MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 16


Part 16


Geet now knew that it was her mistake to keep book on bed, and she was feeling bad because she hit Pari today, after sometime Sameer entered house along with Pari in his arms. He sat on sofa keeping Pari’s on his lap. When Pari saw Geet she ran to her and hugged her legs tightly forgetting that her mom hit her. Geet was spellbound with Pari love and she also sat on knees and kissed Pari’s forehead.



                           Naina and Sameer smiled at Geet and Pari, Geet took Pari in her lap and kissed her both cheeks and said “Pari, Mama sorry, zor se laga kya”…Pari smiled at Geet and kissed Geet’s cheeks. Later Geet took Pari in her embrace and slept. When Geet woke up it was 6.00am, she quickly took bath and prepared breakfast and lunch for Mohinder and Pari. When Geet came out of kitchen she saw Mohinder in hall reading paper. Geet prepared tea for both of them and took it to the hall. Geet said “papa hey lejiye apka chai…”. Mohinder smiled his daughter and took tea from her hand, then she woke up Pari and took her to bathroom, after giving bath she dressed her up and gave breakfast to her. Then Geet and Mohinder had their breakfast. Geet got ready to office in green dress and she informed about the lunch to Mohinder and kissed Pari on her both cheeks and even Pari’s kissed Geet’s cheek and gave Pari to Mohinder and went to office.

When Geet reached office Shiv and other staff congratulated her, welcomed Geet by giving yellow roses Geet thanked all of them and then Shiv took her to Geet’s new cabin.



Nandini- Team member

Romeo- team member



Manish- (Nandini husband-working as a software engineer in Wipro, loves his wife, in touch with everyone in Nandini’s office)

After small meeting with team, Geet spoke to Shiv and Arjun. They both were happy seeing Geet’s dedication to work. It was a hectic day for Geet, she had lot of work, after finishing work, and she headed towards house.


Seeing Pari she forgot all her tiredness and started playing with her and even Naina joined them, Sameer laughed looking at Geet and Naina, who were playing like kids with Pari. Then Sameer sat down looking at them, and then Geet went inside house to prepare tea for them. After having tea and snacks Naina and Sameer went to their house. Geet was folding washed dress and keeping them in wardrobe, at same time Pari came running to Geet saying that “Mama, bhuwa agaye”, Meera came inside house and kept the packet which she brought on the table meanwhile Geet came out of the room and saw Meera there. Geet happy went to Meera and hugged her and said “Meera, tum kab aye,  maa aur papa teek hai naa aur you know how much I missed you…I want to tell you something” to which Meera told “Geet sab hum badh mein discuss kar lenge, aur maa aur papa teek hai, I was getting bored at home,  phele tum tyyar ho, hum movie dekhne jaa rahe hai and Arnav is with Dev, till you get ready, I will take care of Pari”…She pulled Pari on her lap and kissed both the cheeks which Pari wiped immediately. Meera removed Pari’s dress and was shocked to see black mole on right hand side of Pari’s back like Maan. She was surprised with god’s creature. When Geet came out of washroom she was Meera staring at Pari and said “Meera I think you are more interested to see Pari then movie. If you keep on looking at her like this then we will be late to movie.”. Meera came out of her thought then she opened the packet which she brought dress for Pari from Delhi and dressed Pari .Geet was happy seeing Meera’s love towards Pari, but she did not showed it in front of her and said “Meera, why did you buy dress for her”, but Meera stopped her in middle and said “Geet now leave that, we should start soon” saying this she made Pari to wear this dress


Pari Shoes

Pari was looking like princess in that dress, she liked Meera choice. Least she knew that the dress is Maan’s choice not Meera’s. Later Geet locked her house and gave key to Naina, and also to inform Mohinder that she is with Meera. Geet and Meera took auto to Gold Adlabs multiplex, they both seated inside the movie theatre, after a while Geet said “Meera you would have brought Arnav also, he has grown up, and we both would have handled him”…. “Nahi Geet, he is not like Pari, if he starts crying he will not stop, he will enjoy with Dev, he likes him more than me and Geet, why should only mother should take care of children, even father should do it. They say that girl baby will close to mother and boy baby will close to father but in my case it is reversing”…as movie started they both kept quiet. Pari was not at all keeping quiet she used to ask explanation with Geet, for each and every scene, Geet was tired answering Pari’s innocent questions. Pari was awake till interval and she slept after interval. Geet was tired keeping Pari’s on her lap…her thighs were paining… then forcible Meera took Pari from Geet and made her sleep on her lap and smiling said “mein toh meri dost ke liye aye tumara ghar par mujhe meri banjee mili as a bonus”. Then Meera asked Geet that she said at home that she want to share something with her. Geet informed her Meera that she got promotion yesterday. Meera was very much happy for Geet. Because she knew Geet’s dream was to become Architect. After movie both came out of theatre and saw Dev waiting for them near the gate. Dev saw Meera holding Pari in her arms, he came to her and took Pari from her. Meera showed sleeping Pari to Dev and said “see how cute she looks in this dress” … he smiled at Meera and caressed Pari’s cheeks lovingly.


Dev and Meera first dropped Pari and Geet home and turned car towards their house, when they came in maid told them that Arnav had his dinner and slept. Dev took Arnav from maid and walked towards bedroom, he slowly kept Arnav on bed, after having dinner Meera and Dev came to their bedroom. “I know Dev that you are very much angry on me, and you are silent now because you don’t want to show your anger on me.” said Meera suddenly…Dev was shocked to listen to Meera and asked “why do you think so”. “I know you think that I am hiding something that related to Geet and Pari with you”. Dev stood up and went near the window crossing his hand on his chest, he was serious. Meera went near him and said “Dev, I want to tell you today, everything”. Dev hold her hand and said “no Meera, you take your time; I can wait, until you trust me fully” and went to sleep beside Arnav. Meera went near the bed and sat, then she told “I am sorry Dev, please listen to me. I did not want to hide it from you but I need myself sometime to recover from that incident Dev”…she started to cry, she was not able to tolerate that Dev is misunderstanding her. Then Dev did not want to hurt her further, he knows that she is hiding something from him. And he was angry because she did not trust him enough to share her problem with him, later said “it’s ok Meera, now tell me what you want to share with me”. Meera hugged him tightly and said “Dev today, I want to share with you, but before that you should promise me that you are not going to reveal it to any one…and also you are not show your feelings in front of anyone…whatever I tell you it should be between us”…Dev agreed to that.

“Agar aap Maan aur Pari ko ek sath dekh li toh aap unke bare mein kya sochenge” asked Meera looking intoDev’s eyes…. “Ankh bang kare koi bhi keh sakta hai ki baap and beti hai”…said Dev frankly. You are very clever Dev, you guessed it correctly. I no need to tell you more; yes Maan bhai is the father of Pari and she narrated whole incident to Dev happened in farmhouse when she was not well. Now Dev you tell me what Maan bhai did to Geet is wrong right, he has spoiled her life, I don’t have good opinion on him now, earlier I knew that he had lot of girl friends but all willing came to him, but Geet he forced her, how can my brother do this to my best friend Dev and you know one more thing Dev, Geet was engaged to Rahul at that time, but after that incident when uncle came to know that Geet is pregnant he and Geet left Hoshairpur without informing anyone. Here also she suffered more, when she was pregnant and her neighbors Naina and Sameer helped her. With help of Sameer Geet worked as a teacher and there also she faced some problem and finally now her career life is settled.  She got promotion recently

Dev: isme Maan ki koi galti nahi hai Meera, Geet jaise sundar, javan ladki , uss samay akeli mili toh koi bhi admi usko nahi chodega….aur Maan wo toh Casanova how you can think that he will leave her ….Meera got anger listening to Dev and said “Chi……you all guys are same…knowing that very well I expected commiseration  from you for what has happened to Geet naa…’s my biggest fault. Dev hugged Meera and said “darling tumhe acche tarah se pata hai ki mein aurath wo ko kitna respect karta hoon, mein sirf hey dekhne ke liye bola tha ki , tum Geet ko kitna pyar karti hoon…I was joking on you dear….I feel sympathy for Geet dear, …After seeing pain in Dev’s eyes for Geet Meera was happy. Then again Dev said “Meera, Maan like you very much and he can do anything for you….Just tell him about Geet and Pari and convince him to get married to Geet”…Then Meera said “it’s not that easy Dev, You dunno anything about Maan, he had slept with so many girls….basically he is very good…but he spoiled because of Niharika most pampering…and this is all happening because of her, Dadi was strict to Maan, but aunty did not allow Dadi also to scold him, whenever he did mistake, aunty was supporting him saying that it’s a age to do mistake, and in all this aunt’s lovable brother Tarun came to stay with her…aunt used to give so much money for her brother whenever he asked without asking reason…because of that Tarun was spoiled and he joined Maan also in his gang and spoiled him fully. Looking at this uncle tried to warn them, but they did not listen to him, because of this uncle suffered from severe heart attack and died on spot. After few years Tarun also died…there was on one to tell Maan what is right and wrong, because of Niharika Dadi always will go on trip and be less in mansion…”

If we see Maan, we can’t think that he is flirt type….said Dev.  “I agree with you Dev, most of the girls fall for him for his charm and physics, and those girls did not give importance to their virginality, so it was not loss for them, they willingly came to him, enjoyed with him and took money or gift from him while going…………but Dev Geettt……….saying this she kept her head on Dev’s chest crying”…Dev was just caressing her hair and trying to console her and then said “Meera, why can’t you tell this to Niharika aunty, so that she will take decision on it, because it is her son’s mistake”…before he complete his words Meera interrupted him and said  “Dev, you dunno the real face of Niharika anuty, she is very selfish lady and also if I tell her about this, then the first things she will support in front of us and Geet’s and Pari’s life will be in danger, she is very cunning lady and now she is waiting for Maan’s marriage with Nita, because she will get all properties of Nita, when a mother can’t even think about her own son’s life then what she will do to Geet, and that too Geet has taken promise from me to not to inform anyone about this, and I doubt by now she might feel disgust on him, now Geet got promotion in her job, she will be able to look after Pari, has she is not expecting anything from Maan “ Then husband and wife sat thinking how to take it forward and finally they decided to not to tell anyone about this, it’s better to hide truth


Same time at Geet’s house, Mohinder had problem in his eyes from so many days. First he ignored it…now his eyes were burning little. Geet saw Mohinder rubbing his eyes and she came near to him and asked “Papa, kya huwa, why are you rubbing you eyes….”. Mohinder said “dunno Geet from 3-4days my eyes are burning I think it’s better to go to clinic”. Geet without wasting time called Meera and said “Meera, papa ko 3-4 din see ankh mein kuch problem hai, please Dev bhai se puchi naa ki mein kab papa ko lekar havo”…Meera informed same to Dev, and he took call from Meera and said “Geet, ek kaam karo tum kal office javo abhi abhi tumhe promotion mile hai, aab leave logi toh acha nahi lagega… jab mein clinic jaata hoon papa aur Pari ko mere sath lekar javunga aur mein unko drop bhi karunga, tum fikar math karo…..”….Geet had tears in her eyes listening to Dev…and said “teek hai bhaiya”. Next morning Geet informed Mohinder to be ready and told him that Dev is coming to pick him, while going to the clinic. Later Geet went to office at usual time and has per his promise Dev came to Geet’s house and picked Mohinder and Pari and went to clinic.


Door bell rang at Meera’s house, when she opened she was shocked to see Maan and Nita. She was happy to see Maan but when she saw Nita her face changed color and thought “dunno why this Nita don’t have brains, before marriage she is roaming with Maan bhai…where ever he goes she follows him like pug……Even why can’t her parents think about his………”.Maan saw Meera whowas looking at them without talking then he said “I went to Nita’s house and came here to stay someday with you, Nita also came along with me because her massi she staying in here”. Meera came out of her thought and said “she can come here anytime, not only to her massi’s house, but also she can stay with me”…said Meera smiling at them. Maan was bored at home so he came out of Meera’s house to meet Dev.

Dev took Mohinder and Pari to his resting room and informed receptionist Tanya to send Dr Karan to his room

Dr Karan: eye specialist

Tanya: Receptionist

Then Karan entered Dev’s room and greeted him. Dev introduced Dr Karan to Mohinder and informed to take care of him, he is his father. Mohinder felt proud listening to Dev, Dr Karan nodded his head and asked Mohinder to come with him. Mohinder asked “Dev beta, can I take Pari with me” to which Dev replied “no papa she will be with her mama” and then looked at Pari and asked “Kyun Pari apni mama ka sath rahogi naa, till your grandfather come”…Pari smilingly nodded her head and Mohinder went to Dr Karan. After complete check up Karan said “uncleji aap Dev sir ki cabin mein jahiye, mein reports lekar atha hoon” to which Mohinder just smiled at Dr Karan and went to meet Dev. When Mohinder entered Dev office he saw Dev and Pari playing.



Maan wedding invitation

Maan meeting Pari

Geet knowing about Maan’s marraige


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