Vivah Bandhan – Part 49

Vivah Bandhan



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she hold his hand which was on her back and whispered “Maan please I don’t want to get embarrass here…chodiye naa mujhe

Maan: chodne ke liye nahi padka hai meine tujhe darling…don’t worry come with me

Then they both joined them dance with them…its was fun…then Maan helped Amar to sit…because he didn’t want his Dad to strain more and then maaneet had one romantic dance for Mahi mahi song…after pulling each other legs they had their dinner and went towards their room…All elders blessed Maaneet



Here Sam and Brij reached home…they both were tensed with Rajesh problem occurred in their life…they looked at each other face…at the same time their parents came home after coming from party in fully drunken state. Brij and Sam looked them in anger, they ignored both of them and went inside bedroom singing song…once they closed door Sam said “see bhai they are not concerned about us…see how they ignored us

Brij: Sam pls calm down…we know about them very well right and why are you expecting love from them

Sam: how unlucky we are bhai..hame sacha pyar kahi nahi mila

Brij: hamara naseeb mien bhagawan pyaar nahi likha hai  Sam…wo sub chodho first think how we will get information about what’s happening in KH or KM

Sam: don’t worry I will go to hospital and check tomorrow

Brij: its dangerous Sam if Amar or Ram uncle see you then that’s all…they kept in jail for some time, we should be careful

Sam: then what we are going to do        

Brij: lets keep quiet for few days and keep eye on them once we get to know complete detail then we can plan accordingly…in any point of time Maan should not get to know about us

Sam: I doubt about that…see he did not come to see us or not even talk to us till now how you will think he will listen to us this time…he completely ignored us

Brij: it was fine till you planned this killer attack on Geet or else he would have still be in our control…now see he is not responding to our calls nor we are getting any information about them…pata nahi wahan kya chal raha hai

Sam: like you said lets be quiet for few days…you also stop calling Maan, May be you arrest was preplanned may be they are keeping eye on us     

Brij: it might be possible Sam, they have not filed any complaint and just interrogate me    

Sam: ok chalo raat bahut ho chukka hai hum so jate hai…kal baat karenge

Brij: hmm…ok Goodnight

Sam: Goodnight

Then they went to their rooms respectively and slept    ************************************************                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Here Maaneet came to their room and sat on bed…they were fully tired…they were smiling thinking about their plan working according to their wish…then Maan went to change his clothes after coming out he informed “Geet tum kapde change karlo…I have one important work pending I will finish and come by the time and don’t sleep

Geet: aisa kya important kaam aapko iss waqt Maan

Maan: you will get to know soon…please change karlo and wait for me

Saying that he went down after closing door then here Geet sighed and took her dress for change and went to restroom…Maan came down and checked all the rooms and once he convinced he went towards kitchen where Deepak was waiting for him, he went near him and asked “sab ready hai naa Deepak?

Deepak: Jee sir jaisa aapne bhola waisa he kiya hai

Maan: you did not inform to anyone about this right?

Deepak: no sir no one knows about this

Maan then went towards one of the cabin and gave packet to Deepak and said “hey tumare liye…hope you like it and thank you very much for your help

Deepak was happy looking at new set of dress and said “sir its my job I work for you…thank you very much for the dress

Maan: tume pasand haya naa then its fine and where is the bowl?

Then Deepak took the bowl which he kept securely in one of the cupboard and gave to Maan…Maan smiled at him and took the bowl from him and went towards his room after thanking Deepak who was beaming in happiness

Geet got freshen up and looked at Mehendi which was dark in color and smiled …at the same time Maan came inside with the bowl…Geet was confused and asked “Maan what it is?

Maan: kept the bowl on table and said “haldi hai Geet…kal ke liye

Geet: as per rituals after haldi we should not meet each other than how it is going to happen…we can skip this

Maan: don’t worry Geet…Haldi will happen according to the rituals and you will see me in mantap itself

Geet: how is it possible aur mantap kahan hai…aapne kuch nahi bataya mujhe uske barien mein

Maan: Geet first relax and listen to me…Rajesh uncle told me he wants to show something to me so I am going early morning with him…before that we will finish our haldi…I will go with him and you come directly to mantap

Geet was shocked and asked “what I will say at home Maan?

Maan: you don’t worry about that…I will take care

Geet: our clothes

Maan: its already in the car…sub kuch arrange kiya hai meine…you no need to worry do has I say…keep your phone with you that’s enough

To which Geet nodded her head and then they went slept holding each other hands…it was around 4.00am when Maan woke up due to alarm, he went to restroom and got freshen up and after his daily chores he came out and woke up Geet informing her to get ready…Geet was first confused then Maan eyed at bowl so she gave smile to him and went inside restroom to get ready…Meantime Maan arranged everything in study room and was waiting for Geet. After sometime Geet came out from restroom and searched for Maan…then she saw study room light on so she went towards study room where everything was ready…Maan and Geet sat opposite to carpet and then Maan said “sorry Geet itna hi arrange kar paya?

Geet: its ok Maan…I am happy that we didn’t miss any rituals

Maan: haan Geet…come lets finish this also…after haldi I will go first and get ready before going out I will knock the door then you can come out…first lock door from inside and then go for bath…don’t worry about cleaning Deepak will do that

Geet hugged Maan in happiness and said “thank you very much Maan…I love you

Maan kissed her forehead and said “I love you too Geet…thanks for coming into my life and waiting patiently for me till now…I want to make all your dreams come true…be with me forever

Then they applied haldi on each other and Maan again kissed Geet on her cheek…and Geet also kissed him on his cheek and then he went out to take bath after closing door…Geet was waiting patiently for Maan and prayed “thank you babaji for giving me second chance…you changed Maan completely…the person who didn’t even care for me today doing all these things for my happiness…Maan wanted this marriage to happen but for me it doesn’t make any difference…till now you protected us…and I know that you will protect us in future also…I have one small request that is Maan should know true face of Brij and Sam, I don’t want any misunderstanding between us because of them…please take care of my family

Here Maan took bath…he came out and got ready with his casuals and went back to bathroom and filled water to tub and added milk rose petals and lighten candle around…after that he came out and took car keys and wallet then knocked study room door and whispered “Geet aab tum bahar aa sakti wo…I will close door but make sure you lock it from inside

Geet: ok Maan I will take care you don’t worry

Maan: phone apne pass hi rakho…I may call you anytime

Geet: ok Maan you take care

Then he said bye to her and went out…Geet came out from study and locked the door first then she took her dress and went to washroom was surprised to see the decoration which Maan did for her…she smiled in happiness and tears were forming in her eyes…she came out and took her phone then called him immediately once he received she asked “Maan hey aap

Maan: shhh jaan its for you…aaj se hamara naya safar shuru…I wanted to make every moment memorable for you par haldi ke liye sirf hum dono the isliye chota saa surprise tumare liye…did you like it?

Geet: I love you Maan…I want to see you now

Maan: I love you too Jaan…par you can see me…pata hai na rituals ke barien mien

Geet: mann kar raha hai aap ko ek bar hug karloo

Maan: tonight you can do anything for me dear…thoda sabar karlo

Geet got shy and said “Maannn

Maan: don’t call me like that Jaan…I cant control then

Geet: what are you doing?

Maan: changing topic…its ok I can understand…I am waiting for Rajesh uncle…once we start from here I will give you missed call then only you come down don’t come before that

Geet: hmm ok Maan…can I let you one thing

Maan: tume haqh hai Geet

Geet: I am waiting to become yours…saying that she disconnected the call

Maan smiled at his wife shyness and thought “even I am waiting to become yours jaan…few more hours then everything will be ok, sorry for make you wait

Geet went into tub after playing music in her phone and then went to take bath…here Rajesh came out ready then they both went towards Rajesh house first…meanwhile Maan gave missed call to Geet…the servant bought tea and coffee for them and then Rajesh asked “aab batao Maan kya baat hai itna zaldi KM kyun lekar haye wo mujhe?

Maan: nothing uncle I told you yesterday about this

Rajesh: Maan I am police officer you can’t lie to me…kuch toh hai isliye tum bahar ho iss waqt that too without knowing anyone

Maan: uncle wo?

Rajesh: joot nahi Maan…you can trust me, if I feel you have genuine reason then I won’t inform to my friends

Maan: aise koi baat nahi hai uncle…tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and I want to plan surprise for Geet…so

Rajesh: woh…I got it…its ok I wont tell anyone…if you need any help you can tell me

Maan: thank you uncle but has of now everything is getting ready…you said you want to show me something after that I will go there…

Rajesh: pata nahi kaise batao tujhe…I didn’t knew about your wedding anniversary…if you come to know about that then you may get hurt so I am thinking whether I should tell you some other time…but its very important for you

Maan: its ok uncle you can tell me anything…if it is related to me or my family I don’t want to postpone it

Rajesh: ok Maan…I have informed my colleague to bring the recordings here after he comes you can listen to that till then you can take rest if you want

Maan: ok uncle…saying this he went out and called Geet…Geet immediately respond to him and askedwhat happened Maan? Sab teek hai naa? why Rajesh uncle called you?

Maan: relax Geet…everything is fine here…uncle wants to hear some recordings…I am waiting for his colleague to come…but don’t tell anyone about this

Geet: ohh…I wont inform anyone

Maan: ok Jaan…is everything fine there…kahan wo aab?

Geet: room mein hoon…I went down to prepare coffee par Deepak did not allow me, he said I should not come to kitchen today…he cleaned study room also…bechara hamare waja see kaam badd gaya usko

Maan: haan…but we cant do anything for that…someone came here I will talk to you later

Geet: you take care Maan…don’t take much tension…sab teek hojaye gaa

Maan: hmm Jaan…I am not tensed but confused about what uncle wants me to hear

Geet: may be something important…if you want me to come then I will be there within few minutes

Maan: no Jaan…I will take care…after that I will call you…I want you to be happy…mere Geet ko kuch tension matt dena

Geet: teek hai Jaan…I will take care of your Geet

Maan: not bad mrs Khurana…aaj raat kuch special hoga

Geet: hmm…ok you go and check on recordings

Then they disconnected the call…Geet went down and here Maan went in to meet Rajesh…once Maan came Rajesh sat opposite to him and played the recording…first he was surprise and then got angry listening to them…he looked at Rajesh in confuse…he eyes was full of tears…Rajesh looking his condition he came next to Maan and gave him support then said “I know Maan it will hurt you, but I want to show there real faces for you…you are good you trust them but they are not worthy for that…mujhe hey bhi doubt hai ki Geet ke accident ke peeche inkha hee hath hai…so I kept their phone on tracking…at that time I came to know about this…abhi tume savdhani mein rehna hoga…don’t disclose this matter to them, they will be alert by this…I am sorry I know you planned surprise for Geet…par mujhe hey sab

Maan: I can understand uncle you no need to be sorry for this…its my mistake so many times Dad and Ram uncle tried to tell me but I did not give much importance thinking that they are doing this because they did not like my friendship with Brij…I never thought he will stoop so low

Rajesh: its all happening for good Maan…thinking about this don’t spoil you mood…you talk to them like before unless we get clue on Geet’s accident remaining I will take care after that

To which Maan nodded his head and then he excused from Rajesh saying that he has some important work to do then he went out



Vivah Bandhan- Part 48

Vivah Bandhan



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Saying that she slipped the ring to Maan’s finger…Maaneet hugged tightly and both wiped each other tears and then they cut cake and fed each other

Maan: ek kiss toh banta hai Geet…to which she nodded her head

Maan kept his hand on Geet waist and pulled her towards him…with his finger he raised her face kissed on her lips…while all elders were looking at them in shock




It was Priya who came out of shock first and said “can we please go inside…its awkward to see kids romancing

Pallavi: tum teek kheh rahi ho Priya…chahiye

Ram: lets wait for some more time and see what’s happening actually here

Priya glared at Ram and said: bhaisaab aapke friend ko sharam naam ke cheese nahi hai…please tell me to come inside

Amar: come Ram its not decent enough to watch them like that

Ram: atleast we wait till we get to know what’s happening there.

Pallavi: chal Priya hum andar chalte hai…its so embarrassing

Priya: Ram if you don’t us now then you are sleeping in living room today

Amar smiled listening to them and all gathered in Amar’s room…Ram who got disappoint said “atleast we would have asked them what they are doing?”

Amar: may be Maan proposed Geet

Priya and Pallavi nodded their head then Ram again asked “if they are proposing then why so much decoration and they both exchanged ring…it was looking like engagement”

Priya: I think you have lost it Ram…shadi ke badh koi engagement karta hai kya? May it is promise ring

Pallavi: haan mujhe bhi yahi lagta hai…may be they promised each other and starting new life

Amar: it might be possible Ram like Priya and Pallavi said…see they are youth aaj kal kuch na kuch celebration karte rethe hai his generation ke log…or they both stepping into family life…uska celebration be ho sakta hai

Ram: instead of giving lecture like this we would have asked directly

Priya: yeah you can ask them but not now…tomorrow you ask…its not good to disturb them now

Ram: but Maan used to do that when he was young then it is my turn now

Amar: Ram stop it tum toh bilkul bache ke tarah behave kar rahe ho

Priya: Ram he was kid at that time…how can you think like that…atleast Geet ke barien mien socho she will get embarrass in front of elders its not good

Pallavi: Yes bhaisaab Priya is saying correct you can do anything with Maan but please don’t bring Geet in this…poor girl she has gone through so much after getting married to Maan…Atleast leave her to be happy now

Ram: ok…ok I won’t ask anything with them…if they have ring with them then I will ask about it

All shook their head knowing Ram will not listen to them…then everyone went to their room

Here Maaneet enjoyed cool weather for few more minutes and then they danced together then they went back to their room …Morning has per Maan’s instruction Deepak cleaned whole terrace with the help of other servants and went back. Morning as usual Geet woke up and got freshen up…later she went down to prepare coffee and tea…meanwhile Pallavi also joined her…Pallavi noticed glow in Geet face and was happy for her…finally Maaneet happy with each other…Later Priya also joined them…Priya eyed to Pallavi to see ring which was in Geet hand…and smiled at each other. Here Maan woke up and got freshen then he went to gym…Later he went to room got freshen of went down…At the same time Amar and Rajesh joined them…Geet served coffee then looked at love birds and said “Amar kal rath ka picture bahut acha tha naa?”

Amar: kousa picture…Ram winked at him and Amar knew he is talking about Maaneet just nodded his head…Priya and Palalvi smiled hearing Ram

Ram: that kiss scene was superb yaar…kya scene tha wo…saying that Ram smirked at Maan

Maan got doubt listening to that so he kept empty cup on table and said “ok you carry on…I have some important work”

Ram: aisa kya important work hai Maan…saying this he hold his hand and said “wow this ring is superb from where you got it?”

Maan knowing very well said “it’s Geet gift uncle”

Amar: Geet ne tume gift kiya hai…show me

Then Priya and Pallavi also joined Amar…then Amar asked “what you gave her? When did you purchase?”

Maan: Dad you only told us to buy something…so we purchased ring…this was what we purchased when we went to shopping

Ram: is it your engagement yesterday?

Maan and Geet looked at each other…Geet got embarrassed so she went to her room Ram laughed looking that then Maan said “you all wanted me to buy something for Geet so I thought to gift her ornaments…when we went their Geet also want to purchase something for me so we end up in buying rings…so what’s the big deal in it…and uncle if you saw us yesterday then why did you went back?”

Ram: we did not want to disturb you guys

Maan with serious “uncle if you have any question please ask me when I am alone I don’t want to embarrass Geet…atleast you would have thought how she will feel, see now she went inside without saying anything because of you now she wont talk to me

Saying this he went inside…after that Priya said “now you got relief…bahut muskhil se dono rajee hue…what was the use of telling them…like us you would have also keep quiet. We all tried to tell you then also you will never understand…taq gayi hoon aapko samjakar…do whatever you want to do now…aap apne had se rehna kab sekenge Ram

Then Priya angrily went inside while others followed her…Here Geet was so embarrassed to face elders…Maan came inside and saw her…he went near her and asked “I am sorry Geet…its all because of me, I would have not asked for this marriage”

Geet: its ok Maan…leave it…mujhe todhi deer akela chodh dijiye I will be fine

Maan: Geet I don’t want you to suppress your feeling…kuch bhi mujhe batao…till now its different…in this one year you tolerate more now I don’t want you to hide anything from me…please talk to me

Geet: please Maan leave me alone

Maan: mujhe pata hai tum gusse mein ho…so please talk me, dont keep your feeling inside Geet…agar kuch bolna hai aur datna hai please datoo…I dont want you to suppress your feeling…its very dangerous, please batao naa mujhe saying that he took her in his arms…tears started flowing from her eyes and she said “I don’t want to go in front of anyone…its so embarrassing, when they know we have some private moments then why did they stay back they would have left us alone…what is the use of telling this in front of everyone…this is first time happened in my life…how I will face everyone now Maan…mujhe ajeeb sa feel ho raha hai

Maan: please Geet don’t worry I will talk to all of them and inform not to talk about this matter

Geet: I want to go to temple…shall I go?

Maan: no Geet…I cant send you alone there, after this accident toh bilkul bhi nahi. unless I punish the culprit I wont sit quiet…ahinda tum kabhi akeli bahar nahi javoge…if you want to go anywhere I will accompany you

Geet: mujhe kuch der akeli rehna hai Maan…please I can think about anything

Maan: ok then we do one thing I will drop you to temple and wait for you

To which Geet nodded her head and then they got ready and went to temple once they reached Maan informed Geet to go inside. Here Maan called Amar and said “Dad I am sorry without informing you we came to temple?”

Amar: what are you saying Maan…and others went silent…Pallavi eyed saying what happened…then Amar out phone on speaker

Maan: I am sorry Dad…Geet wanted to be alone for sometime so she wanted to go to  temple so we came here

Amar: Kya hua Maan? teek se batao

Maan: she is disturbed Dad and she was telling that now she cant face you all

Ram: Maan listen give phone to Geet I will talk to her

Maan: sorry uncle she went inside temple

Priya: tum kahan wo?

Maan: I am outside aunty she wants to spend some time alone so I am waiting here

Pallavi: don’t leave Geet alone Maan…its very dangerous…tum uske hass pass mein rehna

Amar: Yes Maan your mom is saying correct…unless we find Geet’s culprit we cant leave her alone

Maan: ek minute Dad let me go inside

Maan ran inside temple and saw Geet sitting in front of god…he sighed in relief and sat little far from them and said “she is praying”

All sighed in relief and then Ram said “I am sorry Maan…I just pulling your leg in this I forgot about Geet…I am really sorry I didn’t expect this”

Maan: its ok uncle I can understand…Geet ko bhi hey sab naya hai…it take time for her to understand…she will be fine…looking at Geet he said

Then Maan thought of some plan and said “mom Geet likes mehendi very much…you call some girl who can put mehendi for her and we can plan for party in the night so that we can change her mood”

Pallavi: par kuch occasion hi nahi hai…what we will tell her

Amar: Maan sahi kheh raha hai…you arrange for some beauty parlor girl or you can put mehendi to Geet if you want

Priya: hmm not a bad idea…so that Geet cant hide from us and we all can enjoy…anyhow we all were planning for party after Amar bhaisaab discharge now you can say her that we its that part

Maan: thanks aunty…you plan for mehendi and Ram uncle will arrange party for tonight…what say uncle

Ram: I will do anything you want but I want Geet to be normal

Maan: ok uncle you all get ready with preparation and we will be back…Do you want to bring anything from here

Pallavi: kuch nahi Maan we will take care of this you no need to worry

Maan: ok Mom…we will come back soon

Pallavi: ok Maan

Here Rajesh got call from Ram informing him to join party with his wife…Rajesh agreed.  Then he called Simran and informed her to get ready for the party at KM…Simran got excited started to get ready

Maan convinced Geet and they went back home…has everyone been busy with preparation for Party…Geet was confused looking at them busy then went inside her room then Maan narrated about the function to Geet…she was shocked and asked “so you informed them about our marriage?’

Maan: no Geet, I didn’t inform to anyone…everyone were worried about you and Ram uncle want to ask sorry with you…I told them to distract you we will arrange party and mehendi function has you like Mehendi very much

Geet: not a bad idea…

Maan: Aaj Mehendi aur Sangeet function will be here…tomorrow early morning haldi function after that I will go with Ramu kaka to our farmhouse and send him back here…later in the night in temple we will get married there

Geet: phir ghar wale

Maan: Geet I have arranged the gift and after sangeet we will give it to everyone and inform them to join us at farmhouse

Geet: they will get doubt about this?

Maan: don’t worry about that…I will tell them we are going to temple tomorrow

Geet: I am not feeling comfortable with this Maan…after yesterday’s incident

Maan: I am sorry for that Geet…I know its difficult we have already enjoyed our engagement party and now today its mehendi and sangeet…we don’t do anything such so elders will get doubt on us

Geet agreed to that and then changed her else…when she came down Ram asked sorry with her and then Pallavi arranged parlor girl to apply mehendi…Geet was surprised with that and Pallavi said “you like mehendi very much right…so today we arranged for Mehendi for you”

Geet: but maa uski zarurat nahi thi…I am fine…I am sorry meine toda zyada react kiya

Priya who was listening to them said “no Geet you didn’t do anything wrong…we can understand you situation…and that to if these things happens in front of elders then you will really get embarrassed so no need to ask sorry…actually I should ask sorry with you because of Ram you face this…he didn’t mean to hurt you Geet…he was just pulling Maan’s leg and you were dragged in between”

Geet: its ok aunty

Pallavi: omg now can you guys pls stop talking about that…parlor girl is waiting so Geet come you along with me I will introduce her to you

Geet: par mein akeli kaise? You if both apply with me then I am fine with that or else lets forget

Priya: Geet teek kheh rahi hai Pallavi…kitne dino ke baad hame mouka mil raha hai…come we will also apply

Pallavi: par ghar ke kaam

Priya: wo sab baad mein dekhenge

 Pallavi thought for few minutes and then said “teek hai we will also apply mehendi…first let Geet apply in the mean time I will call Simran also here…then we all can enjoy mehendi day today

Geet: Simran aunty is coming today…wow that’s great…I will be meeting her first time

Pallavi smiled at her and said “Haan Geet…even I have not met her for long time…lets have mehendi day today”

All laughed listening to that and then Pallavi requested parlor lady to apply mehendi for all to which she agreed later she informed her to apply mehendi first to Geet after that to call them…Priya and Pallavi went inside and then Geet gave smile to parlor lady who gave book to select mehendi design…Maan who was waiting till his mom an Priya aunty leave he came near Geet ans sat beside her…Geet looked and him shock…Maan gave smile to Geet and took book from her hand and then started searching for the design…Parlod lady smiled at them and went from there to give privacy for the couple. Then Geet said Maan aap kya kar rahe hai”

Maan: Geet tume dikhayi nahi deh rahi hai kya…I am searching design for you

Geet: I will do it…if mom and Priya aunty comes then they will tease us…please go from here

Maan: Geet I have planned everything don’t worry… they wont come here…I have made arrangement for that…if they are coming here then I will get information before them…now please don’t distract me…we have less timesaying this he started to search design and then selected one and gave to Geet…she smiled looking at that and said “aap mehendi nahi lagahenge kya?”

Maan: mein kaise…its does not look good

Geet: at least a dot lagha dejiye…its shagun

Meanwhile parlor lady came…Geet showed selected design to her…Maan thought for few seconds and have his hand to Geet to apply mehendi…Geet took cone from parlor lady an wrote G on his hand…Maan gave smile to her and left from there…then parlor lady applied to Mehendi to Geet

Here Rajesh went home and got ready and then came to KM along with his wife Simran…then she was introduced to Amar, Pallavi ,Ram and Priya…after light snack they chatted for few minutes and gents went towards Amar room and ladies went out to garden where parlor lady for applying mehendi for Geet…Geet mehendi was completed…they all ladies came and joined Geet…looking at Mehendi Pallavi said “Priya see the design its very good…Geet you applied bridal mehendi?”

Geet: maa wo…who

Looking at Geet’s hesitation parlor lady said “no madam I selected this design for her…she wanted small one…we had time so insisted her to apply this mehendi”

Pallavi: bahut acha kiya apne…during her marriage I did not get time to see her mehendi…thank you very much behenji

Parlor lady gave smile to them…Geet blinked her eyes and whispered thank you for her. Then Pallavi introduced Geet to Simran…she hugged Geet and blessed her…then they sat next to Geet waiting for their turn to apply mehendi

Pallavi: Simran you also apply mehendi it was Geet request so please

Simran: yes for sure

They all had gala time shared there feelings and when they were applying mehendi, Geet excused and went towards Maan and informed him how parlor lady helped her and wanted to do something…Maan agreed to that after everyone mehendi done…Maan came and whispered Pallavi to give gift to parlor lady…then she said went along Maan and with his help she took new saree and informed him to give to parlor lady and also pay for her…Maan kept saree in the bag and then took some cash and gave to parlor lady while thanking her

Parlor lady: sir its too much…you paid more to me

Maan: its ok mam…please take it…its my wife wish so I am fulfilling…and thanks for helping us

Parlor lady blessed Maaneet and went from KM

Rajesh came in search of Maan and said “I want to show you something Maan can you come to station tomorrow”

Maan: is there is any problem uncle

Rajesh: abhi taq kuch nahi…but its better we find solution for that or else it will effect you

Maan: you can tell me now uncle its not a problem, 

Rajesh: I want you to hear it and then you plan how we will go ahead

Maan: ok uncle I will come with you

Rajesh: I did not inform this to anyone…I wanted you to know first and then you decide what we are going to do next…if you want I will inform Ram and Amar

Maan: uska zarurat nahi hai uncle…we both go from here early morning

Rajesh: morning kyun badh mein bhi jaa sakte hai

Maan: no uncle if we leave later then everyone will come to know about that and they will get worried…I will inform Geet that I have important case and come with you later she will inform everyone

Rajesh agreed to that and went inside to join his friends…everything was ready for sangeet party…Everyone went to their respective room to get ready…When they came out the hall was fully decorated…they were surprised to see that because earlier it was simple but just it looked like marriage function…


Maan first got ready in room and informed Geet to get ready in restroom…and informed Geet to come down after getting ready

 Maan’s dress

Geet admired Maan and he informed “mein tumara hoon Geet no need to gape at me like that…even though I don’t mind but we will get late to the function…please come down soon…” Geet was shy and turned her face to other side Maan went towards her and smashed his lips on her soft ones…Geet also started responding to him…his hand started to roam on her back…he squeezed her hip and Geet moaned in pain and pleasure…once they are out of breath Maan left and her and touched her forehead with his and said “enjoy this freedom Geet only one day left…I wont leave you so easily”Geet hugged Maan in shy…Maan shook his head and came down…once he was down Amar asked “did you change the decoration Maan…earlier it was different”

Maan: yes Dad…I thought to give surprise for Geet so I arranged for it after she went from here

Amar patted Maan’s back saying “I am proud of you Maan…thanks for showing interest on Geet”

Maan: Dad…please…I am really sorry for what has happened till now…I promise you that you wont regret here after

Amar hugged Maan with immense love…he was happy that finally his son and daughter in law getting together…he wanted to ask about good news from them and thought to wait for some more days and then he can ask Maan…Maan then went and looked for final arrangement and kept song ready in the pen drive. Everyone gathered in hall and were waiting for Geet…it was time so Maan informed then he will get Geet down and went towards his room…Here Geet got ready and looked herself in the mirror…she was happy…in the meantime Maan came inside and saw Geet…he as mesmerized by her looks…he went inside and hugged her from back kissing her name said “you’re looking breathtaking Geet…wow outstanding…mujhe niche jane ka mann nahi lag raha hai…can we stay back here”

Geet: then what about our sangeet…only one day left…come lets go down all will be waiting for us

Maan nodded his head saying no and hugged her more tight and said “this is not fair Geet”

Geet: what we will do sitting here…everyone waiting for us pls come lets go down…acha nahi lagta…they will again tease us

Maan nodded his head and said “hmm that’s right…come stand here I will take one snap at least

To which Geet nodded and Maan took her snap…he once again hugged her and then

Geet Dress

Maan and Geet hold hand and came down everyone looked at them in surprise…it did not look like small get together party…it was looking like Maaneet wedding function…once they came down Ram said “Amar agar pandit ji hota naa hum un dono ka shashi aaj ki kara dete…if I had any hint that these will dress like bride and groom I have made arrangement for marriage.”

Amar: tum teek kheh rahe ho Ram…ask them if they are ok with that I have no problems

Maan and Geet smiled listening to them…then all joined in the floor…Maan put pen drive on device then he went towards them and requested them to join dance floor…has he earlier informed Deepak arranged drinks and food for all of them

Amar: no Maan I am already tired I cant dance

Maan: Dad please join us it will be good…just don’t strain…dance for Geet’s sake…she will be happy

To which Amar nodded his head…he and Pallavi joined hands together and then started to dance. Ram Priya Rajesh and Simran joined them…once everyone started dancing Maan went towards Geet and put right hand in front of her and asked “will you dance with me sweetheart?”

Geet first looked at others and then smiled at Maan and put her palm on his…he slowly put his one hand on her waist and pulled her towards him and hold her tight…Geet was scared because they are in front of her inlaws and their friend…she hold his hand which was on her back and whispered “Maan please I don’t want to get embarrass here…chodiye naa mujhe”

Maan: chodne ke liye nahi padka hai meine tujhe darling…don’t worry come with me

Then they both joined them dance with them…its was fun…then Maan helped Amar to sit…because he didn’t want his Dad to strain more and then maaneet had one romantic dance for Mahi mahi song…after pulling each other hands they had their dinner and went towards their room…All elders blessed Maaneet




Vivah Bandhan- Part 47

Vivah Bandhan



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— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –



Maan: if you have arrested him then you might have strong reason for that…like I said won’t interfere in their matter…agar aap ko use doubt hai toh aap uske kilaaf action le sakte hai

Rajesh: good Maan…I was accepting this from you

Maan smiled at him…Amar looked at Maan in shock …Ram and Geet smiled listening to Maan…later nurse informed Maan the arrival of cardiologist…so he went and met him then they both came together to Amar’s ward and after consultation he discharged Amar giving prescription to Maan…they are sat in car and headed towards Khurana Mansion…Here Pallavi and Priya kept puki ki tali ready and Pallavi welcomed Amar …then all sat together and had breakfast





After breakfast Ram and Rajesh took Amar to his room and made him lie on the bed and informed him to take some rest…but Amar denied saying “no yaar…I was taking rest till now abhi kuch waqt mere dost ke saat bita doon…I want to hear about Brij…itne saalo ke baad hum kamyabee ho rahe hai…I want to know how you arrest him and was surprise seeing Maan supporting you”

Rajesh: Amar relax…aise kuch nahi jaisa tum soch tahe ho…doubt basis par arrest kiya hai…he was roaming near hospital I just wanna to why he was there? What is running in his mind? And about his hand in Geet accident…I will interrogate him today…let’s see what he will say and then we should think about next step

Amar: kuch bhi wo Rajesh…atleast he is in jail for one day that’s enough for me it will be our first step for success remaining we can think later

Ram: Amar teek kheh raha hai Rajesh you dunno how much we suffered from Brij

Rajesh: why you did not inform me Amar…I would have taken care of those two

Ram: we tried so many times he is sharp enough and played along with our emotions especially Maan…agar Geet ke accident me brij aur Sam ka hath hai toh iss bar wo dono bach na sakhengey…Maan himself got doubt on them

Here Pallavi went towards pooja room and Priya followed her…Maan and Geet looked at each other and went towards their room…Maan got freshen up and went to sleep…Geet looked at him surprise and thought “hey lo babaji…wo sone ke liye chal gaye…according to his chupke se shadi karne ke plan mein aaj hamara sagai hai…par wo toh aaram se soh rahe hai…mein kya karun inka” cursing Maan she went inside washroom …after bath Geet realized that she forgot to bring towel and dress…she looked at her dress which she throw on floor in anger which is half wet, she took dress in hand and talk to herself “hey kya kar diya tune Geet? Maan is sleeping now how will you go out…iss shadi ke chakkar mein aise chali ayi aab yahan se kaise bahar nikalogi…soch kuch soch Geet you can’t stand here whole day” then she opened door slowly and peeped out…she saw Maan sleeping and whispered  “Maan toh soh rahe hai…I will slowly go out and get my dress…then she looked up saying Babaji please bacha lena…then she looked at herself  slapped her forehead saying…Geet you cant go out naked…what you will do now…atleast mujhe cover karne ke liye kapde chahiye…babaji…she looked at Maan shirt which was on hanger her eyes twinkled in joy and she immediately wore that…she was able to feel Maan’s smell in that…Maan’s shirt only covered her till upper thigh… she opened door and looked at Maan who was sleeping then she slowly stepped out of bathroom pulling the shirt down…Geet opened her wardrobe to take dress but  she was pulled forcefully and got hit by hard rock body…she looked at the person with scared but was relieved seeing Maan there…she hit him on his chest  and asked “Maan aap toh soh rahe the naa…utt kyun gaye aap?”

Maan: kisne kaha tume mien soh raha hoon? I was waiting for you to join me..aaj kal tumara bina neend kahan hata hai mujhe?

Geet: Maan please…chodiye mujhe (her face was pink with embarrassment)

Maan: kyun?

Geet: Maan please…atleast close the door first

Maan: we are not making love Geet…why are you so shy?

Geet: at least chodiye mujhe

Maan: ok…saying that he holds her tightly carried her towards door and closed door with his foot and signed her to lock the door…without any option Geet closed the door and Maan put her down still holding her in his arms asked “aab teek hai naa”

Geet thought: babaji mein toh gayi…Maan does not know I am wearing his shirt…if I say him he will tease me…how I will manage now…I should change first…I cant tell him that I need to change…what to do Geet jaldi socho”

Geet planned something and said “Maan I need to use washroom please jane do naa”

Maan: just now you came from restroom and you want to use again? tabiyaat toh teek hai naa

Geet: why are you questioning me so much today…please chodiye naa

Maan: chodh deta agar tum mujhe phele bata deti par aab nahi

Geet: what?

Maan: when my wife is looking so sexy… how I can leave her without fulfilling my desire?

Geet: Maan please

Maan brought Geet near bed and came close to her and said “what please Geet? First of all you are looking so hot in my shirt and how can I control myself?” saying that he took her plum lips in his and started nibbling her lips…Geet tried to stop him and then started responding to him…he started sucking her lower lips and then came to upper lips…his tongue slowly entered her mouth and started tongue war…he started tasting her sweet nectar and when they were out of breath he released her and kissed her on forehead resting his forehead on her…Geet opened her eyes and looked at Maan who was looking at her pinkish face…he gave sweet smile to her and blushed again furiously

Maan naughty smiled and kissed Geet eyes and put his hand on her neck then slowly Geet kept her hand on Maan’s and said ” Maan pls stop”

Maan looked at Geet in intense eyes and said: mujhe haqh hai Geet…if you don’t like then I will stop no problem

Geet: its not like that Maan…wo wo haan you said you want to get married to me again and then we will get physical…so

Maan: mujhe mera baat yaad dilaneki zarurat nahi hai Geet…I know what I am doing don’t worry

Then he opened first button looking at her Maan kissed her left cheeks first and put his hand on second button then kissed right cheeks opening second button…Geet closed her eyes in pleasure then he kissed on neck opening third button she started nibbling her skin …Maan got up and opened his shirt and throw around bed side then he came upon Geet and started kissing her neck and he hold her neck in one hand and again kissed on her lips …he kept his hand on her blossoms and started kneading it…he slowly came down and started sucking her nipple…Geet hold his head tightly in pleasure…then he started sucking other nipple…then he came down to stomach and started to open button…Geet held his hand…he left her and went inside bathroom saying “zaldi se tayyar ho jao Geet…when I come out if you are like this then I cant control myself I will take you then and there itself”

Geet immediately changed her dress and then went inside study room to calm herself…it was too much for her…dunno about Maan’s condition…she wanted to take bath once again…Here Maan condition is not less and cursed himself for putting condition with Geet…and thought to plan for his engagement plan tonight…he took cold shower and when Maan came out Geet was nowhere to seen so he thought she must went down so he called Deepak to terrace…when Geet heard door sound she came out…she was sure that Maan was not there…she is not ready to face him…she took another set dress and went inside bathroom and took cold water bath to calm her nerves…once she freshen up she went down towards kitchen to prepare lunch. She saw Pallavi and Priya both were in deep discussion…she went towards them and asked “kya hua maa aap dono serious discussion mein hai?

Pallavi: nothing beta…aab sub kuch teek ho raha hai..Amar hospital se discharge hoke haye now I need all my people to be happy…and Geet I am really sorry

Geet: aap mujhse mafi kyun mang rahe hai

Pallavi: nahi Geet actually I should ask sorry with Maan, mujhe himmat nahi ho rahi rahi…wahi Priya samja rahi thi mujhe…pata nahi Maan mujhe maaf karega ya bhi nahi?

Priya: Maan will not say anything just talk to him and ask sorry for your behavior

Geet: par aunty mujhe lagta hai instead of asking sorry maa can talk to him normally and if Maan does not speak then she can tell why she spoke to Maan like that instead of asking sorry…Maan will understand her

Priya looked at Geet in respect and said “Pallavi Geet is also right…we will prepare Maan’s favorite food today and you serve him lets see how he reacts…agar gussa hua toh we think for solution later”

To which Pallavi nodded her head…Here Maan came to terrace and informed Deepak to clean and also gave him the list informing him to collect and make arrangements in terrace without informing anyone in the family…Deepak was confused and thought Maan has gone mad has this was the first time he was saying to do something like this…shrugging his shoulder he agreed to do what Maan said…later while going down Maan informed “Deepak you can ask help others and do the work when you are free…but it should be completed before eight pm today” to which Deepak nodded his head.

Here Rajesh excused with his friends and informed them “aab mein chalta hoon…mujhe station jana hai”

Amar: stay with us Rajesh…daily wahi kaam karte hoo…tell your colleagues to take care”

Rajesh: no Amar I should go, I want to talk to Brij has you know I can’t keep in cell for long time so it’s better I go…let’s see what he will say “

Ram: Rajesh I got information that Sameera will be coming tonight now we should be more carefull…

Rajesh: don’t worry I will take care I will let you know about proceedings later

To which Ram and Amar agreed…later Ram and Rajesh came out leaving Amar to rest for sometime…Rajesh talk to Pallavi and Priya and blessed Geet then he went to station…Later Maan came down and saw all of them talk he also joined them by sitting next to Ram…Looking at him Ram asked“kya baat hai doctor aaj kuch kaam nahi hai kya?”

Maan: nahi Mr. Kapoor aaj sirf family ke sath rehne kaa program hai…agar koi emergency hai toh jana padega

Ram: itna kyun meherbani humpe doctor

He winked at Geet and said “mera mehabhuba ke liye”

Geet was pink listening to them Ram whistled saying “not bad Maan…you have improved a lot”

Maan: sanjhat ka asar hai uncle…I learned seeing your romance

Now it was priya’s turn to get pinkish…Pallavi and chuckled listening to Maan…then Ram continued saying “Mera aur Priya ke barien mein sab jante hai…its your train which is going on right track…first of all you openly expressed your feeling for Geet today”

Maan: aap mujhe galat samaj rahe hai…its not for Geet I told

Everyone looked at Maan in surprise and Ram shockingly asked“then for whom you said you stayed for your mehaboba?”

Maan got up and kneeled down in front  and holding her hands and said“what is it darling you are sitting quiet…see you are my sweetheart you should support me common tell them I stayed for you”

Amar who was tired sleeping same down and saw the scene…he silently sat next to Geet waiting for others reaction…Ram who looked at the scene got shock once again…Pallavi and Geet were looking at duo in open mouth…Ram suddenly came towards Maan and took Priya’s hand which he was holding to his and said “agle saat janmo ke liye Priya mere liye fix ho gayi hai…sorry gentleman you are proposal is rejected”

Maan: Mr Kapoor…I am not asking you lets my Priya darling answer me

Ram: Maan chup ho jao warna mien tujhse baat nahi karungaa

Ram looked at Amar and signaled him to see what his son is doing and asked to help him…Amar shook his head and signaled Ram to looking towards Geet…Ram did not get so Amar signaled him to come out…and Amar quietly escaped towards garden without anyone noticing…After Amar left Ram said“yes Maan you are right…giving Priya’s hand to him and said “chalo hey musibaat tum jelo…” Maan was shocked to hell and thought “uncle ko kya ho gaya? He never used to leave Priya anuty today he happily giving her hand to me…I used to make him beg and see now how he is reacting…kuch toh hai…warna itne asaan se uncle aise nahi haar mante kya baat hai”scratching his head he looked at others

Ram and Amar met outside then Amar narrated the plan to tease Maan…Ram took one flower from the garden and went in…all were looking at Ram in surprise in the meantime Amar also joined them again…has everyone were staring at Ram none noticed about Amar…then Ram cleared his throat and hold rose in his hand…Maan smirked looking at Ram knowing very well that he will come to Priya to propose so he also stood there waiting for Ram

Meanwhile a servant came and gave juice to all of them…Ram took sips and looked at Maan and then Priya who was smiling at Ram looking his condition…Ram drank juice in one go and winked at Amar when everyone were busy in drinking and kneeled down in front of Priya and said “jabse mein tumse mila hoon I was spell bound with your nature…you are so down to earth…I have never seen so intelligent girl in my life…you know how to tackle the situation and gave support to your husband whenever its required…I know now I became little old but I know you will support me and listen to me…I feel bad that your love is not reciprocated then also you never stopped supporting our family…looking at all these in mind can you please accept my love towards you sweetie” Maan smirked listening to him while sipping juice and Geet and Pallavi were waiting for Priya respond who was looking at her husband in confuse…Priya winked at Maan and was about to take rose when Ram continued saying “you are gem sweetie…aaj taq tumare jaise koi nahi keha mein ne…you supported our family whenever we were in trouble…I am very proud of you…kya tum mera girlfriend banogi?” Priya smiled and tried to keep hand on rose…Has Ram’s back was towards Maan he was not able to see and was enjoying drink…Maan was waiting for his chance…But Ram changed the direction towards Geet who was looking at Ram in surprise and then Ram continued “kya tum mera girlfriend banogi Geet jaldi batao Geet my knee is paining…you know I am old”…Hearing Geet name from Ram’s mouth …juice went inside his nose and he started sneezing badly…tears was flowing out of his eyes…he started coughing…looking at his state all were worried for Maan then Pallavi gave water to him and told him to look up…Geet was about to get up but Ram hold her hand …Ram smirked looking at his condition…then he winked at Geet…she smiled and took rose from Ram knowing very well that uncle was pulling Maan’s leg…even she wanted to play along

Ram sat next to Amar they both hi fived and Geet went towards Maan with flower in her hand and asked “are you ok Maan? Do you need anything”….Maan burned in jealousy looking at flower in Geet hand…went to Maan and stared rubbing his back…Maan was ok after sometime…he was silent…Priya was also in shock…Later all got seated in respective place and then Ram asked “kya hua Maan why you face is so red…jalan ho raha hai kya?”

Maan: nothing uncle

Ram: haise kaise nothing Maan…I just got beautiful girlfriend and you are not congratulating us…aur Priya tumara haal kya hai? You are also silent

Priya: Ram pls stops teasing my son, poor boy

Ram: acha poor boy…etne saalon se hey mujhe tang kar raha hai and you are telling me to stop on one day

Priya glared at Ram and said “it was you who always enjoyed Maan’s naughty side and now stop doing that…look at his face

Others were listening to them…Geet shook her head and then went inside kitchen to prepare lunch…Maan looked around when he did not find Geet there her excused saying he want to check with his colleague about surgery for tomorrow and ran to his room and thought “hey kya ho gaya mujhe…I was so jealous with uncle knowing very well that he is doing this just to tease me, uncle was so jealous first then what happened all of the sudden? Where did he go? I think someone helped him…its not uncles plan he wont think like that then who is it? He thought for few minutes and said yes…it is none other than my father… he was there he is the one who planned this. Aab mien uncle se Mazak bhi nahi kar sakta…if I do then he will team up with Geet…stupid Geet why she took that flower from uncle…he was cursing himself for pulling Ram’s leg

Here Priya asked “why did you do that to Maan? who give you this idea?”

She looked and both and said “bhaisaab aap inhe support kiya? Par kyun? He is your son…poor guy you should see his face when Ram gave flower to Geet”

Pallavi: what bhaisaab did it is also correct Priya now don’t support him…Maan did not think twice how Geet would have felt…he was having fun when table turned towards his side he was not able to digest

Priya: tum bhi Pallavi…you know very well Maan was just pulling his leg he used to do that from childhood its not new to us

Amar: Priya cool it was just to check the seriousness…see he was not able to digest the fact that Geet agreed to become Ram’s girlfriend when he clearly knows that Ram treats Geet like his daughter…I liked his possessiveness…This shows he loves Geet very much…as far my knowledge Maan will come for peace negotiation with Ram

All looked at Amar in surprise and Geet who heard their talk wanted to see how Maan will talk to Ram and others agreed to what Amar said…Later when Maan came down Ram as per plan Ram sat next to Geet which irked Maan…with boiling in stomach he had less food and went out saying he has work… Ram danced in joy and other laughed looking at Ram while Geet chuckled to Maan’s reaction


Here Rajesh came to interrogate room and told his colleagues to bring Brij there…later Brij was in front of Rajesh…He signaled him to sit and asked“what were you doing in front of Khurana hospital?”

Brij: I went to meet my friend Maan there

Rajesh: Maan? Koun Maan?

Brij got scared with his tone and said “Dr Maan Singh Khurana”

Rajesh glared at him and asked “you mean to say you went to meet Dr Maan Singh Khurana? Then what were you doing near compound? Kahi tumara hath nahi Mrs Khurana ki accident mein?

Brij: no Sir I didn’t do anything to Geet…I was not in town also

Rajesh: then why were you hiding

Brij: I came to know about Geet’s accident so I went to meet them

Rajesh: who told you about Geet accident? And if you there to meet them then what were you doing in the compound?

Brij: aisa kuch nahi hai…wo…wo…Maan’s father and uncle does not like me so I did not want to create difference between them so I was waitng for Maan to come out so that I can talk to him

Rajesh told his colleague to take Brij back to cell then he informed them to take back up of his phone later they put his and Brij phone to trap and later they asked few more questions with Brij and sent him

Here Sam came out from the airport and waited for Brij when he didn’t she called him and asked “Brij where are you?”

Brij: aah raha hoon wait karo

Sam: I have informed you that I am coming today then also you are making me to wait here…where the hell you are?

Brij got angry and sarcastically said: hey sab tumara wajah se ho raha hai…mujhe police ne girafdar ke hai…abhi abhi unhone mujhe choda hai…shayad unko doubt ho gaya hai

Sam: why they arrested you? Did you say anything? Who complained against us?

Brij: pata nahi Sam…mujhe lagta hai uss budde logo ne complaint liya hai…we should be careful now

Sam: what about Maan bhai? Did he say anything?

Brij: uss sala ne mujhse cross question pooch raha tha… mien aaj use milna gaya par wo kahi samne nahi haya…phir police ne mujhe girafsar kiya hai…

Sam: I told you to not trust Maan

Brij: wo sab chodo…pheli baar mujhe hamara haar nazar haya hai

Sam: don’t worry bahi…we will plan something else for that

Brij: no Sam don’t do anything…we are facing problem because of you keep quiet for few days then we can see the situation and then react…if I get to meet Maan once then we can convince him like always…apta nahi uss stupid nee kalse bahar nahi haya…uska vehicle wahi kada tha…

Sam: shayad usko doubt ho gaya ho?

Brij: if that is the case also we can fool him don’t worry…but now I am worried whether he will listen to me or not…first time I heard Maan’s angry voice

Sam: ok dont worry lets meet him first and then plan

Brij : I am in airport where are you now?

Then sam look around and came in front…Brij parked his car then they both went in


When Maan came back everyone were sleeping so he went to terrace and looked into the decoration and started working…it was evening when they finished the work. Later Maan gave some money to Deepak and other servants to helped then and thanked them…and also requested then not to inform other to which they agreed and happily went down…Maan checked on lighting once again and switched off light and then went inside

Maan kept his and Geet dress in cupboard and went to freshen up…Later we went down…Maan saw all of them sitting and chatting…later Amar looked at Maan and told called him…Maan went and sit next to him. They had tea and snacks later Maan whispered “uncle I want to talk to you personally” Ram looked at him and said “ok come lets go inside” Maan also agreed Ram pressed Amar’s hand and eyed at him and then later went in…Amar shook his head and smiled thinking about his crazy son and then told others to follow him to see Maan’s drama


Rajesh who listened to Brij and Sam conversation informed his colleagues to keep track on them. Maan and Ram were in guest room Ram kept the door open so that others can listen to their conversation and asked “Haan Maan kya hua?”

Maan first hesitated to tell him and then said “uncle please aap Geet ko girlfriend mat kahiye”

Ram: kyun? When you can call my wife with different names then why cant I ?

Maan: I am sorry…you know I was just pulling your leg

Ram: Maan beta I am also doing the same

Maan: I know uncle par mujhe accha nahi lag raha hai

Ram was hurt and asked “do you doubt on my relation with Geet Maan?”

Maan immediately hugged Ram and said “Uncle please don’t say like that…how you can think about me so low? I know about you and Geet also…I trust you both…I know you treat Geet like your daughter then also when you say Geet has your girlfriend I get hurt. I cant imagine anyone calling her so expect me…abhi abhi hamare beech sub teek ho raha hai, I don’t want to hurt her…and I promise from now I wont call Priya aunty with different names…keep your wife for yourself and leave my Geet”

Ram laughed loudly and separate from Maan and said “see finally you came on track…I don’t feel bad Maan…because I can understand what you are going through…see from now you wont say any sweet dialogues to my wife if you do then I know what I should do now”

Maan nodded his head has he don’t have any other option…then Ram was about to go he asked “Can I ask one more thing”

Ram: haan Maan tum kuch bhi puch sakte hoo?

Maan: who gave you this idea uncle?

Ram : kya…kya? what idea you are talking about?

Maan: I know its not your idea…someone helped you…has per my knowledge it should be Dad

Ram looked at Maan in shock…then Maan got confirmation that his father was the culprit then Ram sais “wo…wo…Priya is waiting for me…I need to talk to her” saying that he ran towards Amar …here others came back to living room…Geet was pink listening to Maan…when Ram came back he hi-fived with Amar. Everyone started discussing about it and laughing…Geet was so embarrassed so he went in excusing. She was in kitchen waiting for Maan…When Maan came everyone burst out laughing…Maan got to know why they are laughing and said “don’t tell me you are eavesdropping to our conversation”

Pallavi: haan humne suna isliye khush hai…kya aab hum hamara grandchildren ka intezar kar sakte hai…last time you promised

Maan was surprised hearing his mother talking to him…He hugged her and asked sorry but Pallavi didn’t allow him to do so and said “I am sorry Maan…I hurt you most…please forgive me”

Maan: its ok mom I can understand…you are not at fault, I am glad that you are talking to you

Amar: don’t change the topic my son…what you were telling Ram?

Maan: Dad please…

Priya: ok ok…I will talk to Maan because I have all right

Ram: ok…but you should not give him simple punishment

Priya: aap chup rahiye…mujhe pata hai mere beta ko kya punishment dena hai

Ram went silent listening to this…Amar are Pallavi looked at Priya amazingly… then Priya said “kya Maan mera punishment manoge warna inn logon ka teasing…I promise if you agree to do that then no one will tease you and she winked at Ram and said I look into that my husband does not call Geet has his girlfriend…kya sharat manjoor hai?”

Maan sighed in relief and said “yes aunty…I promised you I will do what you say?”

Priya: ok then your punishment is we all want to see our grandchildren

Maan blushed listening to that and said “ok I promise mujhe aapke punishment manjoor hai”

Ram: this is not fair Priya…hey toh sweet punishment hai…he is not going to suffer, I thought you will keep him far from Geet atleast for a month

Priya glared at Ram and said “kyun…we all wanted to see their babies and if you keep them far then it will be punishment for us also”

Ram cribbed saying “ok I agree with you…par kuch toh aur punishment de doh…”

Priya: if you want to punish Maan then I will punish you also…if you are ok with

Ram kept quiet…while Maan winked at Ram…has it was late for dinner everyone had dinner and went to sleep…Rajesh called Ram and informed about happenings today and also told to change Maan’s car . Ram went to talk to Amar

Maan came to room first and then got ready

Maan Dress

He kept Geet clothes and left a note saying to get ready and come to terrace without anyone knowing…Geet saw note and smiled thanking Maan for not forgetting. She got ready and took snap


Geet Dress

Geet opened the door and when she was about to go out she saw Ram and Amar talking, she came back…When Geet did not turned up, Maan called her…Geet replied him saying “how can I come Maan…Ram uncle and paa both are talking and their room door is open…if they see me them?”

Maan: don’t worry they will not see you…if you keep waiting for them then whole night you should be there only and I am here waiting for, do one thing come out without making any noise

To which Geet agreed and she came out slowly and went towards terrace

She was amazed seeing the decoration…it was looking like perfect engagement party…without guest…



Here Ram who saw Geet going out he followed her and shocked looking at the scene…he went down and informed Priya Amar and Pallavi…all with excitement followed Ram and were shocked looking at decoration

Pallavi: hey dono yahan kya kar rahe hai

Priya: I think Maan is fulfilling our wish…so he is here to propose Geet

Ram: par for proposing why should they wear such grand dress…he would have done that in front of us also

Amar: I cant here what they are talking…then how we will come to know

Geet hugged Maan in happiness…Maan reciprocate the hug and asked “Geet did you like it? I was worried thinking that you will not like it…thank god…”

Geet: no Maan actually when you said we are getting married I thought it in simple way because only we two…but I am happy that you made it in grand way, its just perfect engagement party”

Maan kneeled down in front of Geet and asked “Thank you very much for forgiving my mistakes…you are angel to my life Geet…I never realized that before…I spite of knowing your husband does not love you…you never backed out from your duties…you waited for me without any expectations…I started getting attract to you and thought to give me some time to understand you better and make sure whether I love you truly or its just infatuation…dere dere mujhe samaj mein haa gaya tha mien tumse sach mien pyaar karta hoon…I cant tolerate anyone near you…you would have seen my reaction when Ram uncle gave rose to you…(to which Geet nodded her head) I want you badly Geet…I want to wake up with you…I want see you every night and morning…mera har subha tumse shuru hokar tumse katam hota hai Geet…I love you so much…will you be mine for rest of my life? Will you marry me once again?”

Geet with tears in her eyes nodded her head and Maan slipped ring to Geet’s finger and then Geet said “when I got married to you I never thought you will accept me has your wife, still I did not want to go back to my family, pata nahi kyun mera dil iss ghar ko chodke jane ko nahi mann nahi laga, isliye meine haya ruki…you never told me to go out of this house I stayed here waiting for the day you come and tell me to get out you’re your life…though we fought also we never parted ways…your parents treated me has daughter of this house, I was happy with that…later I used to feel your eyes on me…I thought its my imagination then when you said you love me I was happy…to be frank I don’t need this marriage…but you wanted to do it so I happily agreed…thank you very much for coming into my life Maan…I am happy with you Maan…I love you so much…please mujhse dur mat jahiye”

Saying that she slipped the ring to Maan’s finger…Maaneet hugged tightly and both wiped each other tears and then they cut cake and fed each other

Maan: ek kiss toh banta hai Geet…to which she nodded her head

Maan kept his hand on Geet waist and pulled her towards him…with his finger he raised her face kissed on her lips…while all elders were looking at them in shock









Vivah Bandhan- Part 46

Vivah Bandhan



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Banner credit goes to Misti


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 



After Maaneet sat in the car Ram and Rajesh went towards Amar’s ward…Brij was waiting outside KH to get glimpse of Maan and talk to them…and allowed his people to get information from hospital but they were failed to get. Rajesh and cleared mentioned the staff to not to leak any information related Khurana’s to anyone…if anyone insist to inform the police who were in waiting room. First time in his life all the doors have been closed…when two constables came out by their bike followed by police car Brij hide in the fear or getting caught.







Geet was silent from the time she sat in the car so Maan asked“kya hua Geet? See we are going for shopping like we wished then why you are silent?”

Geet who looked at dirver and then whispered to Maan “kuch ajeeb sa lag raha hai Maan, we are going with police protection”

Maan: don’t think about it much Geet…after your accident this is must and I was thinking about getting security service for everyone

Geet: pagal wo gaye kya? I will not go out if there is security

Maan: I won’t take any chances with your safety now, it was my mistake to allow you go alone; I am eagerly waiting to see the culprits who were dare enough to touch my family

Geet: can I ask one thing with you?

Maan: what? Let me guess??? Hmm do you want to say that you and uncle were eavesdropping while I was talking to Rajesh uncle?

Geet looked at Maan in shock then Maan smirked saying “I know it will be Ram uncle’s plan…instead of eavesdropping I would have been happy if you guys came into cabin”

Geet: aap ko bura nahi laga jab sab aapka friends ko suspect kiya hai?

Maan: nahi Geet…why will I feel bad?  Geet they are my friends…I know I behaved wrongly with my family people…I can understand Mom’s anger. If they are involved in this then they will see my real face. I never gave permission to anyone to hurt my people.

Geet:lot of changes in two days???

Maan: hmm…are you happy with this change?

Geet: yes I am happy because I got to know more about my Maan

Maan: you’re Maan?? He winked at her and said “not bad Geet…you also improved a lot

Geet: what to do when I husband is unromantic then I should take a lead

Maan: mien unromantic hoon? Mien? Tum kya janthi ho mere barien mein?

Geet: zyada kuch nahi but itna jaroor janthi hoon ki mu husband does not know how to romance with his wife…I heard doctors are more romantic par aap

Maan looked at her intensely and whispered “don’t worry I will pass in this test also…and if you remember few minutes back what happened between us then you know someone was blushing furiously

Geet was all pink when she heard Maan’s word and started looking out smiling. Maan looked at Geet and understood her feeling and did not tease her much because they were in Rajesh car

They went to xyz mall…Maan and Geet got out of the car and went towards shop, as he was known person to Khurana’s owner welcomed with respect and asked about their parent’s wellness and then Owner looked at Maan and asked what they are looking for. Maan looked at him and said “uncle we are looking for couple rings”

Owner: haan beta…come this side and asked what is the occasion

Maan: uncle wo eng… but Geet interrupted him in middle and said “uncle hamara saal gira ke liye”

Owner looked at them in confuse and then smiled and said“teek hai beta dekho… Saying that he kept the boxes containing rings in front of them and went towards counter giving time to select. Once they are alone Geet whispered “aapkya kar rahe the?

Maan: what did I do Geet?

Geet: you were about to spill beans to uncle and he is known person to our family and he may inform this to paa

Maan looked at her in amuse and said “great Geet…thanks for saving us…or else we would have got caught”

Geet: Maan we can select simple ring

Maan: not very simple Geet…everyone will be waiting to see what I bought you if it is too simple then you know about them they will scold me again and that too this is the first gift I am giving to you

Geet shook her head thinking about their crazy family and agreed

Maan and Geet pointed towards same ring and then looked at each other face and smiled…then Maan informed salesman who was nearby to send it for billing…Then Maan looked a Geet and asked whether she need to purchase anything else…Geet thought for few seconds and said “Maan we never gift anything to elders, mein soch rahi hoon ki hum unke liye kuch karidari kiya toh kaise hoga?”

Maan: not a bad idea Geet…but what we purchase them

Geet: I wanted to gift them but kya occasion pata nahi

Maan: Geet you wanted to buy something for them and even I wanted to gift them…occasion ke jarurath nahi hota hai…sirf acche mann hona chahiye

Geet: not bad Mr Khurana

Maan: yes Mrs khurana when my wife is so intelligent mein bhi uski barabar hona chahiye naa

Geet: what we are going to purchase of them

Maan: pata nahi…hmmm…Geet how about buying bangles for all ladies and we will decide about men later

Geet: haan teek hai…but it will cost more for you, is it fine for you


Maan: its ok Geet…hum aapne logon ko kareed rahe hai so no problem…and its our celebration…it will be fun when we give same gift to everyone…they will be happy

Geet smiled at him and started looking for bangles and then they selected one design and Maan informed shop owner“uncle I need same piece four set…do you have”

Owner: Maan beta hamara paas ek ye set hai…agar aapko yahi design chahiye toh mien baunvake dunga

Geet: par we need within three days

Owner: no problem beti I will give bangles within three days

Maan: is it possible uncle or else we will see some other things

Owner: how can I say no to Khurana’s beta…doesn’t worry give me two days’ time we will complete your order

Geet: thank you very much uncle

Then looked at Maan and asked “whatwe will purchase for paa and uncle’s Maan…how about Rings

They selected one simple design and ordered it also…Maan told them to prepare four pairs…Geet looked at him in confuse and asked char kyun?

Maan: its to Mom and Dad, Ram uncle and Priya aunty and then Rajesh uncle and Jyothi aunty then my in laws…how can we forget them

Geet looked at him proud and then Maan whispered her saying “agar aise pyaar bhari ankohn mein dekho gi toh mujhe control karna muskhil hoga Geet…its not the right place”

Geet slapped him lightly on his hand and said “aap mujhe tang karne ka maukha nahi chodte hai naa?”

Maan: I have right to do that sweetheart

Hearing him Geet blushed again and went other side, she wanted to buy something to Maan, she was searching for gift and Maan went to pay advance amount

Maan purchased bangle for Geet and kept it in his pocket before Geet comes… Maan got call from hospital so he informed Geet to be in shop and went to other side to attend the call has signal was weak…in the meantime Geet selected chain and pendent for Maan and paid for that then she put it in her bag

…and then they both came out of shop and then headed towards cloth section…they purchased silk sarees for all ladies and silk kurta and pajamas for mens…then they selected dress for them and came out of shop and sat in the car…Maan informed driver to drop them first at KM after that they will go to hospital…Geet looked at Maan in confusion he said “Geet if we go hospital now all will see the gifts so it’s better that we will keep these things at home and then go to office…and also we can inform that that we brought rings”

Geet: par Maan they will be willing to see our gifts

Maan: anyhow Dad is getting discharged tomorrow so once they are home we can show them

Maaneet went to KM and kept all the things safely and then started to hospital…When they reached they saw all friends enjoying they shared smile and entered inside Amar’s cabin. They looked at Maaneet and Amar asked “what did you purchased Geet? Etna jaldi ho gaya aap logon ka shopping?”

Geet: haan paa

Looking their empty hands Rajesh asked “then where are shopping bags? Sach mein aap dono shopping gaye the naa…wait let me check with my driver”

But Maan stopped him saying “uska zarurath nahi hai uncle…we have purchased and ke[t gifts at home…anyhow Dad is getting discharge tom then we call can see the gift together”

Ram: what did you purchased Maan?

Maan: you will get to see tomorrow…you all can go home now I will stay back

Geet: I will also be here with Maan…aap logon ka khana ho gaya kya?

Amar: it’s not required you all go home and take rest…here nursed are there to take care of me

Maan: sorry Dad…I can’t leave you here alone I will be here

Ram: Maan teek khe raha hai…let Maan and Geet be here…we will go now and come in the morning

Amar: teek hai

Priya: don’t worry bhaisaab we will have blast tomorrow

After bidding bye to Maaneet and Amar all went towards home…while they crossed gate Ram saw someone standing near gate which resembles Brij…with doubt he called Rajesh and informed him…Rajesh immediately took action and sent his constable to catch hold of man who is near gate…two constable who were following khurana’s vehicle came back after talking to Rajesh and parked their vehicle little far and came near the gate and saw the person who was peeping inside…and two constables came from hospital and all four surrounded Brij. He was first scared looking at them and then tried to escape and without leaving any option from Brij all hold him tightly and one of them informed to Rajesh…Rajesh suggested constables to take him to their interrogation room and to keep Brij in captive 

Here Maaneet talked sometime with Amar and after he slept they both sat on couch looking at Amar…then Maan said “Geet Dad is sleeping now, you also sleep if anything I will wake you up”

Geet: no Maan I am fine, if you want you can sleep for some time…you need to rest…you sleep

Maan: no Geet I am fine

Then they talk for some time and planned for their upcoming marriage it was past midnight and then Geet said “mujhe pata hai aap kitni der soye the…aab aap chup chap so lijiye…I will be awake for some more time and if I feel sleepy then I will sleep here itself”

Maan: teek hai…its waste of time to argue with you…saying that he pushed himself to other end of couch and out his head on Geet’s lap and closed his eyes…First Geet was looking at him in curiosity then seeing him sleeping on her lap she blushed furiously…Maan slowly whispered to Geet “agar tum aise sharmati rahogi toh mien kaise soo pata hoon Geet?”

Then Maan closed his eyes and slept on Geet’s lap…she sat for few more minutes and when nurse came Geet woke up Maan she give injection to Amar she asked about his condition…Maan went and checked Amar’s condition and after nurse went out of room he sat on couch and Geet kept her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes

After minutes Maan also slip to peaceful sleep

Ram woke up with his phone continuous ringing and was shocked looking at caller ID …he immediately responded to call and aksed “What happened Rajesh? Why are you calling me so early? Sab teek hai naa? Amar Maan aur Geet surakshit hai naa?

Rajesh: relax my friend why are you raising your BP…Amar is getting discharge today…are you by any chances planning to get admit in hospital?

Ram: aisa kuch nahi hai Rajesh…I was shocked…you called me so early?

Ram: what are you saying?

Rajesh: yes Ram what you heard is right? when you told me you saw a person near gate who resemble Brij, I took immediate action and arrested him…case has not been registered yet

Ram: good job but what we will do next

Rajesh: we have already arrested him on doubt basis…let them interrogate Brij and we will come to know why he was there and hamara dost ko etne saal takleef dene ke liye police latee see do maar padega toh tassali hoga hame…kya bolta hai tu?

Ram: that’s fabulous idea

Rajesh: ok don’t worry I will take care of that and when you all are coming to hospital?

Ram: I will get ready now and will be there within half an hour…I will come alone

Rajesh: ok then I will meet you in hospital

Then they greeted each other and got ready to hospital…Later they both met in reception then they went towards Amar’s cabin…when they opened door they were surprise to see Amar awake…both looked each other and about to greet him but Amar signaled them to be quiet…Rajesh and Ram came towards Amar then Amar said“Maan and Geet sleeping so I didn’t want you both to wake them…isliye mien tum logon ko ishara kiya takee tum log mera bte aur bahu ko utta nah jaye”

Ram whispered “see how calm they both are looking…love birds wait let me take this picture” then he took picture and showed them to his friends

Amar: this is the first time I am seeing them so close…I had a doubt on Maan…now I am happy

Ram: you have one more happy news

Amar: what it is?

Ram: Rajesh ne kal raat Brij ko arrest kiya hai.

Amar: wow that’s the great news but how Maan will react

Rajesh: don’t worry we will inform him let us see how he react to this

Amar: par?

Ram: no Amar what Rajesh is saying correct we will inform to Maan…now we should attack Brij directly …Maan should know what’s happening…ley luka chupi kka kehl kyun?

Geet and Maan got disturbed with their talk and woke up…they looked at each other then smiled and then they was shocked looking at Amar, Ram and Rajesh…Geet was embarrassed and excused herself went to restroom…Ram smirked at them and asked Maan “kya hua Maan why are you blushing so much”

Maan: nothing uncle

Ram: aise kaise kuch nahi…tum log toh aise so rahe the jaise char din mein soya nahi…agar itna neend aa rahe toh tum log ghar mien so sakte the…

Maan: wo..wo

Amar came to his rescue and said “kyun mera beta ko tang kar rahe ho…they slept few hours ago

At the same time Geet came out of restroom…Maan went inside restroom escaping from Ram

Ram: what a friend I have…rarely I get chance to oull Maan’s leg you spoiled it

Geet: kya hua uncle?

Ram: kuch nahi beta…I was pulling Maan’s leg but your paa ruined it…you know how much he has tortured me

Geet smiled listening to that…somewhat she know about what Ram is talking…after few minutes Maan came out then Amar got ready…then Rajesh said “Maan I need to tell you something”

Maan: yes uncle batayien naa…kya baat hai?

Rajesh: yesterday we arrested Brij

Maan was shocked and asked “what???”

Rajesh: he was near hospital compound pata nahi wo kab se waha kada raha tha…isliye arrest kiya and we have not yet filled complaint about that

Maan: if you have arrested him then you might have strong reason for that…like I said won’t interfere in their matter…agar aap ko use doubt hai toh aap uske kilaaf action le sakte hai

Rajesh: good Maan…I was accepting this from you

Maan smiled at him…Amar looked at Maan in shock …Ram and Geet smiled listening to Maan…later nurse informed Maan the arrival of cardiologist…so he went and met him then they both came together to Amar’s ward and after consultation he discharged Amar giving prescription to Maan…they are sat in car and headed towards Khurana Mansion…Here Pallavi and Priya kept puki ki tali ready and Pallavi welcomed Amar …then all sat together and had breakfast


Vivah Bandhan Part 45

Vivah Bandhan



Banner credit goes to  Chaitra (26_chaitra)



Banner credit goes to Misti


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 



Geet eyes was full of tears.. Maan was disappoint because Geet did not say anything and then said “Geet its ok…I know I am not goodperson” but Geet stopped him in middle by putting finger on his lips and said “mein aapse phir se shadi karne ke liye tayyar hoon Maan…hey khushi ki aasu hai…itna kuch hua hamara zindagi mein phir bhi hum dono ek saat hai…this shows we really meant for each other…I am happy Maan bata nahi sakti mujhe kitna khushi ho rahi hai” saying this she cupped Maan’s in her palm and kissed over his forehead, eyes nose and all over his face and stopped near his lips” Maan’s face was beaming with Happiness and asked “ruk kyun gayi Geet? Agar sach mein mera proposal tume pasand haya toh you should kiss me on my lips” Geet face was pinkish listening to Maan and she slowly pressed her soft lips on his rough ones.





She started to sulk his lips slowly…Maan waited for few seconds he was not able to control he took charge and started to eat her lips…today they were not worried about anything because they cleared their misunderstanding and shared their feeling with each other…Geet was losing her balance Maan slowly made her sleep and the bed and put his weight completely on her without breaking the kiss…they both were out of breath and when they were not able to bear they broke there kiss and close their eyes because tired for few minutes…Maan kept his head on her chest and was happy hearing her raising heartbeat…when their heartbeat was normal both looked at each other and smiled…there was sparkle in their eyes which was showing love and happiness. Maan slowly caressed her cheeks and said “mann kar raha hai mein tume aaj hee kha loon”

Geet: kis ne roka aapko…

Maan: mere honewali patni ne…wo bahut sanskari hai…I don’t want to break the rules…par iss me bhi enjoyment hai

Geet: then ok…aap mera upar so rahe hai…get down please

 Maan frowned and pressed himself more on her and said“sirf char din hai Geet, you should get used to my weight so I am giving you practice for that…instead of thanking me you are telling me to get down” 

Geet blushed furiously and looking at her pinkish face Maan said “agar tum aise blush karogi toh mien kaise control karoon Geet…you are making me to break the rule”

Geet looking at his eyes asked “who told you to set rules first…if you wish we can continue…no need of marriage”

Maan got up from her and said “shadi do mann ka Milan hai Geet…if I got married to you whole heartedly then I would have not thought about getting married to you again…look at Mom and Dad, Ram uncle and Priya aunty your mom and dad they all are having blissful married life…though they fight argue still they are together. I want our life to be same. We have waited nearly a year now we can wait for four days which will be unforgettable memories in our life, we can cherish it for life long. It will be like hide and seek game…let’s how we will get success”

Geet: how can we do that Maan…everyone will be there and what will we will tell them, how we will hide these things from them, Roka, Mehindi, Sangeet, Haldi aur shadi kaise hoga hey sab?

Maan: why are you worrying so much Geet…let’s go in the flow…I will take care of that I need your help also…we will buy ring tomorrow kisi ko pata nahi chalega

Geet: kal kyun? Aaj kyun nahi?

Maan with surprised asked aaj???

Geet: Haan…Maan we decided to get marry again with all rituals without knowing to anyone (to which Maan nodded his head and then Geet continued) see now we are free unless our people call us inside, instead of waiting time here lets go for shopping and buy necessary things we needed

Maan: hum kal se shuru kar sakte hai

Geet: it will raise doubt for others aur hum pakde jayenge

Maan: Matlab??

Geet: babaji aapko bahut mazaa haa raha hai naaa..itna buddhu pati diya mujhe

Maan: Geettt…Mein buddhu hoon? Don’t forget I was the one who planned about our marriage. I will plan that also

Geet slapped her forehead slowly and said “Maan will you listen to me patiently (looking at her serious face he nodded his head) good then listen, first we no need to give any explanation to anyone now if we go to shopping anyway Ram uncle has given us permission to go for long ride. So we will go and purchase whatever possible now…baaki sab hum badh mien deklenge”

Maan smiled listening to her and said “plan toh bahut acha hai…tum toh chupa rustom nikli…how can you think like this also…tume aur jaana hai mujhe…I love this shararathi Geet…saying this he kissed her first Geet was shocked then she also started to respond him…Maan broke the kiss and said “if we continue then we all our plans will get fail so chalo lets go”

To which Geet agreed and they made themselves presentable, then came out of Maan’s cabin…Maan told her to wait for few minutes and then called Ram and asked “Uncle we are getting bore here, if you all still want to continue your talks then I am taking Geet out”

Ram: tum dono kahan ho Maan?

Maan: near my cabin…kyun uncle

Ram: wait there…I will be in few minutes saying that he disconnected the call

Maan looked at Geet confusingly and said “uncle said he will come here, shayad hamara plan flop ho jayega?

Geet pouted and said “why did you tell them…now what we will do”

Maan: Geet I didn’t want them to get worry about us…itna kuch ho gaya…aab toh hum kuch lessons seekna chahiye…at least mein”

Geet shook her head and Ram informed all of them that Maaneet planning to go out now has they are getting bored or they will come here.

Amar: let them go out Ram, yahan kya kaam hai unhe…they don’t get time to spend together let them enjoy and tell Maan to buy something to Geet…bewakoof abhi taq kuch nahi diya usko

Ram: hmm idea toh bura nahi hai…but there is a problem

Amar and Rajesh: What?

Ram: not a big problem but I came to know that Brij came back I don’t want Brij to see Maan or Geet…in case if it is them who planned Geet’s accident then he will try to get information from Maan and will act smart like always he do…abhi Maan use gussa hai, and in anger if Maan spill beans about this or inform them about police investigation they will be alert…unless and until Maan see real face of his friends we should be careful

Pallavi: I dunno when we will get peace in our life…abi taq hum sub khushi khushi se baat kar rahe the, phir se unn dono ka bura saya hamara upar padh gaya

Rajesh: bhabi aisa kch nahi hoga…ek kaam karte hai… I will inform my driver to go with them…let them go in my car and I will tell two constable to follow them…one Brij does not know about me and second no one will follow my car has it belongs to police department and Brij or his informers have no idea about that

Ram: yeah this is good idea…I will inform them

Rajesh: ek minute mien bhi tumare saat avunga…I will inform my driver

Rajesh immediate called driver and informed him to come to basement, Ram and Rajesh left from Amar’s room… Amar looked at his friends and said “shayad mien kuch ache kaam kiya hoga pichle janam mein I got good people around me”saying this he wiped his tears to which Pallavi agreed and looked at them smiling…and then Amar ordered two trusted constable to follow Maaneet… then they went towards Maaneet and informed the situation for both and told them to be careful…Maan assured them he will take care of Geet…then Ram requested Maan to not to say anything about police investigation to Brij if he ever try to meet Maan to get information…to which Maan agreed. Then Ram whispered to Maan “get something to Geet…you have not gifted her anything to her till now…Amar told me to inform you”…Maan raised his eyebrow and then smilled looking at him and then whispered  “I know uncle. So we both planned and going for shopping now”. Ram patted his back saying “Goodluck my boy”

After Maaneet sat in the car Ram and Rajesh went towards Amar’s ward…Brij was waiting outside KH to get glimpse of Maan and talk to them…and allowed his people to get information from hospital but they were failed to get. Rajesh and cleared mentioned the staff to not to leak any information related Khurana’s to anyone…if anyone insist to inform the police who were in waiting room. First time in his life all the doors have been closed…when two constables came out by their bike followed by police car Brij hide in the fear or getting caught.

Vivah Bandhan Part 44

Vivah Bandhan



Banner credit goes to  Chaitra (26_chaitra)



Banner credit goes to Misti


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —



Geet face was like cherry tomato while she is talking about baby, Maan nod his head in smile and came near Geet, he hold her shoulder and made her look at him and said “Geet, I want to know what is your heart saying? Are you ready for this? Don’t think about our parents, I know they are eagerly waiting to hear good news, but I want your wish, you should be mentally and physically ready for this, then we can think about that, if anyone ask about baby tell them to talk to me, I don’t have any problem in answering them. This is all because of me, If I did not over react and listened to you then everything would have solved and these all things would not have happened

Geet: no Maan, its not like that

Maan: I know Geet, jo kuch bhi ho raha hai hey sab mere wajah se…don’t worry from now I will give more focus to my family, aur tume shikayat ka koi mauka nahi dunga




Maan came near Geet and said “I am sorry for hurting you Geet, pata nahi mein kyun hamesha tume hurt kar raha hoon.

Geet: its ok Maan…I can understand why you got angry with me…I was fool, this time it was both of our mistake and our family is suffering for that

Maan: thank you very much Geet for understanding me

Geet: it’s all because of Ram Uncle we should thank him, he was the one who made me understand where I went wrong and also told me about you escape plan

Maan looked at her in shock and asked “what??? How can he tell you about my plan?”

Geet : “then what you want him to do? He knows what’s good for us so he asked me about our fight and suggested me. Like a father he guided us so that we understand each other’s important and stop our child games, he wanted us to behave little maturely”  then narrated her conversation with Uncle to Maan.

After listening to Geet, Maan said “he is angel Geet, whenever I am in problem he always should next to me and supported me. My Dad has good friend circle, looking at them even I want a friend who can support me like they do…But Geet stopped him and said “pls don’t start again I don’t want to listen about your friends…pls it’s a request don’t compare them with Ram Uncle, I can’t tolerate that”

Maan: do you think I am stupid to compare them to uncle? Forget about my friends, let me see they are innocent or not

Geet: what are you saying Maan?

Maan: My Dad is lucky enough to get good friends, they all gem…whenever I look at his friends i will get jealous thinking that I did not get friends like him”

Geet: matlab??

Maan: itna zaldi kya hai Geet? You have waited patiently so far then wait for few more days… you will get know very soon?

Geet: teek hai…as you wish…aab hum chale sab hame wait karte honge

Maan: I want to talk one more thing with you; I want genuine answer for that this time

Geet somewhat guesses what Maan want to talk with her she just gave smile to him and both sat inside car went towards KH


Here Brij landed in Delhi…first he tried to get information about Khurana’s. One of his informer said he saw Geet in restaurant. Brij was shocked to know. Then he called Sam, she informed she will be soon in Delhi, she is boarding flight now. Brij then went home and tried to call Maan but he did not respond. So he thought to go to hospital and find more about Geet’s condition, so that it will help him to talk with Maan and he thought to wait for Sam because it was she who created this mess and now she has to find some solution


Maan and Geet first met Ram and Rajesh then all four of them went towards Amar’s room. They chit chat for few minutes in the meantime Maan checked Amar’s condition and said “condition is normal…once the cardiologist here we will consult him once again and then we can discharge Dad tomorrow”everyone happy hearing that and then Ram said “he already checked Amar and said tomorrow if his condition is stable he will discharge Amar” HasAmar’s condition is normal. All sighed in relief and congratulated Amar for getting well soon. Rajesh said “Maan I need to talk to you, can we go out?to which Maan nodded his head. Amar who listened to Rajesh asked“kya baat hai Rajesh? What you want to talk to Maan? Kuch bhi ho hamara samne baat kar. No need to hide anything”

Rajesh: aise kuch nahi hai Amar, actually my friend son is here for treatment I want to talk about his medical condition with Maan, you take rest after consultation we will come here

To which Amar agreed and then Maan and Rajesh went out. Geet looked at Ram signing what is going on…he signaled her to follow him…then they both excused and came out and asked nurse about Maan who replied he is in his cabin so Ram and Geet headed towards Maan’s Cabin. Geet who was confused asked “Uncle what is going on? What Rajesh Uncle wants to talk with Maan? Why he lied in front of all?”

Ram: have patience Geet…I know what Rajesh want to ask but I want to know Maan’s reaction so keep quiet for few minutes…it will be surprise for you

Geet looked at Ram confusingly and followed him. Maan entered his cabin along with Rajesh and asked “now tell me uncle what you want to hear from me?’

Meanwhile Ram and Geet stood in front Maan cabin… Ram signaled Geet to be silent and hear about their talk.

Rajesh: Maan do you remember you said you will help me investigation

Maan: yes uncle…how can I forget about that?

Rajesh: then good…I need contact number of Brij and Sameera

Maan looked at him confusingly and asked “sure uncle I will give their number…can you please tell me why you require their number

Rajesh: look Maan I know about your friendship Brij, but I have doubt about their connection in Geet’s accident…I want their number , it will help me in investigation…its ok if you don’t want to provide number I can ask my colleagues to get it for me

Maan: it’s not necessary uncle…I will give it to you, even I have some doubt on them and whom so ever responsible for my Geet’s accident I won’t live them

Saying that he gave contact number of Brij and Sam to Rajesh…here Geet and Ram were shocked and them Ram whispered to Geet “that’s the reason I told you to be quiet…hope this time we succeed in proving their crime and now I am sure that Maan will not leave them, now my only wish is to see their faces when Rajesh arrest them “

Geet: but uncle we don’t have any proof to prove their crime

Ram: come let’s go from here this is what I want to hear now I don’t want to be caught by Maan, they may come out any time

Ram and Geet headed towards Amar’s ward and on the way Ram said “let’s see Geet…I am sure that they are culprit…and Rajesh can get evidence soon, we have trust on Rajesh”

Geet: how was this possible uncle? Maan hamara saath de rahe hai? He even gave Brij and Sam number to Rajesh uncle? How did this miracle happen?

Ram: Geet actually Brij called Maan and asked about your health? Other than family members no one knows about this so Maan was surprised and I asked him to think about it. So he informed Rajesh that he will help in this investigation and will support us…when Rajesh told me about this I was shocked so we came here to see whether Maan will help Rajesh…finally Maan will be out of their clutches now…this is all because of you Geet…you are the main reason Maan took this decision and if Amar comes to know about this he will start dancing

Geet: par meine kuch nahi kiya uncle? How I am responsible for this?

Ram: first time in Maan’s life he is going against his so called friends and he is supporting Rajesh in his investigation, if this time we show real face of them Maan will never get in touch with them for lifetime. Then he will come to know what we are saying is right. This is because you were in hospital and he was not able to bear seeing you in pain so he has taken this decision

Geet: I am not able to believe this uncle? Maan??? woh bhi mere liye he is going against his friends for whom he fought with me? is this is what he was telling me 

Ram: means

Geet: before coming here we both talked and then narrated everything to Ram may be for this he told me to have patience 

Ram: That’s what I am trying to say Geet…don’t think much about it…go in flow let’s wait and see

Geet: yes uncle…you are right, what he said is right…my heart is saying me to trust him…I will do what my heart says now…remaining we can think later

Ram: Good bacha…I want only happiness in your family life…aab shayad bhagawan bhi hamara saat de

Geet: you don’t worry about it much uncle…now I think it’s time to celebrate…if paa’s condition is good we can request Maan to discharge him

Ram: no Geet…lets Amar he here tonight, it will be good for his health…cardiologist informed the same when he came for rounds

Geet: ohh then its ok uncle


Meanwhile they reached Amar cabin and saw him talking with Priya and Pallavi…Looking at them Ram said we told you to take rest and here you are straining yourself…kya karun mein?”

At the same time Maan and Rajesh also came inside…seeing them Amar asked” bore ho raha that oh kya karu? Aap log kahan gaye the?”

Ram: we were here only yaar…Actually Geet wanted to give surprise party for you so we were talking about that.

Looking at Maan and Geet Ram continued saying waise tum dono hayan kya kar rahe wo? See we friends are together and we need some privacy why can’t you guys go for long ride or somewhere were you like so that you can also have your quality time…winking at Amar he asked “kya Amar mien teek khe raha hoon naa?”

Amar understood Ram’s hidden meaning and said “yes Ram you are correct…waise tum dono ka zarurat nahi hai haya…if we need we will call you so that you can join. Now be good children and leave us alone for some time”

Geet pout listening to them and asked “this is too bad…why can’t we be with you? We will also talk to you…please paa even we want to spend some time with you”

Amar: sorry Geet some other time…see after long time Priya is with us, then Rajesh also the person who don’t have time to spend with us, so we are making use of that, you will get bore, has ram said why can’t you guys go out? Is there is any problem?

Geet: no paa…fine then you guys enjoy we will go out…then she looked at Maan who was gaping at all of them, she hold his hand and pulled him out saying “hayan kisi ko hamara zarurat nahi hai…chali hey we go out”

Maaneet came out…Ram and Rajesh burst out laughing then Amar joined him…Pallavi and Priya looked at them in confusion and then Ram said “they need sometime together, Geet said Maan wanted to talk to her and if we make them to be with us then they wont get time and after Amar discharge Geet and Maan will not get privacy because they are worried about Amar, so let them have some quality time…hey sab toh hota rahega…abhi abhi Maan ne Rajesh ko support kiya investigation mien…then he narrated everything to them and looking at Pallavi he said “now Amar is fine stop getting angry with him…what’s say Amar”

Amar: Haan Pallavi please behaving rudely with him…when he came to look at me first time after i got my consciousness I knew something happened…its Maan and Geet personal matter they will solve like always”

To which everyone support Amar and then Pallavi said “mujhe koi shouq nahi hai Maan ko tang karne ka…i was worried for you…now you are fine then I dont need to think about anything I will scold him from now…now happy...saying that she gave smile to everyone…Ram and Priya sighed in relief

Maan took her to his cabin and closed the door then took his seat…Geet was fuming but Maan was smiling…Looking at Maan’s face Geet asked “aap itna kyun muskurahe ho? How can they send us out like that? I won’t leave them…mein uncle aur paa se jaroor badla lungi…I wanted to spend some time with them”

Maan shook his head and said “Geet dekho I know why Ram uncle said like this?”

Geet: you mean to say you know why uncle sent us out?

Maan nodded his head and then continued “first one is mom is angry with me and you know how she react so uncle did not want Amar to know about this so he planned about it and other one is he wanted we to spend some time together…isliye jaan bujke hame bahar jane ko kaha”

Geet opened her mouth listening to Maan…he smirked at her and said “muh toh bandh karo…you are inviting me and then don’t say I kissed you forcefully”

Geet immediately closed her mouth and then said “this is hospital Maan, hayan toh aise baat mat kejiye”

Maan: haan wo mujhe bhi pata hai see we are in my cabin, no one will inter without my permission… if you want you can take rest in my private room

Geet: private room? Where is it?

Maan pointed towards the door which was looking like wardrobe and said“come I will show you…”

Maan and Geet went towards room and opened the door…She sat on bed and looked around there was a small bed with attached washroom…Maan went to restroom, when she turned towards right there was a cute baby pic on the wall which attracted her the most. She was staring at the pic and forgot about the surrounding, when Maan came out he saw Geet looking at something on the wall and asked “would you like to have coffee Geet?” but there was no response and then he came near her and looked at baby pic which Geet was staring, he understood what was running in her mind and kept hand on her shoulder and said huskily “Geettt”

Geet abruptly came out of her dreamland and said “jii…kya hua?”

Maan looked at her wiped the sweat formed on her forehead with his hand towel and asked softy “kya hua Geet? Why are you so scared? Tum phir se jii shuru kiya…you know about the punishment right?”

Geet lowered her eye with shy…but Maan slowly raised her face by his finger and said “you can share your feelings with me Geet? I know what you are thinking…you no need to get embarrassment for this…tume pata hai even I think about our baby like you do…I know how girls dream about their babies…when I meet a patients who are eager to get pregnant and the glow in there face when they get positive results…I always used to think about your reactions…you know what I dreamed about that also…I wanted to share this with you but you were getting shy for kiss and I did not want to scare you further saying about this so I kept quie(Geet looked at him in surprise, then Maan pointing his figer towards pic he continued saying) this is the gift from my colleagues Geet, after marriage they gave this to me saying they want our baby to be like this and want to keep this in our room…but knew how was I behaving with you when we got married, so I kept it here only…sorry Geet this is all because of me

Geet nodded her head saying no and said “we are starting fresh life why are you talking to me like this, let’s forget our past Maan…then only we can be happy”

Maan: Geet can we keep this in our room

To which Geet agreed immediately and then Maan continued saying “agar tume bura naa laga toh kya tum mera ek baat manogi? I told you right I want to talk to you something also?”

Geet: Maan aap mujhe kahiye naa kya karna hai, I will do it whole heartedly…no need to have second thought…when I heard you dreaming about our babies I was shocked, I never knew you kept it secret…I was ready for that from the first day of our marriage but you rejected me then we came close and you said you need time to which agreed because I did not want to rush the things with you…I wanted you to make me complete woman…here we both are wrong see we dreamed about babies inwardly without sharing it with each other thinking that other may feel bad…shayad hamara jaisa couple iss duniya mein koi nahi hai, isliye baghawan hame jeevansathi bana liye”

Then Maan immediately kneeled down and put his one hand in front of Geet and asked “aab hum der nahi karengey Geet…kya tum mujhse phirse shadi karogi? Now we understood about each other, kya tum phir se iss Vivah Bandhan mein judna chathi ho?”

Geet: but we are already married then why to get marry again”

Maan: Geet I did not accept you as my wife and I was forced to get married but now I want to get marry again…only both us without knowing to anyone…you know in four days it will be our first wedding anniversary and I want to take phera with you on the same day with all rituals

Geet eyes was full of tears.. Maan was disappoint because Geet did not say anything and then said “Geet its ok…I know I am not good person” but Geet stopped him in middle by putting finger on his lips and said “mein aapse phir se shadi karne ke liye tayyar hoon Maan…hey khushi ki aasu hai…itna kuch hua hamara zindagi mein phir bhi hum dono ek saat hai…this shows we really meant for each other…I am happy Maan bata nahi sakti mujhe kitna khushi ho rahi hai” saying this she cupped Maan’s in her palm and kissed over his forehead, eyes nose and all over his face and stopped near his lips” Maan’s face was beaming with Happiness and asked “ruk kyun gayi Geet? Agar sach mein mera proposal tume pasand haya toh you should kiss me on my lips” Geet face was pinkish listening to Maan and she slowly pressed her soft lips on his rough ones.





Vivah Bandhan -Part-43

Vivah Bandhan



Banner credit goes to  Chaitra (26_chaitra)



Banner credit goes to Misti


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —



Maan: Geet pls so jao…mujhe bhi need aa raha hai

Geet: woh…but Maan interrupted saying “Geet, agar tum haya se jaane ki baat ki toh mein tume aaj ji aapna lunga…I wont wait for your permission now the decision is yours, if you want to sleep in study be ready for consequences”

Geet looked at him in surprise and closed eyes, she was blushing furiously. Maan smiled looking at her and joined her in bed, he brought her closed to him and both slept peacefully




Rajesh went to hospital and asked for Amar and then he called Ram and said “Ram I am in hospital, Amar is taking rest so thought to talk to you”

Ram: Thanks for calling me Rajesh, actually I came to KM along with Maan and Geet after dropping Geet brother Arjun to airport

Rajesh: ohh its fine you can take some rest, has I am here I will be with Amar

Ram: thanks a lot…one more request please don’t say anything to Amar about Geet’s accident. Once he is fit and fine we can discuss with him

Rajesh: yeah…you are right Ram, don’t worry, I won’t say anything to Amar. I need to talk to you about the accident once you come here

Ram: I can come there now itself

Rajesh: it’s not so much important, you can come later

Ram: then ok…mein phone rakta hoon

Rajesh: teek hai Ram


Later they disconnected the call. After talking with Rajesh Ram informed Priya and Pallavi to take rest for some time and then they all can go to hospital. To which everyone agreed and went to their respective rooms to sleep.

Rajesh had telephonic conversation with his colleague and came to know about the truck. He ordered them to search of truck driver and to get more information about him.

When Ram woke up he saw Priya was not in room so he went in search of her and saw she was working in kitchen, then went towards her and asked “it’s nearly seven why you didn’t woke me up?”

Priya: you were sleeping peacefully after this accident fiasco, so I came out and Pallavi was also up when I came out so we prepared dinner and now we were planning to have tea you came at right time”

Ram smiled listening to her and then Priya served tea for Ram and then to Pallavi. After light snack they decided to go to hospital. Ram informed them to get ready and went towards Maaneet room, he was worried thinking about them, he dunno whether Maaneet were able to solve their misunderstanding…he went towards their room and saw that room door was opened, he slowly peeped inside and saw both sleeping peacefully and he did not had heart to wake them up. So, he slowly closed door and went downstairs. Ram saw both Priya and Pallavi were ready.

Priya: Maan aur Geet abhi taq niche nahi haye…can I go and wake them up?

Ram: uska zarurat nahi hai Priya…let them take rest for few more hours and then they will come…have you packed dinner for all

Pallavi: yes bhaisaab, we have packed

Ram: ok then just give me few minutes I will get ready and come


To which both agreed Ram got freshens up and went to KH along with Priya and Pallavi. When they reached hospital, Rajesh was waiting for them in front of Amar’s room. Once he saw them he greeted everyone.

Ram: Did you spoke to Amar?

Rajesh: Haan Ram, but did not talk about accident, I was waiting for you only, if you are free we can go out

Ram thought for few seconds and then went towards Pallavi and said “Pallavi tum aur priya, Amar ko mil sakte ho, but don’t cry in front of him and don’t talk about accident aur Maan ka burai mat karna, talk to him normally and if you broke down in front of him then Amar condition will be serious and Priya you stay next to Pallavi and handle the situation, Amar ko kuch bhi pata chalna nahi chahiye”

To which both agreed and went inside Amar’s ward and then Ram went along with Rajesh to cafeteria, they ordered coffee and then Rajesh said “we are investigating about this case and got clue about truck driver, but we have doubt on him my team went in search of him, I am not going to leave them, has you said mujhe bhi Sam aur Brij par shaq hai, once we get hold of him then we can do something. Actually I want to have contact number of Brij and Sam, it will be easy for me to track them and also with call records we can get some clue”

Ram: hmm I think its good idea Rajesh, par unka hum mera pass nahi hai, if you want I can get it from my informer aur Maan ka pass unka number hai

Rajesh: then we can ask with Maan itself, don’t worry I will talk to him, he already informed me that he will support for us

Ram was surprised and said “Maan said like that for you?”

Rajesh: yeah, actually even he has doubt on Brij so he said he will support us

Ram: then it’s a good sign Rajesh. Even I want to be with you and see Maan’s reaction when you ask about their number, it will be test for him and I want Geet to witness it

Rajesh: Mujhe samaj mein nahi haya

Then Ram narrated everything to Rajesh and said “isliye I was worried about Geet’s safety and if this duo brother sister plotting against Geet then we should be more alert from now. I don’t want my kids to get hurt Rajesh”

Rajesh: aab mujhe bata diya naa Ram then be free I know how to handle these criminals they can’t escape from my clutches…I will teach them nice lesson

Ram: it’s not easy Rajesh, me and Amar failed so many times

Rajesh: don’t worry about that, I know how to deal with them

Ram: thank you very much for your help

Rajesh: uska zarurath nahi hai Ram, hum dono Amar aur uske pariwar ke liye hey sab kar rahe hai, it’s for our friendship

Ram gave friendly hug to Rajesh and said “I never knew I will get a good friend after coming to Delhi, thank you very much…once Amar is fine please come along with your family for get together”

Rajesh: haan kyun nahi…once Amar discharge from hospital we can plan about that…


Here Maan who woke up first looked time it was around 7.00pm then he looked at Geet who was sleeping peacefully in his arm, he slowly made her sleep on bed and then pecked on her lips lightly then went to washroom to get ready. After sometime Geet also woke up missing warmth and then she looked at the time, she cursed herself for sleeping for such a long time and then she looked at bathroom has water was running she knew Maan was inside so she went out and from Deepak she came to know that everyone went to hospital and then came back to her room. At the same time Maan came out of bathroom, Maan looked at Geet and asked “tum utt gayi? I thought a waking you after my bath and did had heart to disturb you”

Geet: hmm…its ok…ghar mein koi nahi hai, sab log hospital gaye hue hai

Maan: kya? How is it possible?

Geet: mujhe kya pata? No one informed me about this, I just went down to talk to them not Deepak said everyone went to hospital

Maan: I think they did not want to disturb us so they went without informing us…Geet you freshen up, we will also go to hospital mean while I will talk to Ram uncle

Geet: hmm teek hai and also ask about their dinner

Maan: ok

Then Geet went to freshen up and here Maan called Ram and asked “Uncle when did you all left to KH?”

Ram: we are here by 6.00pm Maan, Rajesh wanted to talk to me so we came here and I came to wake up you but you were sleeping peacefully, aur  mann  nahi  tha tum logon ko disturb karne isliye haya hum sab agaye

Maan: its ok uncle…once Geet is ready we will come to KH…is everything right?

Ram: yes Maan, hayan sab teek hai, actually Rajesh wanted to talk to you once you are here you can talk to him personally

Maan: ohh ok uncle we will be there soon

Geet and Maan came down and Deepak asked “mam can I serve dinner for you?”

Geet: sab ka dinner ho gaya kya?

Deepak: nahi madam, they said they will have dinner along with bade saab so we packed their food.

Geet looked at Maan, he saw the time and informed Deepak to serve food to which he nodded and went in, after that Geet and Maan had their dinner and went to KH. On the way towards KH, Geet informed Maan to stop the car and said “Maan I want to talk to you please get down” Maan parked car aside and said “Geet I know what you want to talk…I am sorry for my today’s behavior…I did not want to create any scene in front of anyone, Mom is already angry with me, kuch bhi sazaa do par mujhse dor mat jao Geet, bahut mushkil se meine apne aap ko samal liya hai”

Geet: When you cannot trust your own parents and wife then how can I trust you?

Maan: it’s not like that Geet,

Geet: will you listen to me

Maan thought for few seconds and said Ok

Geet: Maan I can understand your turmoil, I need a peaceful life Maan, I am fed of this misunderstanding, because of us today everyone are suffering. Still my parents does not know anything about us, if they comes to know about this I dunno how they react…tell me clearly what you expect from me, If you don’t want me to handle KC then I am ok with that, I will stay at home, paa has enough trained employees to take care of KC. If you don’t want me in your life I will go away from here

Maan: tum pagal ho gayi ho kya Geet? I am telling you I can’t leave without you and you are still talking about leaving me…kya ho gaya sab ko, no one is ready to understand me, you also want to go away from me right, woh hoga mera marne ke baad,

Saying this he started the car, Geet got down from the car and said “Maan pls come out “ without any other option Maan came out, Geet hold Maan hand and said “Maan why are you taking me in wrong, please ek baar mera baat toh sun leliye, aap ko jaisa chahiye waise mein reh lungi”

Maan interrupted her and asked “do you I am cheap minded person Geet, I don’t have any problem with your working, you are far better than me, you very well balancing personal and professional life then why do you think that I will be not happy? Mein unn pati hon se nahi hoon jo apne patni ki kaamyabhi se jealous feel karon. Its near to one year to our marriage Geet did I ever force you for anything?

Geet: you are very good at heart Maan, but some people are misusing you, I don’t have any proof against them, mujhe uss baat se dar lag raha hai, that’s what I am tried to say you, but you mistook has I am not trusting you in this

Maan: Matlab?

Geet: leave that matter Maan, I don’t want to fight again with you on this…mein hai keh rahi thi ki uss din aapne maa aur paa khe wishes ke barein mien baatah rahe the naa, I don’t have any problem with that

Maan understood what Geet was trying to say him and said “are you sure Geet? I don’t have any problem to wait for you

Geet: Maan, even my parents for waiting to hear good news from us, when everyone are thinking about our baby then it better we plan for that

Geet face was like cherry tomato while she is talking about baby, Maan nod his head in smile and came near Geet, he hold her shoulder and made her look at him and said “Geet, I want to know what is your heart saying? Are you ready for this? Don’t think about our parents, I know they are eagerly waiting to hear good news, but I want your wish, you should be mentally and physically ready for this, then we can think about that, if anyone ask about baby tell them to talk to me, I don’t have any problem in answering them. This is all because of me, If I did not over react and listened to you then everything would have solved and these all things would not have happened”

Geet: no Maan, its not like that

Maan: I know Geet, jo kuch bhi ho raha hai hey sab mere wajah se…don’t worry from now I will give more focus to my family, aur tume shikayat ka koi mauka nahi dunga