MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 10




Naina was not satisfied seeing bundle of joy in her hand………she kept on looking at baby, she was so cute…..beautiful  eyes, chubby cheeks, she was not enough of her……….

Later Naina gave Geet her daughter and said “Dekho Geet, kitni cute hai”……Geet took her baby in her hand, she just remembered what she told to Naina before going to OT that to look after her daughter, Now she cant even think of that, Geet took her baby securely in her hand kissed her cheels then she kept her baby on her lap. After two days Mohinder and Naina took Geet and baby to the house from hospital. Mohinder welcomed his poti with lots of love and care. Naina welcomed Geet and baby inside house after doing arti. Evening Sameer joined them. Their happiness was no bound, both Naina and Sameer where thinking when they will welcome their baby like this.

After few days Sameer said to Mohinder “its better we meet pundit and keep pooja at home, and do small function on the arrival of princess” to which Mohinder “exactly beta, even I was thinking about it” Then Sameer and Mohinder left to meet pundit and here Geet and Naina were alone.

Naina: Geet , you first take bath, then we will give bath to baby

Geet: seeing Naina taking care of Pari, Geet said teek hai Naina, and went into bathroom

Geet came out after taking bath and Geet and Naina took baby to bath, Naina gave bath to baby and both came out , Naina put baby on her lap and said “hey Geet, edar dekho…” and showed Geet a black spot on baby’s hip. Naina just traced the spot and said “Geet our princess is too lucky”. Geet just gave a faint smile at Naina and thought “yeah Naina she is lucky enough, because she will not get love and care from her father. Hope god won’t give same luck to any other child”. After applying powder and khol to the baby Naina gave baby to Geet and said

Naina: Geet, tum usko dhud do…I will go to kitchen aur mein lunch ka intzaam karungaa, uncle aur Sameer hate honge…to which Geet nodded her head and took baby her in hand and put baby on her lap…After feeding baby Geet put baby on cradle and went to help Naina who was preparing lunch for everyone has Mohinder informed Naina and Sameer to have food with them today. Seeing Geet entering kitchen, Naina scolded Geet “Pagal hogai kya Geet, It’s not even a week of your delivery and you want to help me, Geet, pls go and take rest dear, because rest is very important to you , because of giving birth the mother should take enough rest or else they will face problem later”……Geet kept gaping at Naina who was telling her and asked “tumhe kaise pata hai Naina”… too which Naina said “Darling mujhe aise math dekho, I know about his from my aunt, because I asked with her what food I should give you and also how should I take care , as per her instruction I am doing, minimum 3 months complete bed rest and after that you can start doing small works”

Geet just nodded her head and went inside her room and slept. After one hour Mohinder and Sameer came to the house and said

Mohinder: seeing Naina working in Kitchen, Mohinder asked “Geet kaha hai Naina,”

Naina: Uncle meine Geet ko aaram kare ke liye kaha hai uncle…aap fikar math kejiye…phele hai bhataye, aap log pundit se mile hai ya nahi

Sameer: haan Naina, after three days we will have small get together, only known people, you know uncle and Geet are new to here, you call only few ladies we finish of naming ceremony…what you say uncle

Mohinder: teek hai beta jaise aap log teek samje…aur aap log milkar bacche ka naam soch lejiye

Sameer: we will decide about it uncle…chalo Naina Geet kho bulao khana kane ke liye

After having lunch, Sameer and Naina left to their house, Mohinder informed servant maid what all should be taken care for the function and also to help Naina and Sameer. And with the help of Sameer and Naina,  Mohinder conducted naming ceremony to the baby and finally as Sameer suggested “Parnita (auspicious Apsara)” name to which Geet also agreed.  So finally Parnita became “Pari” to everyone. Pari was pampered by all of them. Naina looked after Pari like her own daughter.

After Three Months


Geet looked at her daughter, Pari was too fair, she had sharp nose, black hair, beautiful brown eyes, then she said to herself “she looks like him, if anyone sees him and pari together, they can say that they both are father and daughter…hope we wont come face to face in future”while staring at Pari was quiet sometime, Geet imagined that night, and she again looked at Pari, she left like she is touching some dirt, Geet just put Pari in the cradle harshly and went near the window. Geet did not turn and looked at her daughter. Meanwhile Naina who listen to Pari crying came to Geet house and saw Pari crying continuously , Naina took Pari in her hand and patted her back, she just looked at Geet who was just staring outside without listen to Pari’s cry, Naina was shocked with Geet’s behavior…then Naina came to Geet and touched her shoulder and said

Geet, haise kyun kadi wo, pari kitne zor se roh rahi hai dekho, iss pyaari bacchi keliye hum kuch bhi kurbaan kar sakte hai” dunno whether Naina’s talk or her mamta for her child awaken Geet, she took Pari from Naina’s hand and kissed Pari’s face all over. Geet just hugged Pari, tears were coming out from Pari, Geet just rubbed Pari’s tears and went to Naina and gave Pari in her hand. Geet went to kitchen to prepare tea for both of them…Seeing mother and daughter’s love Naina said to pari “lagta hai Maa aur beti duno jagda ki hai, shukar hai bhagawan ka, aab tum dono rajeee hue… ” turning towards Geet and said “Geet tumara papa kaha hai, tum unki poti ko rula rahi hoo par, unhone tumhe rohka nahi abhi tak”

Geet: Naina, papa market gaye hai…….ek minute Naina I want to talk to you, see papa is also not here, Naina pls tell your husband to look a teacher job for me, I don’t have enough courage and strength to do other job as of now, let me start going out then I will look job according to my qualification………aur pls mere bhare mien kuch bhi math poochnaa”

From so many days Naina thought of asking about Geet husband, she thought like her friends husbands even Geet’s husband when to US for higher studies and then said “Geet, Pari abhi choti ha, and even you are also weak, then you” , Geet interrupted Naina and said “Naina, aab Pari ko teen maine hogayee hai, may bhi ghar mein akele baite bore hogai hoon, papa hai pari ko dekne keliye, pari mere pass kab rehati hai, wo toh hamesha tumare sath khelti hai…mien nahi toh kaya hua tum hona usko dekhne ke liye” told smilingly (Pari is already three months old now, Even I got bore sitting at home , Dad is there to look after Pari,  and when Pari will be with me, she always plays with you…if I am not here to look after Pari then you are there right Naina to look after her)

Naina made sad face and said “Geet, we should not trust husbands who go out of country for higher studies, pata nahi aise kya hai un vedeshi lakiyon par, they will get married to them and settle their itself. Tumari jaise sundar patni aur Pari jaise beti ko chodkar tumara pati waha kya kar raha hai”

Naina saw Geet who kept her head down and did not reacted to her, she felt bad for Geet, and said “Geet, please don’t feel bad, I should have not asked your personal questions, seeing pain in your eyes I told you please forgive me….I will tell Sameer to look job for you as soon as possible” and left from Geet house without looking at her.

In Delhi

Meera and Dev went to KC, has they got call from Adi, as they entered KC, Adi took them to conference room and showed the pictures of Nursing home to them… Both Meera and Dev were shocked because, Maan has done excellent job, and equipments are well placed. Then Adi asked if anything that like to change in it, but Meera and dev said it is perfectly fine…Then after few months Meera gave birth to boy baby…..


Then after Arnav’s birth few months later Maan came back to Delhi and took Meera and Dev with him to the nursing home and showed them and asked if they need anything else. They said everything is fine…Within time span Maan inaugurated Shanti nursing home, and Dev started to work from next day…Dev and Meera shifted to Pune, everyone form family congratulated them …After everything settled Maan went back to US because within a year he should complete his project

Nursing Home pics:









In Kalyaninagar

After Sameer’s continuous try for Geet’s job, finally Geet got offer from private convent school for nursery (Geet applied for nursery because she can’t be away from Pari for long hour)…Geet was happy that finally she is settled in her life. Mohinder did not liked Geet going to job, but then thought if she goes out then she can forget about her past and agreed to Geet. Geet was very nervous when she went for school first day, Sameer convinced Geet that everything will be fine and Sameer introduced Geet to Head Mistress Malini of Ahuja institution and went to his office.


Malini wanted to listen more about Geet’s personal lifes more than her qualification. Then she started questioning Geet

Malini: Kitni saal hogai apki shadi hue?…Geet was confused too much to answer her question and then said

Geet: Two years Mam and then wiped the sweat formed on her forehead

Malini: Apki pati kaha hai, kya kaam karte hai, aur unki salary kitni hai

Geet: got irritated with number of personal questions and thought of saying “I don’t want to answer any personal question, I am here to work as a teacher, pls ask some relevant question related to my Job”…then thought it will be not good to talk on her face on the first day itself and said “My husband went to US for higher studies” and then kept quiet

Malini: See Geet, it’s a convent school, we like our teacher to be disciplined and not only that they should look good when they come to school…you should take care of that…See you are dress is so simple, so from tomorrow make sure that you dress properly and come with make-up while coming to school

Geet got confused with Malini’s words and thought “I agree with discipline, but about dressing, I never knew that teachers should give importance to the appearance then teaching….as a teacher I should only look after children’s study and not on other things……may be Malini Madam ka demag karab hai”….she just nodded her head and came to her class. Geet forgot all about her sorrows in front of the children’s…But she was surprised to see the other teachers who were dressed up like they have come for some fashion parade.

When Geet came to home, she saw Pari sleeping peacefully on cradle…without second thought she lifted Pari in her hand and kissed her on her face…it was looking like Geet is meeting her daughter of so many months. Seeing Geet smiling face Mohinder smiled at his daughter, he left relived like after year Geet is smiling and then asked

Mohinder: Geet, tumara school kaisa hai??, tumhe koi problem nahi hai naa??

Geet felt like saying everything to father and then thought to keep quiet and said “sub teek hai papa”

Geet was felt relieved when she came to know that Naina did not give much trouble to Mohinder and she only took care of Pari. Day by day Geet was feeling irritated to come to school…because so many rich guys keep on coming to school without any reasons, unnecessarily arranging party…Geet was getting irritated by this. Peon came to Geet and informed Malini is calling her, Geet was uncomfortable to go in front of Malini, she dunno why but she was feeling that something is wrong…With nervous Geet stepped into Head Mistress cabin. She saw Vikram Ahuja MD of Ahuja institution is sitting in HM cabin…Geet got scared while entering the cabin. Then Geet cleared her throat and asked

Vikram Ahuja

Geet :Mam did you called me?

Malini:  Geet, meet Vikram Ahuja, head of this convent. He is planning to give treat for us today and take us to movie Don’t go to home after finishing your class, you come with me to my house, we will get ready and go together. You can give your address to us, I will send my servant to you house, he will inform them”…it looked like she is doing very big favor to Geet, without delaying

Geet: Sorry Mam, I can’t come anywhere, I have small baby at home, and I should take care of her. She will not have her food until I go”

Malini; what a poor girl…..said Malini looking at Geet, even Vikram also joined and both laughed at Geet

Geet embarrassed, she just turned her face to other side. Then Malini started again

Malini: Don’t worry Geet, our will not only look after you, but also he will look after your child…if he wishes he can present golden cradle for your baby also

Geet got highly irritated with Malini’s talk, after listen to her talk she did not like to give respect to her and then said “Sorry Mam, I baby is happy with iron cradle, and we don’t require gold one” and went out of HM cabin

Malini: to Vikram, she is new to this place, don’t worry she will adjust to us soon….both Malini and Vikram laughed laoudly…Geet heard that when she was about to go to her class.

Once the bell rang, Geet did not waste a minute there, she ran from to school to home. There was no difference between her and children who were running to home. She knew that this place is not safe for her and then thought if she only concentrated on the work then no one will harm her, but today she left that she can’t stay here any longer

When she saw Pari’s face, she was happy then thought “I am not alone, my daughter is with me”…she hugged her daughter, she feed to her daughter and then had dinner with her father and went to sleep. Whole night she was thinking about the incidents that taken place in the school, then she thought “Papa, ke pass aab paisa kam hai, I spent more amount on my delivery. We can’t simply spend remaining money; I should keep it for Pari’s education, it better to look for another job, I should be more careful from now until I get some decent job…” Geet just remembered her meeting with Malini and Vikram, her body shivered basly, she saw Pari sleeping next to her, she just hugged Pari tightly and slept.

Next day Geet sent leave letter with the school boy and after Sameer went to office she took Pari and went to Naina’s home. Even though Geet and Naina were close , Geet never went to Naina’s house. Seeing Geet Naina said “Thank god Geet, you remembered there is the house next to your house, I have came so many times for your house in this one year time, you never stepped into our house. Kyaa aaj leave hai kya tumhe?” saying this she went to take Pari from Geet’s hand, but Pari want not ready to leave Geet, she held Geet tightly like she will go somewhere

Seeing this Naina said to Pari “when you mom is not around you want me to look after you, see how she is behaving today”….Naina forcibly took Pari from Geet and went inside house. Geet just sat on the chair in the living room and was just turning the magazine. Meanwhile Naina gave biscuit to Pari and made her lie down on the carpet and sat in front of Geet and said “Geet tum muhjse bath karne ke liye aye naa ,aab batau bath kya hai”

Geet looked at Naina and said “mein edar tumara pati keliye phir pareshan karne ke liye ayi hoon Naina, wo convent mein mujhe kaam karne ka mann nahi kar raha hai, please tell him to look for other job”….Geet tried to control her tears, but tears flow from her eyes and she said what is going on in the convent to her…Seeing Geet crying Naina said

Naina: why are you crying for that, I will tell Sameer to look for good job for you, he had heard something about the convent, he told to check with you, but I convinced him saying that everything will be fine or else you would have told me by now, did you resign your job?

Geet: no Naina, today I have applied for leave…until I get another one I should go for work. I cant tell this to my father , because he will get tensed. He had suffered lot because of me, now I should make sure that he is happy

Naina wanted to ask about Geet’s husband and in laws many times with Geet, thinking that Geet may feel bad she did not asked till now. Now she cant keep quiet so finally she asked “Geet, umar se mein tumse badi hoon, sochlo ki tum tumrahi badi behan so jawab de rahi hoo…” stopped for some minutes and then question “tumara pati US mein hai, wo teek hai, par what about your sasural? Till now I never seen anyone from your in laws place coming here to meet you, tum kyun kaam pe jaa rahi hoo, kyun tumhe shaq hai ki tumara pati india wapas nahi ayenge”…….Geet face color changed immeduiately when Naina asked this question and self thought

“ek zoot ko chupane ke kiye sou sur zoot bolne padenge….how can I answer Naina’s questions? If she come to know about me will she show same love and affection towards me? When I will be releived from all these questions?. Ek na ek din subh ko pata chalega, mein pavitr hoon, issme mera joi galti nahi thi, kya hey samaj meri bath manegee ? what about Pari’s future, I cant let anything happen to her”…thinking that her body shivered.

Seeing Geet sad face Naina felt bad, and thought “Dunno why I always end up hurting Geet…. I should have not asked questions about her personal lifes…..someday she will trust me enough and share her feeling with him I should wait for that day” and then said “Sorry Geet, I will never ask about your personal life here after, pls don’t feel bad”

Geet just gave faint smile to her and said “its ok Naina”. At the same time Pari came near Geet with face up of biscuit paste and stood up holding Geet duppatta tightly. Naina and Geet smiled looking at Pari, Naina took Pari inside and washed her face and brought her back to the living room. Looking at Pari Geet said “Pari has become too naughty, papa ko bahut tang karti hai” and then seeing at Naina and saide “you are like yashoda for her, so that it is easy to manage Naina” saying this Geet pinched Pari’s cheek lovingly. Pari clapped her hands looking at Geet. Geet and Naina smiled looking Pari.



Geet in danger,



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