Mann se Zude Risthey-Part 1


Part 1



Girls and Boys came out from College Campus after finishing their exams. They felt relief after doing exams very well. Geet and Meera remembered their first day of college, how fearful they were when entering to the premises. But today they are missing everything. Earlier they thought when will be the college life going to end, because they were fed off of ragging, flirting. Now they are missing each and every incident taken place in their college life. All saw the college building once more before coming out from the college Campus. Everyone had tears, to lighten the moment


Meera: Hey Geet, aaj sham ka programme ke bare mein tume pata hai naa. Abb sirf uncle ko bata ke, humare ghar chalte hai

(Geet  u remember today’s programme right? We go to your home first and then we go to our house)


Geet simply smiled and nodded her head. Both left to home. When Geet and Meera entering Geet’s house compound they met Mohinder (Geet Father)



Mohinder: (Smiled at them and told) Abb aap logo ka ka exams katam hui hai naa jake aaram karo tum duno

(you have finished your exams right now you go)


Meera: Aap log humko kaha aaram karne keliye chodenge uncle. Aap log hamara shadi jaldi se karwa dengey, phir kaha enjoyment. Abhi tho aap log ladka dunda shuru karchuke honge, Aap phele haame iss Shadi ke Bhandan me dale hum log hamara zindagi jee lenge


She saw time at watch and informed Geet


Meera: Geet  zaldi se tayar hoja, hum late hue tho film start hogi, abhi time nahi hai hamara pass aur hamara ghar bhi jana hai

(Geet, get ready fast, film will start and its already late and we should go to our home also)


Mohinder: Kya hai baccha log abhi abhi puri rath zakey aap log exams diye hai.Hey film dekhne ka palgalpan chodkey aaram kyun nahi karthe….Scolded Geet and Meera lovingly


Meera: Uncle please aaj hame math rokiye. Abhi tak hum sub log sath the aur patha nahi hum doston se kab aise mil payenge pata nahikab hum log ek dusre se dur jayenge

Mohinder:(smilingly) aap log jahiye Meera, aab aap log itna kush hai apne doston se milne keliye , mein kyun aapko rukungi.


Geet gave tea to Dad and Meera and then they both headed towards Meera’s house. Geet saw 2 – 3 cars in front of Meera’s house from far and guesses some relatives have some to Meera’s house



Geet: Meera lagta hai tumara relatives haye hai….aab kyun hum film dekna programme cancel kare


Meera: Nahi Geet we cant cancel our programme in last minute,

I think Niharika Aunty and her family might has come, Koi bhi ho

buss 5 mins mein ready ho ke, Maa kho bhatakar nikalna hoga, or else we will be late. Lata, Kusum, Gayathri, Naina and remaining other friends will be waiting for us at theater…said Meera entering her house


Meera and Geet met Maan near the doorstep


Maan: Meera tum nahi thi naa idar mujhe bahut bore hora tha said Maan before noticing Geet beside Meera


Meera and Geet entered the house, Meera said to Maan


While Maan was gaping at Geet


Meera: Bhai mujhe bahut late ho raha hai…abhi film dekhne ke liye jana hai. Tumare pass baitkar bhate karne keliye mujhe purusot nahi hai.


Maan: WHAT THE…his voice dropped dead seeing her…their eyes locked instantly…he couldn’t see anything but those eyes He looked at her eyes, slowly his eyes scanned her fully. Her lips, her dress, her gestures, her smile…her smile she was looking stunning, damn gorgeous .her curves seemed sexier than he had ever seen. He didn’t know how he should be complementing her as he was gaping at her breath taking beauty like a moron. His eyes was deep may be more passionate now. His eyes glanced at her like he was drinking her raw beauty with his bear eyes. He stood like statue their while Meera and Geet entered house


Meera made Geet to sit in her room and hurriedly went inside bath room. Geet took the magazine beside the table and looked around. Geet could easily make out that there were so many guests were inside house by the sound coming from hall.

Within 10 mins Meera got ready. At the same time Maan came to Meera’s room and gave beautiful smile to Geet and said


Maan: Aap hee batahiye mujhe……Itni dur se mera sister ko dekhne keliye haya hoon mein par uske pass mujhse bhath karne keliye patience nahi hai aur tho aur uska friend ko mujhe introduce bhi nahi karwaya said Maan while pulling Meera’s hair.


Meera:  Bhai please mera bhal chodiye…dhekiye abhi kafi late hagaye hum aur jab tak hum theatre pounche film bhi start hogayee hogi……..aur hai bhai hey hai Geet mera best friend and Geet this is my brother Maan Singh Khurana


Maan said “hi” to Geet to which Geet responded “Hello”. Meanwhile Maan left Meera’s hair



Geet meeting Nita

Maan admiring Geet beauty

Maan, Nita, Meera and Geet @ Theatre




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