silent, then Geet came out of her thought and said “Papa, dekhiye abhi takh shadi nahi huwa hai, Pari had tore the invitation, how come it came in her hand”….now her mind was in peace

Mohinder: I went to meet Dev’s clinic right, maybe she got from there, if you want I will ask with Dev.

Geet immediately said “no papa, it’s not necessary” Geet thought: Pichle janam meine kuch gunaah kiya wo, isliye babaji ne mujhe hey sazaa diya hoga…aur shayad mein iss janam mein mein kuch naa ki wo toh hane wale janam mein mujhe saccha jeevansathi milega…she prayed god to bless both Maan and Nita, so that they can have happy and peaceful married life.

Raat Ki Tanhai Mein Akele The Hum,
Dard Ki Mehfilo Mein Ro Rahe The Hum,
Aap Hamare Bhale Hi Kuch Nahi Lagte,
Par Fir Bhi Aapke Bina Bilkul Adhoore Hain Hum…

When Dev’s car entered his house gate Arnav who was standing at the door put his hands in front of him to take him in his hand. Dev took Arnav in his hand and kissed him. Arnav said “pa.. ge (papa has come)”. Dev came inside house, Seeing Dev Meera immediately went to him and said “Dev, jake bhai ko dekhiye, pata nahi unhe kya hoga hai aaj, jab se aye hai apne aap ko kamre mein band kar rakha hai, Pratap uncle se bhi teek se bath nahi kiya hai, aur bahi aise behave kare toh unko bura lagega naa” Dev said teek hai, mein jake Maan se bath karunga tum chinta math karo.

Here in Maan;s room

Maan was in his bedroom, He no except is mom and Meera no one is so close to him. He was not happy with his mom because he blackmailed him to get marry to Nita who is not suitable for him any angle. He suddenly remembered Pari, he came out of thoughts, and smile crept on his face thinking about spending time with Pari. He was missing her badly.

Maan’s monologue

Aaj kuch waqt K liye pass mere KASSAH tum ajao”
Bohat tanha hun main aaj KAASH tum ajao”

“Kabi khud ko itna kamzoor na hone dia main ne”
… “Per aaj bikhar gaya hon main KAASH tum ajao”

“Tumhi se milta hai hosla hr pal mujhy”
“Chahiye aaj bahon ka shara KAASH tum ajao”

“Barson se ji arha hon bin tere sanam”
“Aaj nahi guzr raha ek pal KAASH tum ajao”

“Waqt ki rafaqat bhi jese tham si gai hai”
“Tham na jaye meri sans KAASH tum ajao”

Dev entered Maan’s room and saw him, Maan was so deep in his thought he did not know when Dev came inside room. Dev kept his hand on Maan’s shoulder, and Maan came out of his thought and the first question he asked with Dev is “Dev, Pari ko teek say ghar drop ki tumhe, kya wo mere bhare mein pooch rahi thi, wo rohi nahi hai naa” seeing concerned in Maan’s voice

Dev said: Maan Pari bilkul teek hai, usko sahi salamath ghar drop kare hayee hoon. Tum uska chinta math karo, aur hey batav tume Pari ka time spend kiya hai naa tab tumhe kaise laga….Suddenly Maan remembered something and said “Dev if I see Pari naa, then I remember my childhood days, I was like her only, she is so beautiful, I was feeling him she is my ansh, same naughtiness, smile, I still remember Dadi was telling me about this when she was showing my childhood snaps”…Dev was able to feel emotions in Maan’s words “then what else you felt Maan” asked Dev closely examining his face. “pata nahi Dev, why she is so attracted towards me, something is there in that child, jab mein clinic se ghar aa raha tha mujhe aisa lag raha tha ki jaise mein kuch koya hai, I think Meera might told you that I don’t have interested in small children and I hate them, then when I saw Arnav, I liked him, today when Pari was in my arms I had the feeling that till now I was incomplete and now I am complete, I never felt like this till now, my heart has full love for Pari….Jaise kiska beti hai who?”

Dev: Maan, Pari family is close to me, I got father and sister love from them, the person who came with her grandfather, he can’t see properly and having myopia/ Blurred vision so we are talking about this only [Also called nearsightedness. Condition in which the length of the eye is too long, causing light rays to focus in front of the retina rather than on it, resulting in blurred distance vision. Additional symptoms include eye strain, poor night vision and squinting,] 

Meanwhile Meera entered Maan’s room and said “bhai, aap clinic jane ka abth kyun Nita se nahi bola aapne, Nita bahut gusse mein hai, poora din mujhe bath bi nahi kiya, muh pulakar baiti hai apne room mein…aur haa tumara sasurji khane keliye tume intezar kar rahe hai, jaldi se muh hath dokar hahiye mein khana parosti hoon”…saying this she stormed out of his room without waiting for his answer. Meera prepared so many items on that day with the help of servant because Pratap was there for lunch. Nita was very angry that Maan did not apologized with her and did not come to call her for lunch. Even knowing that Nita is not at dining table, without caring anyone Maan had his food. Meera kept quiet knowing Maan nature. Here Maan was fully involved in Pari. After everyone finished their lunch, Meera went to Nita’s room to call her for lunch. Meera saw Nita sleeping and thought: she is very fair, too slim, seeing her sleeping position her face was clearly seen and she was looking like a patient.

About Nita

Nita was only daughter of Pratap and Seema oberai, they were one of top five richest family in Batinda, Seema and Pratap lost 3 babies before born, everytime Seema will suffer from abortion. Seema did so many poojas, and constructed temple school and helped poor people….When Seema pregnant Pratap took care of her and 2-3 doctors where there in the house to check her in each hour. Then Seema gave birth to Nita, but to their un luck from born itself was a patient, Seema and Pratap both were worried about Nita’s health and they showed her to all Indian and foreign country doctors, but nothing was useful, they again prayed for god to save their child nothing came fruitful to them….If she cook then because of heat she will get blisters all over the body, if she take normal temperature water then she will get cold, she was very sensitive. Due to her unbalanced diet, underweight they can’t treat her. Seema and Niharika met each other in one of the parties, both families were equally rich, Seema’s friend informed Seema that Niharika is looking alliances for her only son Maan Singh Khurana, why can’t she take her daughter’s ristha to her? Who don’t knows about Maan Singh Khurana, without wasting time Pratap and Seema met so many friends and get to know about Niharika, they both came to know that Niharika is good at heart but she lalchi. Then one fine day they went to Niharika house and asked Maan’s hand for their only daughter Nita, and also told her that all their property belongs to Nita, and in return to her once the marriage is over.

Niharika without thinking twice agreed to this marriage and when Maan came to know about it he was hell angry on his mom and said he is not ready to marry now and then he did not like Nita, after getting opposition from Maan, she acted as if she is committing suicide then, Maan agreed to get marry to Nita. Niharika was not ready to lose so much property which Nita will give her after marriage. She is not even worried about her son. Nita don’t have much friends but she has challenged her friends saying that she will marry a rich and most handsome man…to which everyone laughed at her in college, because they knew Nita health conditions. And without make up no can look at her real face. When she saw Maan’s picture he decided she will get married to him, she was attracted to Maan’s body structure, and handsome face, she was full fida on Maan and agreed to wait till she come from US. She even challenged her friends that she will get marry to MSK after her parents decided for their marriage

Meera just started at her and thought “why Niharika aunty can’t understand that money can’t buy everything in the word? Nita is very sensitive…will Maan be happy after marrying her? After knowing Maan’s character very well , how can she think that he will get all the happiness from this girl, who can’t take care of herself, how she will keep Maan happy,. Niharika aunty has more property and money and if the other three generation sits at home also they can lead luxury life…….Meera was very angry with Niharika”…then she came near Nita and said “Nita, please get up, see everyone at home had finished their lunch and only you left out, now please get up soon and have your dinner and sleep”….Meera forcibly took Nita to dining table and made her sit. Nita can’t have much food also, she had two spoons of rice and four apple pieces, and without telling anything to Meera she went to drawing room where Maan, Dev and Pratap were discussing.

Then Pratap said to future son in law “Maan, just select the car which you prefer and also give me the list of the things which you needed, it will be easy for me to order, you know we don’t have much time, I should buy everything before itself, and it will be a grand wedding to our status, you don’t worry about money I will take care of that”

Maan got very angry listening to Pratap and said “Mr Pratap, if you want anything to give to your daughter give her, and I can take care of myself, I do not need any third persons help to get what I need.”…..said Maan angrily and took the paper and started reading it, as if telling them to put full stop for this discussion….

Pratap thought: Maan never talked so rudely with Pratap till now, he was calm but why there is change in him after coming from US. Then he thought if he says no also, after getting married all the property goes to Maan itself let him do whatever he wants’ to do thinking this he kept quiet, and if I talk back to him he will get angry, I can’t lose him now, then my daughter will not forgive me. I know his character very well, he is Casanova but my pagal daughter only want to marry him and even he are hiding her health conditions from him and even Niharika jii dunno about Nita’s health condition completely, we just told her she is sensitive….Maan knowing about your character no father wants to give his daughter for you, but see me I am not interested in richness, for me I want a man who can look after my baby very well, who supports her in each and every situation, but to my bad luck my daughter wanted you a man who does not care about other’s feeling and his mom he greedy about properties, without any choice I should bare your tantrums. Pratap sighed after coming out from his thought. Pratap went to his relative house. Later everyone went to their respective rooms.


Next day when Dev was ready to go for clinic he saw Maan was you lost in his thought, Dev went near him and asked “are you fine Maan, tum kohe kohe se lag rahe ho”… Maan replied him “pata nahi Dev, this is the first time in my life I am feeling that something is missing in my life and I dunno what it is, when I want to divert my mood I can see only Pari in front of me, I dunno why is she effecting me so much, her face, her smile, her eyes, her innocent questions, I am not able to sleep, I am feeling that someone is waiting for me, like barshon se mera prathiksha kar rahi hai…I had dream about her last time, she is waiting for me and I am not able to see her…..I am losing something which is very important to me, I know you won’t believe that knowing about my character”….when Maan was sharing his feeling he had tears in his eyes…Dev was surprised to see Maan crying he never saw him so serious till now. But today Dev can feel his seriousness and his determination. Dev hugged Maan tightly and said “Maan cool down, believe in god everything will set right”

Dev said if you want to see Pari then you can come with me Maan, today she will come to hospital, I am going to pick them, if you are free then you can also join me. Maan immediately agreed to Dev and said “Dev please wait for me for five minutes I will change my dress and come” to which Dev nodded his head. Maan thought: I want to come out my dream and thought to go somewhere else today, I want to share my feeling with the person who is close to my heart but Meera is busy from morning taking care of my so called fiance and bearing her tantrums, I wanted to scold Nita for making my sweet sister working, but Meera just press my hand and said told to not to talk to Nita rudely. With frustration I came out of room and thinking about my life and my close ones. Nita I can’t share anything because don’t feel anything for her, because of my mom I am getting married to her. Then I saw Dev who came to me and asked whether everything is fine, I dunno why I shared my feelings with him, I first time cried in front of Dev or may I say in front of others, because I never showed anyone about my feelings for them, When I saw concerned for me in Dev’s eyes I was not able to control myself and cried Dev understanding my feeling he hugged me, I felt relief like some people are around me, who cares for me and feels for me, when I heard him talking about Pari, without wasting time I agreed, how can I lose the chance to be with her. Maan took his shirt from wardrobe and got ready,

Dev thought: I know Maan, what you are missing in your life, I want to tell you, but has I promised to Meera that I will not tell to anyone…but I am sorry I am selfish here I want Pari to get love from you till the time you are here, I see to that you meet Pari everyday without knowing Meera. I saw concern in your eyes for Pari…. Meanwhile Maan came out both Dev and Maan went to Pari’s place, Dev: Maan tum Pari ke sath piche baito mein aur uncle age baitenge, to which Maan nodded his take. Maan took Pari in his arms and sat in backseat of the car, Dev made Mohinder to sit front. Pari kissed Maan cheek and said “gud mrlg (Good Morning)”

After half an hour every one reached hospital, Dev told: Maan, if Pari comes inside it will be difficult for us to discuss, why can’t you wait for us in my private room.

Maan: I dont have any problem Dev, ok we both will wait for you there, then looked towards Pari and asked “Pari can we go inside and play for sometime” to which Pari gave sweet smile to Maan and nodded her hear

Maan and Pari went to Dev’s private room and sat their, Maan was just looking at her while hugging her and Pari got bore after sometime and said “bole ho hai (bore ho raha hai)” to which Maan asked what you want to play. Pari: ap elepant ban mei upal baitungi (you elephant and i will sit on your back) (Me wondering some one on the earth is making MSK to play with her)

Maan sat on knees and kept his two and on ground, Pari sat on him, Maan started to go round Dev’s private room, after sometime Maan felt that Pari sleeping on his back, he carefully took Pari in his hand and made her sleep in bed, then he went to washroom washed his hand and came to Pari, seeing his princess sleeping, he came towards are and slept next to her, Maan took Pari and made her to sleep in middle of bed, Pari was not comfortable in bed and even Maan was worried because she might fall down, he slowly took Pari in his arms and made her sleep on his chest… he crossed his hands on Pari’s back and both father and daughter slept peacefully, When Dev came to his room was happy to see Maan and Pari sleeping together, then he went back to his cabin



Maan asking Meera why she did not take him to Pari house

Meera shouting at Dev

Maan getting to know why Meera is angry with him

Geet working on Khurans projects



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