MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 13




Geet nodded her head, within few minutes car was in front of house, Ramu kaka made Geet to sit in car. Till she reached her house she was only thinking about her father…

When Geet finished telling Meera about her past and looked at Meera, she was numb; tears were continuously flowing from her eyes. Geet hold Meera’s hand tightly and said “Meera, I dunno how I came to home after that, everytime I think why I did not commit suicide on that day, I still remembered Ramu kaka’s word before living the house, he told only to think about my parents and not to take any drastic step which hurt my papa. Meera Tume pata hai, mere papa toh mere liye bhagwan hai, abhi tak mujhse uss hadse ke bare mein nahi poocha sub kuch unke mann me rakh kar mera dekhbal ki, Jab papa ko pata chala ki mein pregnant hoon tab papa ne hamara Hoshiarpur ghar baaje kar haya le aaye, mera nanu ne papa ke shadi ke waqt Pune wale ghar ko gift mein diye the, aur isske bare mein maa papa ke lava koi aur nahi janta. He told everyone here that his son in law is at US, and he settled their itself taki koi mujhse meri pati ke bare mein nahi pooche. Aur iss samaj se mujhe bachane keliye,”….Geet wiped her tears and said “You know Meera, I did not like to leave after coming here also, doctor one day scolded papa was not taking care of me, I was not able to take proper food and medicines. Seeing me papa told me to think about him, who is fighting for me, and I am ready to leave him. Then I gradually started to take care of myself. Naina was there with me each and every time. She took nice care of me. She is looking after Pari like her own daughter….Later I came to know that papa has spent so much of money on my pregnancy. So I decided to work, with Naina’s husband Sameer’s help I got job of teacher, but there I met Vikram a womanizer, once I went to his home for his elder brother daughter Shobha’s birthday who was my student, you don’t believe Meera he asked me to have sex with him, and he is ready to get married to me also, god only saved me that day. Now I am working at Chopra Constructions as a Architect….Geet has slight smile on her lips and then continued “You know right I like this job. Now everything is settled, for me Pari’s future is important, she is my soul now. “

Listening to Geet, Meera was continuously crying and later tears stopped and she got angry on Maan “Let he come from US, if he is brother or he is crorepati I don’t care for him, you came to see me Geet, who gave him the right to play in your life, how can he stoop low,”….Meera anger turned in form of tears, she hugged Geet tightly and started crying, there was no end for her tears, seeing her condition at last Geet consoled her saying “Meera, you have already promised me that you won’t disclose this with any one, Maan did not love me, it was one weak moment, I am happy with whatever I am, please don’t say anything to Maan nor discuss about this with him,and to be frank Meera I do not have any feeling for Maan, but I just hope that no other girl face same situation as mine”……when Geet was saying this she was serious. After Geet composed herself, she told “Meera, it’s already late, Pari will be waiting for me, and I will start now”. But Meera did not allow her to go home; she forcibly made Geet to wait until Dev comes and later she called Dev and informed him to come home soon, because he should drop Geet to her home.  Dev went to drop Geet to her house,Meera waiting till Dev’s car retreating from her eyes and came inside and sat on sofa with heavy heart, she is not able to think her brother, who was her life, who can do anything for her happiness done a heavy whole in her heart, she can’t even forgot about that, she knows that her Geet will not tell lie to her and knowing Maan’s playboy image she can easily doubt on him

Meera started thinking about Geet life, then she suddenly remembered Dadi, after Meera’s recovery she saw Dadi shifted to Chandigrah and did not talk to Maan. In Meera’s marriage also Dadi did not even look at Maan, she ignore that time thinking that Maan and Dadi fought, because they both always used to fight with each other and compromise later. But from three years Dadi not talking to Maan it will not happen. Meera clearly remembered Dadi saying “tu mera pota ho hi nahi sakta, mein nahi socha tha ki tum etne niche ghir sakti oh…mere liye mera koi pota nahi tu mar chuke hai mere liye Maan”…even Maan did not say anything to Dadi….She immediately called Khurana Mansion to talk to Nakul. When Nakul came on line Meera asked

Meera: Nakul, Dadi kyun Maan bhai se bath nahi kar rahi hai 3 saal se

Nakul: Mujhe pata nahi Meera baby, Dadi kyun mujhe batayegi

Meera: aur aap bhi Maan bhai se phele jaise bath kyun nahi kar rahe hoo

Nakul: Nahi Meera baby, hum Maan baba se bath kar rahe hai

Meera: Nakul sach sach bataye, kya Dadi , Geet ke barein mein janthi hai

Nakul: G…..eee………….ttt

Meera: Nakul aab mujhe sab kuch pata hai, pls mujhe bataye kya Dadi iss barein mein janti hai

Nakul: haan…wo kya hai naa, jab hum Chandigarh se yaha aahne ke baad, meine Maan baba se bath karna bandh kiya hai, Mujhe Geet baby ke liye bura lag raha tha, Dadiji  mera bartav dekh kar, mujhse iss bare mein bath ki, mein nahi bathaya, phir Dadiji mujhse kasam lee meine unko sab kuch bataya, and also his conversation with Ramu kaka

Flashback Starts

Nakul who was silent till now asked Ramu kaka what happened to her, is she was ok when she came now she was OK and why her eyes were read, Ramu kaka told what has happened in the house and he scolded Nakul “Agar tum muhje phele bata hota ki Meera baby gi ka friend Geet hai Maan baba ke sath, hai sab nahi hota, tumare la parwahi ki waja se dekho, uss beti jaa zindagi karab hogayee, wo ladki bahut sanskari lagti hai, pata nahi agye kya hoga”…even Nakul had tears because he was not able to save a girl from his malik when he clearly knew about him, how can he be so neglect ,Maan interpreted him when he about to tell Geet that  Meera being shifted to Delhi…….Nakul informed to Dadi about this and from that day Dadi stopped talking to Maan and even come in front of him, so she left to Chandigarh farmhouse.

Flashback ends


Dev Stopped car in front of Geet’s house, Geet called him inside, so he refused saying that Meera is alone at home. He waited till Geet entered her house and turned his car towards his house. When Dev entered home he saw Meera who was deeply endorsed in her thoughts, he patted her shoulder

Dev: Meera kya baat hai? Itne pareshan kyun hoo? Sab kuch teek hai naa

Meera: Kuch nahi Dev sab kuch teek hai…chaliye mein khana laga deti hoon

Meera was lost in her thoughts and she just kept looking at her place, seeing Meera Dev was surprised because after marriage this is the first time that Meera is so silent at home, today she did not tease him, nor asked about his work today…he patted Meera;s shoulder and said “Meera , kya bath hai, tum itne gum sum kyun hoo, please mujhse batav Meera, tum abhi tak khana bhi nahi kahi, dekho plate mein khana aisi padi hai”….Meera saw at Dev and said “nahi Dev, aaj khana kane ka mann nahi hai, mujhe neend aarahi hai”…Dev just looked at her and went into kitchen and bought one glass milk and gave to Meera and said “he loo Meera, dhood pilo, tum jake so jav, mein kitchen clean karke ata hoon“. Meera drank milk and went to her room and slept thinking about Geet… “hai sab mere waja se huwa hai, na mein bimar padti naa Geet mujhe dekne ati,” tears were flowing from her eyes continuously. When Dev came back to room, he saw Meera crying , he was worried looking at her and went near to her and said “kyun roh rahi hoo Meera, akir bath kya hai, tumara chupi mein bardash nahi kar pavunga, please mujhe batav, aisi kya bath hui, jab se mein clinic se aye hoon tum ek dum chup hogayee hoo”.Meera hugged Dev tightly and said “Dev, Muhje please thoda time dejiye, mein apko batvungi,” then Dev made Meera to keep her head on his chest and patted her heard slowly, and Meera drifted to sleep. After sometime Dev also slept

Dev continuously watching Meera from two to three days, she is silent and sits in the sofa thinking about something. Meera used to enjoy her life, why she is silent, what is that she is thinking so deeply, after meeting Geet why she is always lost in her thoughts. He handled his patient to the assistant and came home. When he entered house he saw Meera holding book for name sake and lost in her thought, he went and sat near Meera and turned her face towards him and said “what honey…I think you lost interest on me now…….or did I do anything wrong?”. Meera saw Dev and she knows that he loves her very much and said “No Dev, nothing wrong, I am happy as always, how come you are at home this time?” …saying this she started playing with her tie “ok that’s fine, but now tell me what has happened to you? why you keep on thinking day night, I am seeing you from two to three days, first of all your Dad thinks that I am not useful for anything, I am orphan, I will not look after you very well and thought that you will be not happy with me, and they were oppose to our marriage, because of your brother Maan’s help we got married and happy now “

Meera just closed Dev’s mouth stopping him talking further by her palm and said “nothing like that Dev, I am very much happy with you, dunno I am not bore from two days so I thought of going to Chandigarh for some days”…listening to Meera, Dev said “madam itni bada saza mat dijeye, I can’t leave without you for single minute also, Please mujhe akele chodh ke mat javo Meera, if you want to go to Chandigarh I will also come with you, let’s go together and come together”….Meanwhile Dev got call from clinic and said “Meera, some patient is serious and assistant wants me to attend the case, so he is calling me, I will go and come soon“…to which Meera said “ha ha mujhe mera pati dev ki bare mein pata hai, aap ek kaam kijeye, mujhe Geet ki ghar drop kar ke aap clinic jahiye, jab aap loutke ayenge, aap muhje lekar aa hega, anyhow Geet is having off today” saying this she took  Arnav who was sleeping and sat in the car.

Geet who was ironing closes came out listening to the car sound. Dev dropped Meera at Geet’s house and went to clinic, Geet happily welcomed Meera and saw Arnav sleeping on Meera shoulder. Geet took Arnav from Meera and made him to sleep in the room and came out and said “Meera I was planning to come today evening, after I came from your house papa was always asking about you”…saying this Geet went into kitchen to prepare tea for Meera, and Meera also came to kitchen and said “Geet bahut garmi hai, I don’t need tea now”. Geet switched off stove and took soft drink from fridge and gave to Meera. After drinking Meera kept glass on the slab and asked “Where is uncle and Pari , looks like they both are not at home”.                                                                                   

    “Papa some old friend came and they forcibly took  for lunch today, and Pari is sleeping in Naina’s house, Naina likes her very much, if Pari says she will not come then also Naina will not listen to her, she forcibly took Pari to her house.”  When Meera and Geet were talking Pari came inside and went to Geet’s room and saw Arnav sleeping in bed. “Mu….mmy Mu…mmy…baby” said Pari to Geet in her baby language. Meera smiled at Pari and asked “aapko baby chahiye“…saying that she took sleeping Arnav and made Pari to sit down and kept Arnav on Pari’s lap. Due to sound Arnav woke up from sleep. Then Meera asked Pari “Pari , Dekho Arnav, is he good looking“…Pari just hugged Arnav and smiled at everyone. Seeing everyone laughing even Arnav laughed.  Seeing children’s play both Meer and Geet laughed heartfully.

Meera just started at Pari “If anyone has seen Maan bhai once they will blindly say that Pari is his child, so much resembles where there with Maan and Pari, not only face, Pari used to walk like him, and she has the same attractive smile of Maan. Due to these resembles it is very difficult to hide the truth from others…thought Meera”

Then she said “Geet Pari ko ladka dekhne ka zimedaari meri hai….wo kya hai naa ladki itni sundar wo toh mein uska ristha bahut ache ghar se karungi”…Geet laughed whole heartedly listening to Meera . Mohinder when he came back home was surprised to listen to Geet laugh which was he was missing from years… He saw Meera who was talking to Geet and said “Meera when Geet came from your home yesterday….” Before completing his words he said on chair because of tiredness. Geet saw her father and brought lassi for him and said “Papa, you would have waited till 5.00pm, why did you come this is sun,”….Mohinder answer “haaa Geet mein ne bhi yahi socha tha, par Pari ki yaad aa gayee isliye ghar jaldi ha gaya hoon”….Then Meera asked “Uncle you were telling something to me stopped in the middle”…. “Bhool gaya hoon Meera, umar badti jaa raha hai naa”


Maan coming back from US

Meera’s reaction……..Dev confused


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