MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 11


ooking at Pari Geet said “Pari has become too naughty, papa ko bahut tang karti hai” and then seeing at Naina and saide “you are like yashoda for her, so that it is easy to manage Naina” saying this Geet pinched Pari’s cheek lovingly. Pari clapped her hands looking at Geet. Geet and Naina smiled looking Pari.



Next day Geet nervously went to school with disinterest. She thought Malini will scold her for taking leave and also for not coming to movie. But HM Malini did not asked anything about her not coming to movie nor taking leave, she just talk to Geet normally, Geet felt relived after talking to Malini and headed towards her staff room.  After completing her period class, Geet was going to class room was stopped by her student Shobha


Shobha: Geet mam, today is my birthday and all teachers are coming to my house at evening for birthday party, can you also come mam”

Geet liked Shobha from the day one, so she thought for some time and said

Geet: Nahi Shobha, my daughter will be alone at home. Sorry dear I will try next time

Shobha: please Mam everyone are coming, even students also, I request you also to attend the party

Geet did not want to hurt Shobha, finally she agreed and headed towards the staff room, When Geet was about to enter staff room, Vikram blocked her way, Geet just looked at him angrily. Vikram dressed in party dress already,

 Vikram looked at Geet from top to bottom lustfully and said “I know your student might have already given invitation for the Birthday party, Shobha meri bade bhai ki beti hai, so don’t miss evening party”

Geet just nodded her head, because she had already said yes to Shobha and thought she will not be alone, all teachers and also students will also be there, why should she worry so much?.. I will go early to the party and after giving gift to Shobha I will come home soon. Vikram saw Geet lost, he just poked her shoulder, Geet came out of trance and said,

Geet: excuse me’ will you please stand aside, I have work at staff room

Vikram: smiling sheepishly at her andsaid, Geet Madam, mein apko pick karne ke liye car bejunga apki ghar par, sham 5 baje, bass aap acche say tayar ho kar rahiye ga

Geet: Mr Vikram, mujhe apki car ki zarurath nahi hai, aur jaha tak acche se ready hone ki bath, I don’t like make-up or any show off, mein jaise hoon khush hoon’bethar hai hoga aap apni nazariya badhal dejieye, muhje aap jaise logon se gin ati hai’said Geet sternly to Vikram and went inside staff room

Vikram saw Geet who was entering into staff room and thought “I dunno why god give good figure to unromantic girls, pati foreign mein enjoy kar raha hai, yaha hai apni khubsurati waste kar rahi hai usko wait kar ke, Geet mien itni asani se tume jane nahi dhoonga, jabse  meine tumhe phele bar dekha hai, tab se abhi tak tum meri saas mein bass chuki wo, I need you, I am not getting satisfied with other girls, when I am having sex with them I only think about you, by hook or crook I will get you soon Geet ‘.and smiled cunningly”

Malini informed Geet “ go home soon after class, and get ready, then come to Shobha’s house by 5pm, if you have trouble to reach Shobha’s house by time then I will say vikram to pick and drop you” to which Geet politely refused saying “No mam, I will be there on time you don’t worry about that”. After class Geet went home and hurriedly prepared snacks and tea for Mohinder and feed Pari , changed Pari’s dress. Geet ran to bathroom and got freshen up as soon as possible and then came out.  Like normal day she took simple dress and got ready to the party. When Geet saw herself in the mirror she thought “Seeing my simple dress Vikram thinks that I am from poor family and I am in need of money, he will try to take advantage of this, its better I wear something good and then she selected cream color salwar with golden works on it and got ready”

Pari who was playing with her grandfather saw her mom, and thought that she is going out, Pari immediately ran to Geet and hugged her leg. Geet seeing her daughter near her leg, she lifted her up and kissed her cheeks’

Papa, aaj meri student ka janam din hai, everyone has pressurized  me to come to the party and even her family members had invited me to the party, if I don’t go then it won’t look good, and her parents is so close to our head mistress’I just go and give the gift and come soon “‘.Geet said kissing Pari’s cheeks.

Geet never went out alone after coming here, she only goes directly to school and home. He did not like Geet going for job, he remembered the incident that took place in Geet’s life and shivered thinking about the incident. At this time she should have got married and happily settled, but because of that incident she is alone, and lifelong she will be single only. If she would have told me about that bas***d who spoiled her life, we would have bitten him nicely and told him to get marry to her, but this girl is not telling anything about him. Thinking this he got angry on Geet and said “tum kahi nahi jaa rahi hoo Geet, ek baar aise hi gahi thi, aur loute waqt bahut bade toofan lekar aye thi tumari sath. Aur mujhse aur taqleef bardash karne ka himmant nahi hai Geet” saying his he stormed out of house.

Geet stood numb listening to her father, this is the first time he ever said anything to her harshly. From the day that incident took place he never questioned anything with her nor he behaved harshly with her. Till now he took care of everything. Geet was just thinking what made her Dad to talk to her like this??? Why all of the sudden he remembered her about that incident.

Geet(ST): it does not look like papa taking out his anger on me for today’s issue, maybe he kept this pain in his heart from the first day till today. Which father will like to see their daughter’s life like this, they always pray that their daughter get good life. He is the great father who always thought of my happiness and today seeing me in pain he might have felt bad for me, till today he was not able to show his sorrow to me. I made a mistake by surviving; I would have committed suicide on that day itself. At least he would have been in peace now.

Geet who was holding Pari till now kept her down and thinking about her father words, Meanwhile Pari who kept her hand on her mouth, took it out and applied the saliva which was there in her hand on Geet’s face. Geet came out of trance when she felt something wet on her face and saw Pari laughing at her. Geet got angry on Pari and glared at her angrily, but seeing Pari’s attractive eyes she forgot about her pain, Geet kissed her cheeks and started to play with her.

Mohinder who went outside angrily came to house and saw Geet and Pari playing. He felt bad for being harsh with her, He came near her and caressed her head loving and took Pari from her and said “Sorry Geet, mera mann teek nahi hai, umar bhi bad raha hai naa issley thoda chinta hoti rehati hai, dukhi math hona, pata nahi mera mann gabra raha hai, issley thoda pareshan hua tha. Jaldi se unki ghar jakar hawo Geet”.aapna dhyan rakhna Geet”

Geet just nodded her head and came out of the house. When she reached Shobha’s house, she saw Vikram dressed in suit and standing near his car. When he saw Geet coming he came near her and said smiling looking at her “Mujhe shaq tha ki aap ayenge ya nahi karke’isliye mein apka intezar kar raha tha, please ayiye andar, sab log andar hai”‘showed her way to enter house.

When Geet entered Shobha’s house she saw a woman in middle age sitting at sofa, who smiled at her and said “Shobha, edar hawo ‘.dekho naa tumare Geet madam hayi hai” called her granddaughter who was in her room

Vikram introduced Geet to Susheela Ahuja, (Vikram’s mother), to which Geet just smiled at her and folded hands. Susheela looked her Geet from top to bottom and gave smile to her, Susheela liked her very much because she was different from other teachers. Geet was looking beautiful without make up, but other teachers came to her house with full makeup as if some movie shooting is going on and said “Geet you are looking very good. go towards stairs, Shobha’s room is 2nd one from the left, all her teachers and friends are there. I am having blood pressure so I can’t come up, yesterday was Shobha’s birthday, and have so many guests been there, So Vikram suggested to give private party for you guys today.”

Later Shobha came down and took Geet to her room and Vikram also followed her. Seeing the interior and furniture Geet came to know that they were very rich. When Geet came inside she saw all her colleagues had already finished their dinner and having desserts. Nervously Geet took one bite of cake and sip drink “dher ho raha hai, mein chalti hoon” said Geet. “lagta hai, hum Geet madam ko khush nahi kar payee, hamare katirdari mein kuch kami reha gaye hogi, agar aap muhje batayegi ki kya kami reha hai hum log usko dekh lengey’Kya Meena”‘.said Vikram while giving naughty smile to Geet and looking at Meena (Geet’s colleague) .

Geet felt disgust listening to his talk and said “aisa kuch nahi hai’aap galat samj rahe hai, meri beti bahut choti hai, ghar se nikalne ki waqt wo bahut roh rahi thi, issliye thoda pareshan hoon, aur koi bath nahi”‘Vikram thought so madam indirectly reminding me that she is married, and mother of a child so be far from her. Malini who was silent till now said “Don’t worry Geet, out Vikram will appoint a very good maid for your daughter and if you go anywhere also your daughter will don’t have any problem”. Geet just ignore them and went inside Shobha’s room.

Shobha showed Geet all the items bought by Vikram for her and also gifts. Geet liked his taste and then gave her “lord Krishna idle” as a gift which she bought for her. Listening to Shobha’s talk Vikram entered her room and saw idle in her hand; even he liked it and said “Thank you Geet, for giving wonderful gift to Shobha” and came near to Geet, she was just going backwards, then the study table stopped Geet,  Vikram came to near to her and his breath faming on her face, Geet just turned her face to other side and saw Shobha who was busy in admiring her gift, then Geet said loudly “”Shobha, dher ho rahe hai, mein ghar chalti hoon” to which Shobha looked at Geet, and without any other option Vikram went backwards.  Later Malini, Meena, and Priya also said that they are leaving. Vikram said that he will drop everyone and Malini forcefully made Geet to sit in back seat of the car along with Meena. Malini praised Vikram, saying that he is gentleman. Geet just turned her face. Vikram dropped one by one at their house, when he stopped car in front of Meena’s house Geet just opened the car door to step outside, Vikram just stopped her saying “”Geet just wait, your house is far from here” and started the car without saying bye to Meena.

Geet was sweating badly, she left like she don’t have strength in her body’..and thought “Shall I open car door and jump’I am married girl now, Even though I did not get married to him in front of this society then also I am his wife only and mother of a child’mera izaat bachane ka skati hai mujhme’she decided to be strong in front of him”. Meanwhile Vikram reduced car’s speed and seeing Geet in the rear mirror asked “Geet”Why do you hate me so much”

Geet: Aapo koi galat fami hai, aap ki bare mein mujhe koi feeling nahi hai, then why will I hate you? Your question is baseless’

Vikram: un logon ki tarah aap kyun tum mujhe nazdeek aane nahi dete? Geet tum bahut sundar woo, aapki roop mujhe pagal kar raha hai, mein abhi tak kisi ladki ki samne itna bebaas nahi hua tha, kisi ladki ko abhi tak meine force bhi nahi kiya hai, sab lakdiya apni marjee se mein sath sohe hai, par apne mujhe itni majboor har rahi hai”.aab aap mujhe chahiye Geet’pls mana math kejiye” (why you don’t allow me near you like other girls’you are too beautiful, I am mad about your beauty, I never became so helpless, and also so far I never forced any girl’everyone slept with me with their wish only, but you are not cooperating with me like other”..I want you Geet, please don’t say no to me)

Geet had guessed Vikram character before itself but she never thought that he will directly ask her to have sex with him like this’she got angry with him and said “shit’..why don’t you understand Vikram that I am married and having a daughter also, I belong to someone, you should not wish to have others things, instead of talking to me like this why can’t you look for girl and get marry to her, so that others will be happy”

Geet don’t you think that you are talking like old woman, you don’t have brains Geet, god would have put some knowledge to you along with beauty. Do you think that your husband will not go for other girls, instead of thinking like grand maa, just think about your physical pleasures and enjoy along with me or atleast divorce your husband and marry me, you dunno how much I need you and I will do whatever””””””” before he complete his words he put break because someone man came in between his car, taking this chance Geet quickly came out of the car and stopped going auto and said him to take her to Kalyninagar and also she will pay double amount, sat inside auto and breathe properly. Before Vikram call her auto has gone too far, he was ashamed of himself for pleading her, he scolded himself and turned car to his house.

Geet heart was beating fast when auto stopped in front of her house, she gave double money to the auto driver and thanked him and came inside house. Mohinder has already finished his dinner. Mohinder asked Geet about party she just said that it was ok and she came soon. When she entered her bedroom she saw Pari sleeping there, Geet just slept beside her and hugged her tightly. Next day Geet did not go to school. Mohinder thought that today it may be holiday for Geet and told her to lock the door and went to market.  Once Mohinder was out of sight Geet took Pari , and went to post her resignation letter in the post box sighed in relief. Geet was playing with Pari and also prepared lunch work simultaneously and was waiting for Mohinder.

Naina who came to know that Geet is at home came inside to talk to Geet. Before Naina questions Geet she told “Naina I have resigned from job, it is not safe and I do not want to work there”‘

I have already guessed that Geet seeing you at home, and this time I told Sameer if it is late also its fine, but the place should be safe for you to work” saying this Naina took toy bus with which Pari was playing, Pari started crying loudly, Naina laughed at Pari and kissed her cheeks. Seeing this Geet said “I think you like to irritate her, and then pamper her, right Naina”‘she just smiled at Geet. Meanwhile Mohinder came home with bag full of Vegetable; he kept it on ground and sat on sofa tiredly. “Papa, aap kyun itne doop mein bahar gaye the, meine aapko kitni bar kaha hai ki mein sham ko sabji lekar ati hoon par aap toh meri bath sunte nahi hoo’ “ Geet scolded her father lovingly. “Nahi Geet pura din ghar mein bait kar bore hota hai, issley bahar gaya tha mein’.tum phele apni beti ko dekho” Mohinder said looking at Pari who was busy in taking out things which Mohinder brought just now. Mohinder Geet and Naina smiled seeing Pari’s antics.

After 3 months continuous try from Sameer for Geet’s job, finally he came to know that there is the vacancy open at Chopra constructions, then he came home and said “Naina mera dost Geet ka resume dekhar hey khe raha tha ki , Geet ko architect post par job try karna chahiye, aur meine suna hai ki Chopra construction mien architect ka post kali hai, tum ek bar Geet se iss bare mein bath kar ke mujhe batau Naina, acche company hai aur log bhi acche hai”‘.Listening to Sameer Naina and she will talk to Geet tomorrow morning and inform him accordingly. Next day when Mohinder was not at home, Naina went to Geet’s house and informed her about job opening at Chopra constructions. Naina spoke to Geet about offer at Chopra Constructions, Geet agreed to the work immediately and got ready for interview, Geet was as usual nervous to attend the interview, but seeing friendly office atmosphere she agreed to work there and was also happy to receive professional respect from her colleagues, Even Mr Arjun Chopra (MD), did not asked her any personal questions, he just told her about her job, everyday was the new challenge for Geet, as architect for was favorite subject, she did her work more sincerely and received compliments from her boss and colleagues.

Mohinder seeing his daughter smiling face was very happy and to forget his pains Pari was always there who was too naughty with her grandfather, she like to make him run. Due to all this there was great improvement in Mohinder’s health, because from last 1 year he suffered a lot. Everything was smoothly running in Geet’s life.


Pari 2 Years

When Geet left office it was drizzling there was chance of raining today. Mohinder has already told Geet to take umbrella but Geet is Geet, she said it won’t rain and came to office in the morning. She cursed herself for not bringing umbrella today. Some of her colleagues whose house was nearby told her to wait they will get umbrella from home, but Geet refused and walked towards bus stop. It was looking like some good thing doing to happen soon. When Geet came to bus stop it started raining, there was a big queue in bus stop. Today has it was raining people who used to walk and go came to catch bus. Geet waited in the bus stop for more than 15 mins, but when the bus came to stop it was too rushed and there was no place to get inside also. Then Geet thought it’s better to take taxi and in that rain only she was walking towards taxi station.

A car stopped in front of her, Meera got down from the car and stared at Geet, and both had tears in their eyes. Meera and Geet forgot about the surrounding and hugged each other. both had mixed feeling in her eyes, it was happiness, excitement, angry, sad, everything, it was changing in seconds and said “Geet, where did you go without giving address to me, do you know about my situation, do you know how much I suffered when I was not able to trace you, what was my fault Geet?”‘.asked Meera.

“Meera, it’s not the right place to fight with me, we  first go home now and then you can scold me as much as you wish’said Geet to Meera seeing people watching them weirdly.”

In the mean time Dev came out of car holding small Arnav in his shoulder.

ARNAV-2 Years

Meera introduced Dev to Geet”and started to scold Geet until she gets satisfied. Dev saw Geet who kept her head down and was just listening to Meera, Dev felt bad for Geet and said “ Meera, you are at road and not at home, tumara dost milne ki khushi se tum sab bhool rahi ho, dekho sab log hame goor rahe hai’chalo gadi mein baito”. Geet told that she will go by taxi and meet her when she is free. But Meera did not leave her, she pulled Geet to car. Then Geet said “Meera, papa mera wait kar rahe honge, give me your address, I will come some other day”

Meera: Nahi Geet, hum phele hamara ghar chalet hai.. uske baad hum tumne ghar chodenge’.tum fikar math karo, hum uncle se bhi bath karenge

Dev who was driving car said “Dekh liya Geet tumari dost ki mann mani, aab tum hi mujhe batav how I will leave with this stubborn girl.” Meera glared at Dev angrily through rear mirror and kept on talking to Meera still they reached Meera’s house. Arnav was sleeping in Geet’s lap till then.

Meera,if I go late then Pari will cry and papa can’t manage her alone.” said Geet suddenly. Meera looked at Geet with surprise, Meera was happy seeing Geet after long time, she did not asked anything about her, then she saw Mangalsutra on Geet’s neck, she wanted to know about Geet’s family

“tum mujhe bina bataye shadi karli Geet..? Kya tumara pati yaha hai? Kya kaam kar rahe hai”‘When Meera started questioning Geet about her husband and  got scared, she did not want to answer Meera in front of Dev, and also she can’t lie to Meera. So she said immediately “Mein tumhe baad mein bata ungi Meera, aab pls mujhe ghar jane doo”‘Geet kal Sunday hai, if you agree that you are going to come tomorrow then only I will leave you now”‘without any other go Geet agreed to Meera.

Mohinder saw Meera coming along with Geet, he was very happy to see her, but felt bad for Geet. Geet gave Pari to Meera, Seeing cute Pari Meera was very happy, and then she looked at her thoroughly, Meera felt that her face resembles someone who is very near to her. Then she shrugged her shoulder thinking that she might have seen in somewhere.

Whole night Geet was not able to sleep, she knows that she can’t lie to her best friend, she was scared about Meera, she dunno how Meera is going to react after listening to her past. When she comes to know that because of her I am facing problem now, she is very happy in her life, how I can tell her? Then Geet saw Pari in deep sleep and there was light smile on Pari’s face. Pari si completely resembles him; Meera might have got doubt seeing Pari, and then prayed kyun babaji aap mujhe iss musibat mein Dali? “. Geet kept hand on her mouth and cried.

Next day Geet purposefully left Pari in Naina’s house and went to Meera’s house



Geet and Meera Talk

Geet past”’



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