MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 14



Mohinder answer “haaa Geet mein ne bhi yahi socha tha, par Pari ki yaad aa gayee isliye ghar jaldi ha gaya hoon”….Then Meera asked “Uncle you were telling something to me stopped in the middle”….


Bhool gaya hoon Meera, umar badti jaa raha hai naa, par mujhe Pari ka badamashi yaad reheta hai….saying this see Arnav how he is looking at me said Mohinder to Meera. Meera have Arnav to Mohinder and went to kitchen to help Geet. Geet was preparing aloo bajjis for everyone, so she was pealing aloo skin and Meera also joined her.

Geet:  “Doctor kab ayenge Meera”.

Meera:  “When will doctors have time Geet, agar muhje pata hota mein naa Dev se kabi shadi nahi karti…aur nursing home open karne nahi deti”.

Geet: smilingly said so Meera madam got bored of doctor’s now. Agar tum mujhse poocho toh mein batavungi doctors kaam pavitrr hai…and no other job is equivalent for that

Meera: Maa aur Bahuji ko Dev pasand nahi the, Dev from childhood used to stay in relatives house for week andhe used to change place for every week. He is orphan so they oppose my marriage, I told to Maan bhai about this and he only helped me to get marry Dev and with love he gifted nursing house for us and also he helped in……..stopped Meera in the middle thinking that the talk to going to unnecessary direction and changed topic and said to Geet to prepare bajji’s and she will prepare tea for every one

When Dev came to Geet’s house it was 7.00pm…Geet prepared tea and bajjis , and gave him. Dev eating bajjis said “naukar ke hath ka khana ka kar muhje bore ho raha tha, phir wo aapki jaise swadist khana nahi banata hai, Meera ko mein khana banana nahi ke sakta hoon, kyunki uski baiyya mujhe har phone call mein hey hi kheta hai…uska behen se zaada kaam math karvavu”…Fearing that Dev will continue talking about Maan, Meera immediately gave Pari to Dev and said “Pari ko ladka dekhne kaa kaam hamara hai”…Dev took Pari admiring her cuteness and dunno due to Meera’s talk or Dev looking at her Pari closed her face in her tiny palm.

Dev: “Meera lagta hai Pari bahut shy type ki hai….ladka dhund ne ke waqt kass dyan rakna” saying this he caressed her hair and said “she is very beautiful Meera, for her beauty you should look for handsome guys…keep it in mind and then kissed Pari’s cheek”…then Dev sat with Mohinder and talk to them and later Meera and Dev went to home. After changing his dress Dev took Maan’s snap and said “Meera, Pari looks similar like Maan, see his photo and handed Maan photo to Meera and said they both have too much resembles, anyone can say that Pari is Maan’s baby“…Meera took Maan’s photo and staring it she remembered Geet , she was sad and Meera just throw the photo to the corner and said “Dev Ek admi ki jaise sath log hote hai, may be Pari’s dadi looks like Maan, why do you worry about that “…said without making eye contact at Dev, then she slept next to Arnav because she don’t want to talk about this further….Dev thought “Meera is hiding something from me, after she talked to Geet on that day, she never opened any topic of Maan, earlier ten times she used to bring his topic with me, saying that my bro is that and this, then he remembered his talk with Maan who said that Meera is not responding to his call from 2days. Dev was stuck between these two brother and sister……Maybe Maan might have done something or else Meera will not stop talking to…Even when Dev asked Meera why she is not responding to Maan’s call she used to give him some unrelated excuses and go from there. I think there is something big that happened between Geet and Maan….let me wait until Meera tells me…it better to leave her to herself for some time and went to slept beside Meera.”

Next day when Dev came to home he was very happy, seeing him “Kyun patidev, aaj bahut khush lag raha hai aap” asked Meera removing Dev’s tie

Dev: tum guess karo naa….tum bhi bahut khush hogi

Meera: May be today you saved some serious patient’s life. Or else you would have helped some poor student

Dev pinched Meera’s cheek and said “according to you, I do not have any personal things to get happy right? Leave it now listen Meera your favorite brother is coming to India, so Annie, Arjun both are coming from Mumbai and your parents are coming to Hoshiarpur. So everyone decided to welcome Maan from airport itself…even Niharika aunty is also coming to airport, so they have invited us also.”

Meera was very happy when she came to know that Maan is coming back, the next moment she felt bad for Geet, then said sadly “let him come, what’s a big deal in that, he has lot of money so he went US to enjoy his life in name of project, I don’t understand why we should go to invite him”

Dev try to convince Meera by saying “leave US matter Meera, when I was struggling to open nursing home in Pune, he was the one who came and helped us, without even asking him. Because of him we are leaving happily today, now atleast we should go there and thank him”

Meera annoyingly said “that is why I am always telling you to give his money to him”

Then Dev decided it’s better to talk to Meera after sometime and convince her to go along with him to Delhi and said “Leave that matters Meera, atleast give me lunch now I am hungry”. Meera felt bad thinking that she did not even called her husband for lunch and started arguing with him. Meera went to kitchen and informed cook to give dinner on the table. Dev came to room after finishing his lunch, Meera saw Dev lovingly and said “aap bahut acche wo Dev…koi aur hota toh pata nahi kya karte the, mera rudely bartav dekh kar”….Dev acted as if he was scared listening to Meera and said “Meera this is very dangerous, I thought that only girls will be fida listening to boys praises but today I came to know that even boys will be fida more than girls”

Meera: stop it Dev…now show me the message

When Dev came to know that Meera is cool now she showed the message he got from Meera’s home. Meera just read that and said “he is coming the after tomorrow, so we should start tomorrow…just let me know when we will be starting, I will pack language and keep it ready”. Dev wanted to ask why she shouted first and kept quiet thinking that if he asks her again she will start shouting at him. He just shut his mouth and kept quiet. Meera then told him “I dunno at what time you will come today, so while going to clinic just drop me at Geet’s house and pick me while coming back”

Dev: who said no to you Meera, if you are there in Geet’s house then I will get tasty snacks from Geet. So I will come to pick you, don’t worry

Meera: you are bakasur Dev…saying this she just caressed his hair and kissed him on lips

Dev went to clinic and came back home soon because he promised Meera that he will take her to Geet’s house today. Later Dev Meera and Arnav at Geet’s house, As soon Pari saw Dev and Meera she ran inside house shouting “doctor uncle and Meera massi agaye….chuchi mama agaye” to inform Geet about Meera and Dev arrival. Dev took Pari his hand and forgot that dust from her leg is touching his pant. He kissed Pari’s cheeks and asked “Pari aap kyun muhje chuchi mama bula rahi hoo”

Pari: chu…chi dete aaap…told in babyish language and showed her bum, in action showing him that he will give injection to her

Pari rubbed Dev cheeks and kissed him…Dev was surprised by her intelligence…admiring her he came inside house. Dev did not have any problem coming to Geet’s house, because Mohinder used to treat him like his own son and Geet always care for him like a sister, which he missed from his childhood. He had not seen sister, father, mother, brother love. Dev respects both Geet and Mohinder. He sat with Mohinder and had his snacks which Geet prepared for them seeing Arnav and Pari’s play. Then Meera said “Geet, I am going to Hoshiarpur, papa called us he wanted to see Arnav once”. Geet brought tea to everyone and felt bad when she listened to Meera, she forgot her pain in her presence. Meera knew that Geet is feeling bad and said “Geet don’t feel bad only for 2 days we are going, and Dev is also coming with us, so we can’t stay there for long time”…saying this Meera consoled Geet. Listening to Meera Dev opened his mouth to say something, but Meera eyed at him to not to talk

Dev (ST): Why Meera lied to Geet that we are going to Hoshiarpur? Why she did not inform Geet that we are going to Delhi to meet Maan? Why she is hiding it from Geet? May be there is some role of Maan in Geet’s life…Even Meera is hiding all these things with me …but why???…why can’t she just tell me? I can’t think badly about Geet, because even if I know her from some days, I respect her a lot…I never seen her thinking bad about others, she is good at heart. She is having lot of patience. Meera saw Dev sitting quietly, and smiled at him saying “aap clinic chodke agaye hoo phir bhi edar baite kar apki patient is bare mein soach rahe hoo Dev, thank god atleast you remember us and come home…and thank you very much for that”. Dev forgot that Geet is also standing along with Meera, he got up and pinched Meera’s Cheeks…Meera shly ran behind Geet. Dev and Meera said good bye to Meera and went home. Geet just thought about Meera and Dev’s relationship and said “really Meera is lucky to have husband like Dev, he is very good human being. Is it possible to girls to get husband like Dev…then she prayed god that, there should not be any hurdles in Meera’s and Dev’s life. Next day they both left to Delhi.

Dev and Meera directly came to Khurana Mansion, when they entered they met with Annie, Arjun, Meera’s parents, Niharika and Maan’s fiance Nita and her parents. Meera do not like Nita very much from the beginning, only she had concern on her because she was Maan’s fiancee, but today she felt irritated seeing her, she wanted to avoid her but she can’t do also. She did not showed her irritation to Nita and talk to her smilingly. Meera: Kya haal hai aapka holewali bhabhijiii……before Meera completed her words Nita hold her hands and said etni respect ki zarurath nahi hai Meera, like always call me Nita only…I like it that way”. Meera knew about Nita kindness then she asked “How many letters Maan bhai wrote for you and how many times he called you…for me he wrote so many letters and also called me nth number of time and ate my head”…Listening her Meera Nita made sad face and said“I might have written 15-20 letters and called him so many times but he did not reply to my letters nor my calls also…and haa only I received one letter saying that he is fine in 5 – 6 words not more than that”. Meera thought “I should have not asked this question with Nita, knowing Maan bhai character very well…It’s my mistake” and then said “no Nita, I asked you simply, after he went to US, he spoke to me in my marriage only, after that I wrote 4 – 5 letters to him, and he did not replied to any letters so I did not took risk to write letter to him again…he is very lazy”…scolded Maan who is coming tomorrow. Khurana Mansion was full of guests, Niharika was happy thinking about her son coming tomorrow after successfully completing project. Many times Meera got frustrated seeing Niharika aunty’s enthusiasm and she sarcastically told “Aunty, Maan is not new to us…your lovely son is not coming from heaven, anyone can go to foreign counties if they have money”. Niharika left ashamed listening to Meera then she turned Meera’s talk to her only saying that “I am not appraising him Meera, you are his sweetest sister, you are the one who used to appraise him till now”…Meera just smiled and left from there.

Next day everyone went to airport to welcome Maan…Nita’s dad brought a big garland for Maan.

When Maan came out Meera saw him and thought “bhai has become smarter going to US, looks like he did not lose his charm, and brought all the smartness from US…he was looking more handsome”. He came directly to Dev and hugged him. Meera was happy looking at but the next moment she remembered Geet and felt bad. Maan was in full mood, he had become more talkative, he spoke to each and everyone. He did not allow others to talk.

Maan used to like Meera from childhood, he always used to make and cry and then console her. But today he felt something change in her behavior, she is looking different, she was not talking to him like before, he was thinking how marriage can change Meera so much



Meera leaving to Pune

Maan confused with Meera’s behavior

Geet promotion, and Geet angry with Pari


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