Maan and Geet FF- Mann se Zude Risthey



Every one around her loved her so much; she was so innocent with beauty. Her life is her father and her best friend cum sister Meera. Its none other then our lovely Geet. She got engaged to Rahul Malothra. But destiny played in her life and in one night she lost everything,


 “Help help my heart is ripped is there
a doctor out there that can fix it.
My heart has been ripped, stab, and broken in half.
Please doctor fix my heart make it solid as gold.
I dont want to feel this pain anymore.”


How Geet will survive in the society?

Will Geet father understand Geet’s condition and supports her?

Did she get married to Rahul?

Kya Geet us insaan se mil payegee Jo usse sab kuch cheena hai?

Kya wo dono kabi ek ho payengee?

Kya Meera ko usse sabse acha dost kabi mil payegee

Agar Geet Meera se mili kya Geet Meera ko sab kuch batha payegee

Kya koi farista ayega Geet ki zindagi main?


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