Maan and Geet FF- Mann se Zude Risthey-Characteristics



Geet Handa

20 years old innocent girl was oblivious to all worries in the world’Her life was confined only to her family and friend. Her mother died when she was small. She is currently living with her father Mohinder. Her only life is her father and best friend cum sister Meera



Mohinder Handa: Geet Father

45 years, work as Accountant in Pvt firm. After is wife Rano death look after Geet as Mother and father. Loves Geet most and care of Meera



Maan Khurana

27 years old business tycoon ‘He is MD of Khurana constructions..

He is full of attitude.,dominance.,Egotism.. Arrogance…

He wants what ever he desires’quiet flirty’

 loves cousin sister Meera most and can do anything for her




Savithri Devi Khurana: Maan Dadi

65years, loves Maan very much and very well aware of Maan’s flirty nature. Do not like Nita. But stop involving in Maan’s matter because of some incidents



Niharika Khurana: Maan Mother

Selfish, Greedy, can spend lakhs and lakhs for her jewelry and make up, but do not give single pie to anyone, wants Nita to marry Maan so that she can get lots of money and property which is in her name and aware of Nita’s illness





Meera Khurana

20years, bubbly , very talkative. Geet is more than a sister to her, like to do anything for her happiness. She is positive and full of life and dearest to Maan





Mrs. Anvesha Rathod  (Annie)

25years, elder sister on Meera and married to Arjun Rathod. Friend of Nita Oberoi. Annie knows that Nita loves Maan and introduce Nita to Maan’s Mother Niharika Khurana





Arjun Rathod

27years, Best friend of Maan. But hates his flirty nature. Arjun alerts Maan to no to go around girls but Maan does not care to Arjun.



Dev Singhania

27years, Doctor, orphan, very good at heart. Used to stay in relatives house. Every week he will shift from one relative place to other relative place. Respects everyone.Loves Meera very much. Not rich so afraid to tell Meera about his love







Loves Geet very much, she looks after Geet like her own daughter



Lucky Singh:

Geet cousin brother,Lucky a very bubbly, cute and positive character.




Nita Oberoi

25 years,very rich, only daughter and most pampered by mother and father. Friend of Maan cousin sister Anvesha Khurana. Loves Maan very much, going to engaged to Maan, hides about her health condition with Maan




Seema Oberoi and Pratap Oberoi

Nita’s Mother and father , can go to any extent to make Nita happy.




Vikram Ahuja

He is a suave.   He works his charm around everyone, and impresses Geet. MD of Ahuja institution




Works with Maan at his office


Geet’s colleague and Adi’s wife



Sameer Chopra

Married, Works in Pvt Company and neighbor to Geet




Role: Naintara
Married to Dev

Rahul Malothra




Mohan Khurana and Kumud Khuran

Father and Mother of Meera and Anwesha


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