MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 17



Pari smilingly nodded her head and Mohinder went to Dr Karan. After complete check up Karan said “uncleji aap Dev sir ki cabin mein jahiye, mein reports lekar atha hoon” to which Mohinder just smiled at Dr Karan and went to meet Dev. When Mohinder entered Dev office he saw Dev and Pari playing.
                       Mohinder asked “Dev beta did Pari troubled you so much”…Dev said “Nahi papa, she is very good girl, she did not troubled her mamu ….am I right Pari”…Pari smiled at Dev “yes Nanuuu, I am vely good gal, I am waitng for you and did not tarbled Mamu…ask him …said Pari in her babyish language”(Yes nanu, I am very good girl I was waiting for you and I did not troubled Nanu). Their conversation was interrupted by knock at the door. Dev said “come in” while everyone looked at Maan who was entering Dev’s cabin. Dev was shocked to see Maan because Mohinder and Pari both where there in his cabin. Without showing his disconcert he welcomed Maan with smile and said “Maan, ajav ander, tume knock karne ki kya zarurath hai”…. “nahi Dev mujhe laga ki tum busy wo, aur socha ki tum kisi patient ke sath wo..isliye knock kiya tha maine”. Dev thought {abhi abhi karan ne papa ka ankho mein drops dala hai, isliye papa teek se Maan do dekh nahi payee. Nahi toh abhi takh unko pata chal gaya hota ki Maan hi Pari ka pita hai}…He silently prayed god.
              Then looking at Pari Maan asked “hey whose baby is this… bilkul princess ki tarah hai….she is dam cute man…who is she”. Dev was happy that Maan is taking interest on Pari, because he knew Maan hates children, but he liked Arnav very much because he is his sweet sister’s child. Then Dev pointed his finger towards Maan asked Pari “do you know him…” to which Pari nodded. Then again Dev asked “who is he” she immediately said “Mamuuu, he ez new uncle, becas I am meetng him farst taime” (mamu he is new uncle because I am meeting him for the first time) to which Mohinder, Dev and Maan laughed. Then Dev introduced Mohinder to Maan and said “Maan, he is Mohinder Handa, he is like father to me”, Maan folded his hand in front of Mohinder and said “Namaste Unclejii”… Then Dev said “uncle hey hey Maan Singh Khurana, Meera’s brother” then Mohinder nodded his head and said “Namaste”.
                Here Maan was not able to take his eyes from Pari, Maan felt that it he has some strong relation with her so that his heart is pushing him towards Pari, he was feeling like to hold her in his arms, he tried to ignore it from the time he entered Dev’s clinic and then he ignored everything and he forwarded his hands in front of Pari to take Pari on his arms…Dev seeing Maan’s eyes which was showing  so many emotions without saying anything he told Pari “tum, uncle ke pass jao, mein tumare nanu ka report dekta hoon”. Maan took Pari in his arms, he held her so tight. She was so smooth; Pari kept her tiny hand on Maan’s cheeks and kissed his on both cheeks. Here Maan felt blessed. He was so much endorsed in Pari, he did not listen to their talk has he was not interested in that.  Mean while Karan entered Dev’s cabin with some reports and gave it to Dev and said “after seeing report we should do some more test Dev, I think we can carry on now so that we will get complete report tomorrow”. Even Dev went through the report and said “yes Karan, you are right…we will go ahead with remaining test now, you go and arrange was that, I will bring papa”. Then he turned towards Mohinder and said “Papa, kush aur test bakhi hai, hum aaj hi test pura karenge taki kal hame sab report mil jahega, aur may be aapke sath chalunga”“teek hai beta….Jaise tum teek samjo, par what about Pari if you come with me”(Mohinder was concerned about Pari). Hmmm Dev thought for some second and asked “Maan tume kuch kaam hai kya,”Maan: nahi Dev mein bilkul free hoon, kyun kuch kaam tha kya.
Dev: haa Maan wo kya hai naa, mujhe papa ko lekar Karan ke pass jana hai, kyat um kuch ghanto keliye Pari ko tumara sath rakh pavoge
. Dev thought : please Maan agree for this, I know Pari is not so lucky get father’s love, so I want atleast she should spend some time with you so that unknowingly you both father and daughter will be in each other arms for atleast sometime.
[She’s a little bit of sunshine,
She’s a smile to light your days,
She will steal your heart and
keep it with her warm endearing ways,
She’s your precious little daughter,
With a sweetness from above
Who will fill your years with laughter
and your lives with lots of love]
Maan: wo roh hegi nahi naa Dev, kya wo mere sath ayegi.
Dev thought : ware wah Maan beta, tum mera beta ko etna sata the ho, wo bechara mera beta roh roh ke uska halat karab hogaya phir bhi tum usko console nahi karte wo. Par aab tumhe Pari ka chinta, may be this is called blood relation Then Dev looked towards Pari and said“Pari tum Uncle ke sath rukho mein nanu koh injection dekhar ata hoon”. Pari was scared about injections so she nodded her head. Dev kissed her forehead and said “teek hai Maan hum chalet hai” , but he was stopped by Maan “Dev kya mein Pari koh bahar lekar jahoon, wo kya hai naa pata nahi tume kitne time lagega, aur edar hum dono koh bore honge”. Dev looked at Mohinder and then nodded his head and said “Maan I will call you once we finish test, so that you can bring her back, or if you back soon then be in my cabin I will inform to receptionist”. Maan said ok, took Pari in his arms, kissing her cheeks he went towards parking lot.

Maan made Pari to sit in his car and after putting seat belt her asked “Princess, can we go for shopping”, Pari got confused with the name and look at Maan and asked “wo iz pinchess” (Who is Princess) and pouted her lips. Maan chuckled due to her antics and kissed Pari’s cheek and said “you are my princess Pari…you are cute”. Pari smiled at him and Maan took Pari to United Colors of Benetton shop, Pari was so much excited in shopping she kept and saying the colors and Maan without thinking he just bought some dress which he liked and some which Pari liked. This is the first time Pari coming for shopping

Maan’s and Pari’s selection

Then Pari’s eyes caught attention of teddy
               Maan bought it for her; Pari’s eyes twinkled in joy. Maan sat on his knees, hugged and kissed her again, Maan paid and came out along with Pari, security guy carried shopping bags to his car and kept in the back seat. Maan paid to security and then both father and daughter went to ice-cream parlour. Maan ordered chocolate mousse for him and strawberry flavor for Pari. He took Pari on his lap and made her eat ice-cream, and then Maan saw Pari looking at chocolate mousse and asked whether she wanted, Pari nodded her head and Maan made her eat chocolate mousse and then pari took same spoon from Maan’s and gave it to him. Maan was overwhelmed with Pari’s gesture and he happily took it from her.
                         Here at Dev’s clinic, Mohinder finished his entire test, then he called Meera and said “Meera, aaj mein papa ke sath canteen mein kalunga, tum mera intezar math kar na” Meera said “ok” after that Dev took Mohinder to cafeteria and both had lunch together. Dev “Karan can you please do me a favor” Karan: “yea Dev, anything for you”, then Dev said “can you please drop papa home and here is the address” and then turned to Mohinder and said “uncle app Karan ke sath ghar jahiye, mein badh mein Pari ko lekar ata hoon”. Mohinder nodded his head, has Mohinder trusted Dev he did not say anything and left with Karan. Dev thought “I wanted Maan and Pari to spend some more time and I dunno when they will get chance to be together so I made papa to go with Karan, hope Maan get attracted towards Pari , I just want my sister to be with her husband, hope what I am doing is good, please god kuch bura math hone dena”
              After sometime Dev saw Pratap Oberoi coming towards his cabin, Dev stood up and greeted him. Pratap: Dev, wedding invitation printed hoga hai, so I came here to invite you. Then he gave card to him and said “I am going to my relative house and after that will come to your nodded”. To which Dev just smiled.
  In ice-cream parlor Pari looked towards Maan and said “uncle su su”. Maan took her to washroom and took her knickers and folded her dress, he made Pari to sit on toilet commode. Once she finished he washed her hand with dettol which he told watchman to bring while Pari was in bathroom. Then he set her cloths and took out. Maan asked Pari “are you hungry? do you need anything else to eat”, Pari: baut book lag hai (I am hungry), then he ordered pasta for Pari, then took her on his lap and made her eat it. Pari liked pasta (ME thinking: she is Maan’s child, why she will not like pasta)Maan thought: “what is this feeling, I feel like she belongs to me. I am Maan Singh Khurana, I never cared for any emotions and I am here shopping for this cute baby, I came to ice-cream parlor, I cleaned her. I made watchman to bring dettol because I am worried about Pari’s health, what’s happening to me? why is this baby effecting me so much? How can I all this which I never did so far in my life, I was far from children and still remembered he took lot of time to take Arnav in his hand but today without any inheritance I cleaned Pari,  I did not understand till now”…thinking this he came to his car and made Pari to sit on passenger seat. When Maan was about to start car, Pari rubbing her eyes and put both hands forward and said “aap ke lap me baitugi” (I will sit on your lap). Maan just shook his head and took Pari on his lap, kept one leg on right and another on left, Pari hugged Maan in her tiny hands and kept head on his chest and slept. Maan drive slowly to Dev clinic, because he was worried that Pari may woke up
            When Maan stopped car at Dev clinic, Maan called watchman and told him to keep shopping bags in Dev’s cabin, watchman took all the shopping bags and went inside. Maan slowly got down from car and locked car door carrying Pari. Due to noise in clinic Pari woke and saw around. Dev was surprised to see so many shopping bags and with curiosity he saw all the dress, he was very much happy with Maan. Maan came inside Dev’s cabin holding Pari in his hand. Pari glued to Maan, Dev and Maan talk for some time. Dev took Pari from Maan and said “I will drop Pari and come home Maan, you carry on, I think because of me you wasted so much time with Pari, I am sorry for that”. “No Dev, don’t be sorry, I loved to be with her, I dunno I feel that she is related to me, it was one of the best things that happened to me,”. Meanwhile Maan got call from Meera to come home soon. Maan went to Meera’s house and Dev took Pari to Geet’s house, unaware of Pari holding Maan’s wedding invitation.

When Maan came to Meera’s, he saw Pratap waiting for him with Wedding invitation, he came inside and sat on sofa “you would have postponed marriage for another 6 months”… said Maan irritatingly. “As per your mom’s wish we fixed marriage date aur javan beti ko hum kitni din ghar mein rakh te hai”. Maan without saying any word he went to his room, he kept his head on bed rest and thought “Niharika, this time was not ready to wait till Maan agrees for the marriage, when she spoke to him, he denied her saying that he will marry Nita after 6 months, but Niharika went on hunger strike next day and said she will not have food and water until Maan agrees for the marriage and without any other option Maan agreed. For Niharika waiting for the properties that she will get from Nita, and not for Nita, she had eye on Nita’s property”.
Dev came inside Geet house along with Pari and carrying shopping bags with him, Mohinder was shocked to see so much shopping bags, As Pari was sleepy she went inside holding Maan’s wedding invitation and slept on bed. Mohinder asked “hey kya hai beta”. “Papa wo kya hai naa hum bore ho rahe the, mera friend bhi agaya, isliye hum shopping ke liye gaye the, wo mera dost hai naa uska bacche bahut pasand hia, aur hamari Pari bhi caror mein ek hai, isliye shopping gaye hum. Aur mien Pari ka mamu hoon, etna haq toh banta hai, Pari ko kuch karidne kaa”. Dev thought: I am sorry papa for lying for you, what I am doing is for Geet and Pari.Mohinder did not say anything, though he did not like this, he don’t want to hurt Dev, so he kept quiet. Then after few minutes he said “Papa mein chalta hoon, ghar mein mehman aayee hue hai”. To which Mohinder nodded his head. Dev went t his house.
When Geet came back from office, she saw so many shopping bags at sofa and asked Mohinder “Papa, kya aap shopping gaye the” “Nahi beta, Dev and his friend went to shopping, and Dev said his friend liked Pari, and he is her mamu so he have right to buy something for Pari, agar mein kuch Dev ko kaha hota usko burha lagta, wo toh tumhe apni behen manta hai, accha nahi lagta beta isliye mein kuch nahi kaha”… Geet also did not liked Dev spending so much for Pari, but knowing Dev and Meera she did not say anything, she took everything and kept in her bedroom. She saw Pari sleeping peacefully at bed. She kissed her forehead and after freshening up she went to kitchen to prepare tea for her and Mohinder. Meanwhile Pari woke up from sleep and saw card in her hand, she did not liked it so she tore it into two pieces. Pari came to living room and saw her mom having tea with her nanu, she went near Geet hugged her and said “maaama, I mate new uncal toley… in mamu hospital …he is cho goodh, we ate i-crem, desss, dol” (mama I met new uncle today in mamu’s hospital, he I so good and we ate Ice-cream, bought dress and dol)…Geet kissed Pari’s cheeks and went to kitchen to bring milk for her. Geet came to room, and took all the items from shopping bag that kept on the bed. She liked all the dresses and was happy for Pari to having mamu like Dev (little she know that Maan purchase for Pari and not Dev)Then she saw wedding invitation which was lying on bed, when she opened it she was shocked because it was Maan’s wedding card, which was torn into pieces, tears rolled from Geet’s eyes she dunno why, Then she took it joined them, put gum and kept near window to dry

Maan missing Pari
Maan sharing his emotions with Dev
Maan Nita flashback
Maan getting angry with Nita and Pratap

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