MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 15





Maan used to like Meera from childhood, he always used to make and cry and then console her. But today he felt something change in her behavior, she is looking different, she was not talking to him like before, he was thinking how marriage can change Meera so much


Meera used to avoid Maan as much and possible, she was not able to talk to him properly. Next day Meera and Dev get ready to Pune. She came near Maan and said “Bhai, aaj rath mein Pune jaa rahi hoon, Dev ke sath, tum ek kaam karo, sab ki ghar jane ke baad Pune ajana” Maan was angry listening to Meera, and said angrily “Meera, it’s my sister’s house and I can come there anytime I do not want invitation from you for coming there, and I have decided that I am coming only to your house first ” Meera felt bad and thought “knowing Bhai very well, I would have not talk to bhai like this” and try to convince him “aise nahi hai bhai, Nita is waiting for you, and anyhow your eyes will be around Nita, you both are meeting after so many years, you both need some privacy, So I thought you and Nita should spend time together and also you future father in law has some plans for you, he was discussing this with your mom yesterday. You can come to Pune whenever you like, you are my only brother, I will love to see you in my house bhai…said Meera caressing his hair”…there was so much love and caring in Meera’s words

Maan: let Dev go Meera, you can stay with me for some days, anyhow I am going to farmhouse and then I will come along with you to Pune

Meera: nahi bhai, hey nahi ho sakta, apko inki bare mien pata nahi, if he is in front of patients then he will forget everything, he will not have his food also properly. If I am also not there then god only should save him

Maan: Meera tell me directly that you can’t stay without Dev, and even I am scared to call you to farmhouse, because if you fall ill again then it will be problem

Suddenly Meera remembered Geet and her face color changed. And went from there without talking anything, she was scared that if he stands few more seconds in front of him then she dunno what she will tell him.

Maan thought “What happened to Meera, she is not like before, sometimes she cares for me so much and talk to me lovingly, but then sometimes if I talk to her also she won’t respond to me, she turns her face and goes from there, why is she behaving like this? Is it because I spend money on nursing home? or for gifting house for her marriage. He still remembered that day when he gifted house documents to Meera his mom was very angry on him and she scolded him for spending so much saying ‘if you have love towards Meera it should be in limit, and should not waste many like this’ when he was in US also he got mail from his mom saying that to not to help Meera further. His mom knows that he will spend more money on girls, party, and vacations, she never questioned him about his, but when he did something good she scolded him like anything. Whenever she calls him, then later he strictly told her if she did not stop this then he will cancel his wedding with Nita. Niharika kept quiet after this….Then he remembered each one of his girl friend’s whom he spent more money….then he remembered Geet” “I did not give anything to Geet, I think I can’t cote price for the pleasure I got from her…dunno how is she? What is she doing………this is the first time he thought of Geet and within seconds he forgot about that”

Nita came to his room and said “Maan, first we will go to my house, dad is waiting for you eagerly…we can spend time together”…Maan pulled Nita towards him “Nita, its waste of time roaming around, we will go to our farm house first I have some work there” and looked at her eyes “she was looking very dull, cheeks have gone inside, wrinkles skin, no brightness in her eyes, very slim……..the smile which was in his face lost, he have seen more girls line Nita in foreign countries, there is no difference between them and Nita, there was no flesh in her body he wanted someone, cute, bubbly, healthy girl like Geet and not Nita(again he thought of Geet, )he, he loosened his hand which was holding Nita, his mood was off, he did not liked to romance her after seeing her features and just pretended to be busy on phone”. Naina turned Maan face towards her and said “Kya huwa Maan, why are you looking sad”….Maan stood up and said “just a minute I will come back” and went directly to Meera’s room.  Meera just gave bath to Arnav and was applying powder to him, Maan took Arnav in his hand and said “Meera, Arnav is looking good” said kissing on Arnav’s cheeks. “Bhai, don’t show your rudeness to him, he is still small, after marriage you will have your own baby”….

Meera I don’t like babies before, so I thought that after marriage I should be careful about that, but now after seeing Arnav, I like to have beautiful kids atleast a dozen…said Maan. “Bhai stop day dreaming I don’t think Nita have enough strength to give birth for your dozen childrens. She is very sensitive, you should look after her carefully”….Maan came out of his room to forget about Nita, he felt bad after listening to Meera and said “are you decided that you are leaving to Pune tonight”, Meera hold Maan’s hand and said “Bhai, please don’t feel bad, I don’t like to be far from Dev, because of this matter mom and dad were angry with so many times, Dev will not take care of himself, anyhow you are coming right then we will spend time together”. Maan just said ok for that

Later Dev decided to go for shopping with Meera and Maan also joined him. Whatever Meera and Dev brought Maan was only paying for that. Dev and Meera opposed him so many times but he did not listen to them. Then they entered dress shop, Meera brought 5 – 6 dresses for Arnav and paid for it and then turned to Maan and said “Bhai select two to three dress for a girl baby”. Maan blinked his eyes Dev and looked at like asking him “what’s matter”. Dev was shocked and looked at Meera, Even she was surprised and then said “Bhai, I am asking you to look dress for 3 year kid, wo kya hai naa my friend has asked me to get good dress for her daughter, so I have decided to take the dress which you select”…Then Maan said “if I select dress then your friend will scold you Meera”. Meera did not listened to Maan, and without any chance to escape from Meera, Maan selected these dress she made him to pay for it


Dev immediately guessed that dresses were for Pari, but why did Meera asked Maan to select dress, also she made him pay for that….yeh ladki bikul pagal hai. Then everyone came to Khurana Mansion. Annie wanted Meera to stay with her for atleast 4 – 5 days, Even Meera’s parents asked her to come and stay with them for some says. Niharika asked her to come for farmhouse atleast….Meera politely denied everyone’s offer and left Delhi along with Dev and Arnav


               Geet went to office next day and pinky her colleague informed Geet that boss wants to meet hear. Geet nervously went to boss cabin, and knocked door. Mr Arjun Chopra smiled at Geet and called her to come inside cabin and told her to sit.


Arjun Chopra: Geet…I want to give good news to you, we have seen your work from past one year and impressed with your work. Now as our chief architect is going to Europe on handle business there, I want you to take care of Pune branch from now.

Geet: But Sir,…..mein kaise, I do not have enough experience and if any mistakes happen from my end then it will be loss to the company, no sir you can select from efficient people for that, I think I can’t handle this responsibility, I am sorry sir

Arjun Chopra: Geet relax now take this water (passed water to Geet), Geet I have complete faith on you, so you no need to worry and if you have any problem I am there to guide you. Even you can take help from Shiv, and you will have your team


Shiv: yes Geet, I have only referred your name to sir, in any point you can call me anytime I will help you,

Geet nodded her head and Arjun Chopra gave promotion letter to Geet, and he said shiv to introduce to her team. Shiv informed her that he will introduce team member tomorrow because he is going to site today. Geet nodded her head

Geet happily came home and shared this news to Mohinder, Naina and Sameer. Everyone was happy for her. Geet wanted to inform this to Meera first, she took her mobile and dialed Meera’s number and then thought the after tomorrow Meera will come to Pune, then she will share this news with Meera.

Pari seeing her mother lost in thought she took the book which was on bed started writing scribing on that, in the meantime Mohinder entered house and was surprised because house is silent….and knowing about his granddaughter’s naughtiness, he came inside house peeped in he saw Pari is busy in writing something in Geet’s room. Then he looked at Geet who was thinking something and granddaughter who is busy writing he thought about Geet’s life and felt bad for her…looking at Pari who was sleeping in bed on stomach and busy writing something, it was looking like his Geet who used to study like this in her childhood, and smile crept on his face, then said loudly “Geet , tumhari beti likh naa shuru kardi hai” saying this he went near Pari and took book from her and said “Ma ka pustak karab kari di tune, jaldi yahan se chal warna mama se maar kavogi tum” and took Pari in his hands. Geet came out of her thought and saw the book and pen at bed, which is fallen, book was spoiled like anything, she was already upset with Meera not being near her and book is also spoiled, she got so much angry and said “Papa usko neeche utariye, ye book mein company library se lekar aye hoon, it is not easy to get this book from market, wo bahot rare collections hai,isski wajay se mujhe data padegi” Geet took Pari from Mohinder and slapped on Pari’s cheeks. Pari started to cry loudly. Mohinder scolded Geet “Geet tumhe kya hogaya hai, iss masoom bacchi par hath uttane ka mann kaise huwa hai, agar tumhe tumara book itni important hai then you would have kept in some secure place where Pari can’t reach, hai toh bacchi hai usko kaise pata hoga kya important and kya nahi”. Naina and Sameer came to Geet house after listening Pari’s cry, Naina try to console Pari but she was not listening to Naina and did not stopped crying. Then Sameer took Pari in his hand telling that he will go one round on is bike and come.

Naina: Geet you don’t get angry so easily, I think you like books very much so you beat Pari

Geet: no Naina, showing book, actually this is the rare collections, I thought of reading it, so brought book from office library now see its conditions, I dunno I will answer my boss.

Naina: How will Pari get to know about this Geet, when you have small child at home you should kept it somewhere Pari not reach

Geet now knew that it was her mistake to keep book on bed, and she was feeling bad because she hit Pari today, after sometime Sameer entered house along with Pari in his arms. He sat on sofa keeping Pari’s on his lap. When Pari saw Geet she ran to her and hugged her legs tightly forgetting that her mom hit her. Geet was spellbound with Pari love and she also sat on knees and kissed Pari’s forehead.



Meera and Geet going to Movie

Meera telling Dev about Geet’s past

Maan and Nita @ Meera’s house in Pune



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