MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 12



“Whole night Geet was not able to sleep, she knows that she can’t lie to her best friend, she was scared about Meera, she dunno how Meera is going to react after listening to her past. When she comes to know that because of her I am facing problem now, she is very happy in her life, how I can tell her? Then Geet saw Pari in deep sleep and there was light smile on Pari’s face. Pari si completely resembles him; Meera might have got doubt seeing Pari, and then prayed kyun babaji aap mujhe iss musibat mein Dali? “. Geet kept hand on her mouth and cried.


Next day Geet purposefully left Pari in Naina’s house and went to Meera’s house, Geet did not had enough courage to take Pari with her. When Geet reached Meers’s house, she saw Meera waiting for her near the door, Arnav was playing with maid in living room.

When Meera saw Geet coming inside,she came near to her and said “if you would have been late for another 15 minutes then  I would have come to your home in search of you”.

Geet smile at her friend and said “I knew it, so I am here on time without giving that trouble to you”

Seeing Geet alone Meera said “where is Pari Geet, I know you will not bring her so I told you that I will send car for you? I feel like you have changed a lot, you are not like before”

“No Meera, Pari is very naughty, she will not sit in one place, and that too we met after so many years and we have lot to talk, so I thought I will bring Pari  here some other time, if Pari came with me then she will not allow me to talk to you. So I left her at home”‘said Geet looking at Meera.

Meera: Yes Geet you are right?  Dev is also not there, he went to clinic, Arnav is playing with maid. Come let’s got inside and talk.

Geet has already finished her breakfast at home, but Meera forcefully made Geet to have breakfast. And Geet was thinking how she will tell to Meera about her past. Meera looked at Geet who was busy in her thought, she kept hand on Geet’s shoulder and said “aab batav mujhe Geet’why did you leave Hoshairpur without telling me? And where is Rahul?”

Geet lost her face color when Meera said Rahul’s name. Meera knew about Geet and Rahul’s alliance. Geet was in dilemma to answer Meera’s question and said “Meera I did not get married to Rahul, and pls don’t ask questions on this I can’t answer you properly”‘Geet closed her face in the palm and started crying. Meera was scared looking at Geet and thought

“Kya shadi ke baad, Geet ka husband usko chod diya kya?…itni acchi ladki ko chodne kaa mann kaise huwa usko, wo kitna kamina hoga, nalayak aur besharam insaan hoga. Par Geet kyun Hoshiarpur chodh kar gayee, wo bhi bina kisi ko bata ke. Pari ko dekhar le lag raha hai ki wo sadaran ghar ki beti nahi hai, Mein phele Geet ki bare mein jaana hai usse bad, uska ghar bachana hai, I should help her at any cost”‘thought Meera consoling Geet.

Geet, pls roh math, mujhe batav Geet kya bath hai, mein hoon tumari sath, hum dono milke sab kuch teek karenge”‘said Meera

“nahi Meera, mera mushkil  iss janam mein teek nahi hoga’mein abhi tak kisi ko kuch bhi nahi bataya hai, uss hadsa ko abhi tak mere mann mein chupa kar ghoom rahi hoon Meera, Shayad tumhe batane ke badh mujhe thoda mera mann ko shanty milega. ” stopped Geet was few minutes and continued “Par Meera, mera ek sharth hai, mein tumhe mere bare mein batane ke baad, tum kisi ko iss bare mein math batana’aur wo insaan tumare apne wo toh bhi tum usko nahi batavogi, aur nahi usko koi punishment dogi, jo kuch huwa usko ek bura sapna samjkar bhul javogi’.agar tumhe mere hai sharth manjoor hai toh mein bata sakti hoon, aur tum mujhe promise karogi”

(No Meera my problem will not solve in this life. I have never shared about that incident with anyone, hope I will get peace after sharing it with you) stopped Geet was few minutes and continued “And you should promise me that after listening to me, you will not share that with other, if that person belongs to you also then also you should not tell them about me, and also you are not gonna punish them’Whatever might be happened you should forget it as a bad dream’and if you agree for it then only I can share it with you”)

Meera was shocked listening to Geet, and thought “Meera knew Geet very well, she don’t have doubt about her, someone has misbehaved with her that is for sure, Geet is telling that the person is belong to me, who might it be. Suddenly she remembered Pari’s face and her mind flew to US. Then Meera said “Ok Geet I promise you that I will not share with anyone, tumari acchai he tumhe tumara enemy bana diya hai, I agree for all your conditions. Now please tell me”‘.there was pain in Meera voice when she said it to Geet. Geet just sighed and said “Meera, fate plays game in your life in such a way that you will not even release what is happening in and around you. Par abhi mera zindagi Pari ki bhavishya par kadi hai, wo mera sab kuch hai, shayad mein aaj uski waja se zinda hoon, I do not need any happiness and peace in my life, as of now everything is fine in my life, because of Pari, I got new inspiration in life, aur mujhe kuch aur nahi chahiye Meera’.But I hope that no other girls will suffer like me” at the same time maid gave Arnav to Meera. Meera feed milk to Arnav and gave to maid and inform her to be with him till she comes.

Geet started to tell Meera about her past



Geet: Papa informed me that you were not feeling well, and whole night you were asking for me, so Mohan Uncle came to my house to take permission from my Dad to take me along with him to Chandigarh. As your family doctor was not in town, doctor told to his assistant to take care, and he dunno your farmhouse address. So Mohan uncle went along with him, and sent car for me. I started to Chandigarh along with driver when we were in the outskirt; our car tire got punctured so we were late. And Driver told me to not worry because within half an hour we will reach farmhouse. Meanwhile someone stopped our car. I think driver knew him very well; he was calling him as Nakul,

Maan (ST): I was very eager to leave this place, but my Jeep got repaired, from 15 minutes me and Nakul both tried to rectify it, but it did not get rectified. In the mean time I saw chachu’s car coming towards our direction and I informed Nakul. I was surprised because no one was at farmhouse, I was just wondering who is in car?…Nakul stopped the car and was talking to driver,

Nakul:  Tum log kaha jaa rahe woo

Driver: Bade saab ne mujhe kaha hai ki mein Geet madam ko farmhouse chodne ke liye

Maan(ST):  I was just ignoring their talk and I was checking my official mails on my phone’then I heard Geet name from driver’s mouth and Before Nakul tell them that everyone left to Delhi, I stopped Nakul

Maan: Nakul tum ek kaam karo, tum aur driver Jeep ko mechanic pass lekar javo, mein car lekar Geet ko farm house lekar jata hoon, aur haa, Jeep teek hone ke badh Jeep ko farmhouse lekar avo tum dono

Nakul: Par Maan baba farmhouse mein

Maan stopped him immediately and said Jeep teek kara kar farmhouse lekar aavo, hum waha tumara intezar karte hai. Beech raste mein kade rehana acche bath nahi hai Nakul, wo bhi ladki ke sath

Nakul: teek hai saaab ‘

Even Nakul thought that it is not safe for Geet to wait for them in road’.Nakul was genuinely worried about Geet’s safety. Maan took car keys from driver and started the car just giving slight smile at Geet. Maan and Geet reached farmhouse, Maan just went inside and Geet nervously followed him inside house. Geet just looked around there was no one at home. It was so silent, she can hear her breathe, and then she saw Maan coming out of kitchen with 2 cups. She was sure that Meera might be safe, or else he won’t be so calm. The Maan said

Maa: today my house is so lucky, to see a beautiful ”..Maan was about to continue but Geet stopped him in middle and said

Geet: please Mujhe bataye Meera ka hai? Kaisi hai wo? Uncle ne bataya hai ki Meera ka tabiyat teek nahi hai’.mujhe nahi lagta ghar mein koi aur bhi hai’yeh ghar etna suna kyun hai?

Maan: Geet mujhe lagta hai ki aap Meera ka tabiyat lekar parishan mein hai”Dekho Geet, Meera bilkul teek hai, ”’Geet did not had patience to listen to Maan’s conversation

Geet: kya aap mujhe bata sakte hai ki Meera kaha hai???

Meera: Abhi Meera ko hospital lekar gaye hai ,hamara family Doctor ka assistant haye hue hai, Hoshiarpur se, wo log raste mein honge, aap bait kar intezaar kariye, wo kya hai naa, Meera aapo bahut yaad kar rahi thi, apko dekh kar usko shanti milega’Then Maan gave tea to Geet and said “aap ko tea accha lagta hai naa, mujhe Meera ne bataya hai, kal Meera ne aapko bahut yaad kar ke roh rahi thi isliye chachu nahi decide kiya ki aap ko yaha lekar aane kaa”…Maan knew about this becaues he heard his chachu talking to chachi

After listening to Maan, Geet took tea from Maan and started drinking. Geet do not have good opinion on Maan, Geet was so afraid to be alone with him, she watched the time in her watch it was showing six thirty, then Geet said  can you please call driver so that he can drop m eat home, its already late, papa mera raha dekh rahi honge, mein kal akar Meera ko mil leti hoon’ Geet voice was shivering and Maan came to know about it

“wo log aate hee honge Geet, chachu told me about your arrival and informed you should wait till they comes, you know naa Geet Meera’s fever will not reduce unless she sees you, if she come to know that you came all the way here and she couldn’t meet you then she will feel bad’.aade ghante mien wo loo aaja enge”

Geet (ST): from this farmhouse to Hoshiarpur it is around 74 miles, and its already late and I can’t go home alone now, and it’s not easy also. Meera and her mom will come now, I think it’s better to wait for them patiently, and took magazines which was lying on table and started reading it. Seeing Geet busy in magazine, Maan wanted chance to talk to her then said

“Geet, Meera ne mujhe bataya ki aap ko books padne ka shock hai, mera pass toda books hai, mera study room mein, agar apko koi aitraaz naa wo toh aap mera sath aake dekh sakti hai, aapka time bhi pass woga aur aap bore bhi nahi honge” (“Geet, Meera was telling me that you like books very much, I have collected some books in my study room, if you don’t have any problem then you can come and see it, you won’t get bored also,”)

Even though Geer refused first, she can’t stop herself, because she is very much crazy about books, and that too Meera had once told her that her brother has lot of collection of good books, finally Geet agreed to see Maan’s book collections. Maan just smiled at her. Mean while Ramu kaka came along with other workers because he came to know from Nakul that Maan’s Jeep got repaired, Ramu kaka informed him that the workers will be here, he will go and bring some things from market and then he will prepare dinner to them, to which Maan nodded his head and took Geet to his study room, and Geet followed him climbing one by one stairs, she was not scared now because she is not alone now  workers were also there.

When Maan entered his bedroom, Geet looked at him in shock, she thought Maan is taking her to study room, but they both were in his bedroom, seeing Geet shock face Maan, knew what Geet is thinking he just went to adjacent room and called Geet there. Geet nervously went inside, she was surprised”..Booked were neatly kept in place’.even though there were so many books, then also there was no dust in any books. And the books were well maintained.

Geet forgot about the surroundings, she was busy seeing books written by some English writers like Shakespeare, Shelly, Garki, and in another corner there were list of Hindi writers like  Vishnu Prabhakar, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, Rahul Sankritiyan, Nalin Vilochan Sharma etc . another side was the books on architecture designs from Peter Miller, and David P. Madsen, David Gissen,  Rivka Oxman and Robert Oxman, Howard Davis.” The Culture of Buildin”., Hugh Pearman. “Contemporary World Architecture”, John Julius Norwich, ed. “The World Atlas of Architecture”,  Roger H. Clark and Michael Pause. “Precedents in Architecture” Some books we will get rare in the market. And also there were lot of other books from different authors.  Geet was completely involved in the books and she forgot that she is in Maan’s place. Maan looked at Geet who was involved in the books and guessed that she is happy seeing books which clearly reflecting on her face.

While coming to farmhouse Maan got message from Mohan saying thta to send Geet back home when she comes to farmhouse if he is there or else to inform Ramu kaka the same. Maan replied he will take care of that. But Maan does not want to lose this opportunity, where Geet is near to him, he wanted to fulfill his physical desire, and Geet , it was his dream to have her, now she is near to him, how he will fore go this opportunity. So he made Geet to stay back. When Geet came out of books she saw times it was 9.00pm, her heart started beating rapidly, she scolded herself for being so involved in books, when she turned around she saw Maan who was looking at her with desire. Geet was scared then to control her heartbeats, she want to be out of his sight as soon as possible, so she started conversation with Maan “Please send me back to Hoshiarpur now, it’s too late, I don’t think so they will come now’.and till now no one has come here, how was Meera’s health when they took her to hospital.”

Meanwhile Maan came near to Geet and said “Geet, Don’t worry about Meera, she will be fine soon, they have taken her to Delhi today evening itself as per doctor’s instruction. And regarding others no one will come here now, because very one has left to Delhi, so only we both will be there not chit chat now. Geet I want to tell you something, you know how much I love you, I can’t live without you Geet, you come in my dream every day, first time you made me mad, you know what first time a girl made Maan Singh Khurana mad’..Mujhe nahi pata hai Geet, tumhe meri baat samaj mein aa rahi hai ya nahi”‘he slowly walk towards Geet and put hands on her shoulder.

Geet pushed Maan aside, her eyes were spitting fire listening to Maan and said “Mr Maan Singh Khurana this act wont suit your image, you know need to play cunning game with me, I know very well about you character, I don’t like to be near you and I won’t trust you also’.so you better be far from me, “‘saying this Geet looked at door thinking that she can run from here, but door was closed, Maan saw Geet who was looking at door and said “No use Geet, the door will not open without remote which is safely with me’Geet ek baar bahar Dekho , Mousam kitni achi hai”..thandi hawa hai”’nishabdh vathavaram’aur poornima ki rath’..inn sab se tumari jaise sundar ladki’.tum kaise soch sakti hoo ki mein tunhe ethne asaani se chodh dunga”I LOVE YOU GEET’.. Saying huskily in her ear”

Then Maan hugged Geet tightly in his arms, Geet try to come out from his hold but he tightened his hold and pushed her to nearby hall and kissed her lips..She tried to free herself but Maan just pressed himself closer to her blocking her between his hard body and wall. He bit harshly on her lower lips and entered her mouth exploring each and every corner. Tears were rolling out of her eyes continuously, she wriggle in his grip but he didn’t let her go and increased the fervor of the kiss’.. And then he tastes the salty water coming to the corner of her lips. His one hand went inside the kurti caressing and squeezing the smooth skin of her waist while other hand was holding her face firmly in order to deepen the kiss. Maan traced one of his finger from her ear to her neck down to her cleavage, he throws her duppata down to the corner. Geet was still struggling to come out of his hold, , then he hold tightly her in his embrace and took her to the bed kissing her continuously, Geet was short of breathe, but Maan did not leave her. From past half an hour she was trying to free from him, Geet was so tired. Maan put per on the bed and jumped on her, he pinned her both hands and came down kissing her neck, He gave open mouth kisses at her neck, cleavages, he was getting mad, due to her struggle Geet eyes were blurr, she can sense what is happening to her, He ripped whole dress from her body..She was shivering under his touch’. She felt timid in front of his structure, he kissed her chest and shoulder leaving his mark, within sec his dress were also on floor, he parted her legs and entered her, she screamed in pain,,, it was quite paining for her..  After satisfying his desire Maan left Geet and went to wash room.

Then he came out of the room he saw Geet who was unconscious now, due to his act, he was feeling bad for her, he never thought he will force any girl. He was not in sense when he saw Geet in front of him. His act can’t be justified. If someone was there to scold him , punish him or to show him right path he would never been like this. After his father’s death whole Khurana Empire was his responsibility, in that too his mother pampered him to the extent that he forgot to think what is right and wrong. Dadi was there to guide him, but he always ignored her’Even Dadi used to pamper him, he love his Dadi very much and respect her because after his father death his Dadi was the moral support for him who gave him enough knowledge of work and was working hard to maintain the position where it was when her son was there. After Maan’s post Graduation he took complete charge of work and before that he used to support Dadi. Professional wise he is the best but personal life is like drainage.  When Dadi came to know about Maan’s one night stand she confronted him, but Niharika came to his rescue’..Niharika did not mind and supported Maan, because of Dadi was angry with him, but he used to manofy her. He came out his thought when he saw Geet movement in the bed.

When Geet opened her eyes she saw Maan, sitting her front of her and having his drink. Geet looked at herself, no clothes were there in her body, she felt ashamed of herself for being like this in front of him, She immediately cover her with sheet, meanwhile Maan came near to her and caressed her head and kissed on her lips. She pushed him forcibly and stood in front of him covering herself properly and said “Maan, meine aapka kya bigada tha ki aap mujhe itni badha saza de di, isse betar hota ki aap mujhe thoda zehar de dete” ”saying this Geet collected all her dress and rushed to the wash room closing her harshly.

Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes thinking about the incidents, she immediately dressed herself and ran out of Maan room which was opened. When she came down she saw Ramu kaka, seeing her condition he took her to kitchen and made her sit and gave water to her’.Ramu kaka can easily guessed what has happened, but this is the first time he is seeing someone coming of Maan room crying, then he asked her name she was silent, then he remembered something and said “Beta, tum Geet toh nahi” immediately Geet looked at him and then he continued “who mein tumara tasveer Meera baby ka mobile mein dekha tha isliye poocha” she just nodded her sad and said “Mujhe ghar jana hai, please driver ko keh kar gadi nikal dijiye” he said yes and called Nakul and informed him to bring driver, and turned to Geet and said “Sorry beta, mujhe nahi pata that ki aap meera baby ki friend wo, agar mujhe pata hota mein apko akele chodke nahi jata…beta, apni gharwalo ki bare mein soch the rehena, koi galat kadam mat utana beta, tumara maa aur papa bardash nahi kar payengi’job bi wo himmat se samaj ka samna karo'”  Geet nodded her head, within few minutes car was in front of house, Ramu kaka made Geet to sit in car. Till she reached her house she was only thinking about her father’


Meera’s reaction

Why dadi is angry

Meera talking to Nakul


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